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Clawfoot tubs in small bathrooms and the aesthetic appeal

The clawfoot tubs in small bathrooms would look luxurious when you order the highly functional tubs from Ciler. It is affordable and durable too.

What is a clawfoot tub?

Freestanding bathtubs are the newest trend, and the Clawfoot tubs in small bathrooms are one of the most attractive styles in this category. The tub is supported on the floor by four claw-shaped pegs. That is how the clawfoot tub got its name. Because there are several types and models, it is possible to change the style and look of the room simply by changing the kind of clawfoot bathtub.

It is well finished to a nicety on all sides, so you may relax while bathing by resting your feet on the tub's lip. Those who are nostalgic for the vintage style Clawfoot tubs in small bathrooms would really appreciate these models.

Sphere and Claw: Its bottom component is completed with a spherical ball to form a circular pattern, reminiscent of Chinese lion sculptures.

A clawfoot tub with paws is a classic design. The bathtub differentiates from the sphere and claw in that it does not rest on a level and uniform surface but rather on its own legs.

The bathing experience would vary based on the type of materials that are used to make these types of tubs. So, understanding the Clawfoot tubs in small bathrooms models and styles would give you a better idea of what could suit you better.

Materials commonly used to make the clawfoot tubs

Cast iron

The most common material of choice in these tubs is cast iron. Cast iron tubs retain heat better. Obviously, this is what you need most during cool climatic conditions. So, cast iron is preferred over the other options. However, there is one more advantage too. The durability of cast iron is incomparable. It is the long-lasting material choice for a bathtub. It is heavier and suits the floors that are reinforced.


Copper is another material choice that is selected for its multiple benefits. Copper has unique properties that are rarely witnessed in many other elements. A vibrant experience is felt for those who shower constantly in these copper tubs from time to time. It is the natural quality of this element that is used for multiple medicinal purposes in both Indian and Chinese medicine. Copper tubs are antibacterial too. Heat retention is far better, and these tubs are easier to clean too.

Acrylic Clawfoot tubs in small bathrooms

Acrylic sheet metal is also used in modern times to make clawfoot tubs. It is cheap in price and light in weight. The advantage is that you can easily install and reinstall it wherever you like as and how you feel because of its lightweight. This is pretty easy to clean and retains heat to an extent.

Porcelain Clawfoot tubs in small bathrooms

Out of all the material choices mentioned above, porcelain is found to be the best for clawfoot tubs in small bathrooms. From durability considerations and heat retaining potential, this could be the best option for the minimum price that you pay. In the event of a heavier impact, the material can be damaged because, after all, it is just porcelain. In the event of any damage or repair, it is a bit expensive to fix the tubs made out of porcelain.

Why clawfoot tubs in small bathrooms?

It is a masterpiece without any doubt. Remember, there are no wall compartments. Make sure that you are making some special arrangements to keep your shampoo or soap adjacent to you. Kids need supervision when they use the tub as it holds water deeper.


  • 1.Light weight
  • 2.Made out of artificially made organic materials that are recommended and approved by the regulatory authorities
  • 3.Certified design, making and hence conforms to the Chinese and global Quality assurance standards
  • 4.Best thermal insulation effect in Clawfoot tub bathroom
  • 5.Great surface finishing done using manual and machine polishing techniques of the advanced kind
  • 6.Latest material used is ranked only next to the ceramics in beauty and style
  • 7.Most durable option in this price range
  • 8.Assure you on environmental protection
  • 9.Soft texture and good to use even during winter without feeling the chillness while touching the tub.
  • 10.Multiple color and size options to order as per your precise Clawfoot tub bathroom requirements
  • 11.Installation is easier
  • 12.Easier to transport or shift from one place to the other during migration

Industry information

The worldwide bathtub market is predicted to be worth $11.99 billion by 2027, with a 3.69% CAGR from now till 2026.

According to industry experts, the turbo bathtubs category will develop faster than usual throughout the projection period. The domestic sector is projected to remain the largest in the global bathtub market. Increasing urban property market, along with rising average earnings, will drive bathtub consumption throughout the predicted period.

The marketplace for bathroom accessories and fittings is likely to remain the biggest over the projected timeframe, owing to significant expenditures in domestic and quasi-building activities, as well as growing per capita incomes in emerging countries.

One aspect of a Clawfoot tubs in small bathrooms is the pinnacle of elegance and tranquility. They've acquired appeal again in recent years, serving as a throwback to the past in a space that is frequently praised for its cutting-edge aesthetics. Yes, according to study respondents, homes with a clawfoot bathtub in the offering went for 28 percent more than the appraised value.

