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From our state-of-the-art factory in Taizhou, Ciler`s team of skilled artisans combine old world quality craftsmanship and contemporary manufacturing advancements like computer-controlled fiberglass reinforcement to produce our collection of top bathtub fittings s for sale. Our ornate vintage replicas with intricately decorated exteriors transport bathers to the Golden Age with sloped ends, rolled rims and elegant claw feet while our glossy modern curved front styles infuse spaces with contemporary bespoke elegance. All our luxury tubs are meticulously constructed from durable lightweight acrylic and reinforced with fiberglass for unparalleled structural integrity equipped to maintain their indulgent opulence for generations while adhering to strict environmental standards using non-toxic materials and responsible processes. For over four years, Ciler has provided complete end-to-end support from design ideation drawings to tailored production to worldwide shipping and white glove installation, bringing our conscious approach to luxury bathware into thousands of luxury hotels, spas and homes across Europe, America and Australia. Contact us today to transform your next residential or commercial space with one of our breathtaking clawfoot masterpieces!

People May Ask

Are faucets in bathtubs all the same size?

There are numerous varieties of bathtub faucets to match any style of bathroom. When choosing a style, keep in mind that different tubs will require different types of faucets, so be sure to take that into account.

What's the name of the bathtub faucet?

A tub spout is an output device that allows water to enter a tub. The flow is managed by the valve. Two Handle Faucet: The hot and cold water temperatures are independently controlled by the handles on two handle faucets.

How is the hardware on a bathtub replaced?

How to Change the Faucet in a BathtubStep 1: Shut Off the Water in Your House.Step 2: Place Your Cloth or Towel at the Tub's Bottom.Step 3: Eliminate the Handle Index.Step 5: Remove the stem screws.Step 6: Take Out the Spout.Step 7: Buy Replacement Parts.Step 8: Insert the New Stem Screw.Installing the new handles is step nine.Additional things...

Which two kinds of bathtub faucets are there?

Types of Tub Faucets(br>Freestanding: Applied to tubs (freestanding or pedestal tubs) without pre-drilled holes.Wall mount: Fitted into the bathroom wall over the tub using pre-drilled holes.Installed through pre-drilled holes in the tub rim, also known as the deck.Installed through the tub wall using a tub wall mount.

A bathtub flange: what is it?

The completed drain component that is visible within the tub is called a bathtub drain flange. The drain flange is sometimes referred to as a "drain body" or "drain basket" by manufacturers.

What names are the parts of a bathtub?

The most identifiable components of a bathtub are the shower, water control, tub, and drainage. Your tub receives water from hot and cold water supply lines. You may change the water flow between your bath and shower using a shower control and diverter pipe. There are two portions on bathtub drains: one for wastewater and one for overflow.

What are the names of the fixtures in bathrooms?

Wash basins, water closets, flushing cisterns, faucets, showerheads, hand showers, floor drains, soap dishes, towel rings, toilet paper holders, glass shelves, robe hooks, vanity boxes, mirrors, and similar items are among the most popular bathroom fixtures.

A shower fitting: what is it?

Shower AccessoriesFittings are the hidden heroes of shower versatility; they enable you to cleverly arrange your shower area. You may extend the advantages of your shower with the help of these little extras.

Which bathroom fitting is the best?

One of the most well-known brands of bathroom fixtures in India is Hindware. Counter and tabletop basins are among its offerings. The Intrica Flora and Intrica goldi are some of its stand-alone items. There are numerous additional Indian brands of sanitary fittings that offer an excellent assortment of patterns.

A faucet: is it a fixture or a fitting?

Adequate. a tool used to direct and regulate water flow. Drinking fountain spouts, shower heads, shutoff valves, faucets, and shower valves are a few examples. Although these are sometimes referred to as "fixtures," the plumbing industry uses a different nomenclature for these.

Bathtub fittings Products

Polished Chrome DANCO Add-A-Shower Bathtub to Shower Conversion Kit for Clawfoot Tubs (52406)

3-Chrome-Handle Price Pfister Faucets SENLO for the bathtub and bathroom Renovate, rebuild, repair, or replace. Compression valve stem, tub trim kit, and verve Tool for 6-Step Metal Removal of Faucet Seat and Bibbs

With a telephone-shaped handheld shower, Hanallx Clawfoot Tub Faucet Deck Mount Tub Filler in Black Vintage Brass Bathtub Faucets

Senlesen Bathroom Floor Mounted Bathtub Shower Faucet with Handheld Sprayer in Chrome

Bathtub Accessory Drain Hose Tub Plumbing Hose Bathroom Tub Draining Flexible Supplies Copper AOKWAWALIY Ar Accessories Bathtub Drain and Fittings for Bathroom

Flat P Trap Freestanding Tub Drain for Bath, Flexible Bathtub Shower Drain Pipe, Low Profile 1 1/2 P Trap

14" Make-Up, 17 gauge tubing, matte black, Westbrass Beehive Grid Bath Waste, D323-62

Replacement parts for shower bathtub faucet diverter spout, compatible with the 3800 tub spigot, are available in a pack of six Dreyoo 101237 Cup Seal & Diverter Gate.

Elkay LK27 Drain Fitting with Lever Operation

Universal Fine/Coarse Thread and Two-Hole Overflow Face Plate are included in the Artiwell Lift & Turn Tub Trim Set, which is an all-brass bathtub conversion kit assembly (polished brass).

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This was the ideal addition to a remodeled house. Both the function and appearance are excellent.


There is nothing wrong with the faucet; it fitted the tub nicely. Verify that the fittings are correctly placed through the tub wall. Not a single problem at all!

Rodney M.

This faucet is gorgeous. Installing it wasn't an issue for the plumber. Compared to other products that resemble this one and perform similarly, the price is far more affordable. I've had it for a week, and I really hope it lasts.

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