Interestingly, most ancient clawfoot tubs for sale have previously been renovated, making them slightly more costly than an undisturbed tub. A repaired 6' clawfoot tub, for example, went for $5,00, and a refurbished 7' clawfoot tub from 1928 sold for around $5,500.


Ciler offers a range of fantabulous products under this category. In fact, there are a number of styles and sizes that may suit precisely your demand as you need. To help you out, here is a comparison of the few top sellers in the industry today.

Product examples and comparison list-chart

Model: A202


Small bathrooms

Size:1695×755×620 1795×785×620

Chrome plating Drain


Model: A201

Classic oval

Soaking bathtub


Classic Slotted Overflow


Model: A203

Half Oval

Showering and soaking Clawfoot tub bathroom

Size:1780×800×635 1470×735×635

Polished Chrome Pop-up


Model: A204

Classic Oval

Contemporary style Clawfoot tub bathroom


With Polished Chrome Pop-up


Model: A206


Showering and soaking Clawfoot tub bathroom

Size:1555×725×775 1685×725×775

Glossy White


Model: A208

Classic oval

Soaking and showering Clawfoot tub bathroom

Size:1690×790×610 1780×825×610

Classic Slotted Overflow, Toe-Tap Chrome Drain


Common features of all the models are:

  • 1.Comfortable for a single user.
  • 2.You can use it along with the shower or just for bathing purposes and relaxing while resting in the tub.
  • 3.Has a headrest and footrest
  • 4.Easy to clean
  • 5.Certified to standards by UPC, the local Chinese governing body


It is easier to clean the Clawfoot tub bathroom. Use the hand shower then and there after use. So, you will not find too much dust and dirt to be accumulated over a period.

If you want to rinse your pet dogs and cats, then this is going to be the most convenient option. At the same time, you are not wetting up the whole area. Using the hand shower, you can target the stream of water to rinse or wash from any part of the tub.

Depending upon the type of quality materials with which the tubs are made, they can last longer with classy looks to ornate the room for years together.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can jets be installed in a clawfoot tub?

Just because it appears to be a remnant of the past does not exclude it from providing current comforts! Clawfoot tub bathroom, like turbo and bubble tubs, may be furnished with jets for a showering pleasure that feels as good as it looks. Of course, ordinary bathing tanks are commonly available at reasonable prices.

Where to place the tub from the walls of the room?

Unlike freestanding models, the clawfoot tubs can be installed anywhere close to the walls too. Leaving just a clearance of about 7 inches is quite sufficient.

Are there any floor constraints for the installation of the clawfoot tub?

A clawfoot tub bathroom floor should have a load-bearing capacity of 600kgs, which is quite normal in most houses. The shape and form of the bathroom must be even for easier and smooth installation. If the floor is reinforced, then that is the prime advantage.

Any tips for maintaining the clawfoot tub bathroom that would help me?

Yes, try using those nonabrasive cleaning materials when you wash the tub. No stripping cleaning agents like soaps and sanitizing sprays are available in the market. Try to use it rather than using something rough to clean the surface. Soft sponges and dish soap are ideal for cleaning and maintaining fresh looks for a long time.

I don’t want to get the place all over any suggestions?

A simple and conventional solution is to use the curtain with a liner. At the most, you may find a bit of water surrounding the tub if you shower in a rush. So it is easier to clean. Cheap liners and curtains are available now in multiple colors to suit the colors of your clawfoot tub bathroom.

Model: A706 Luxury Classic Slipper Claw Foot Chrome Plating Bathtub Clawfoot Tub Bathroom


Model: A702  Special Freestanding Bathtub High Quality Modern Acrylic Clawfoot Tub Bathroom


Model: A231 Free Standing Classical Bathtub Home BathTub Acrylic Bath Tub Clawfoot Tub Bathroom


Model: A226 Classical High Quality Acrylic Solid Surface Claw Feet Bathtub Clawfoot Tub Bathroom


Model: A223 Custom Classic Style Acrylic Clawfoot Freestanding Bathroom Bathtub Clawfoot Tubs In Small Bathrooms

Size:1350×740×640 1510×740×640

Model: A218  Modern Freestanding Soaking Acrylic Clawfoot Tubs In Small Bathroom Indoor Cleaning Bathtubs


Model: A213A Acrylic Antique Classic Claw Chrome Foot Clawfoot Tub Bathroom Free Standing Bathtub


Model: A213 Classic Antique Claw Chrome Foot Clawfoot Tubs Tn Small Bathrooms Free Standing Acrylic Bathtub


Model: A211 Clawfoot Tubs In Small Bathrooms Waterproof Moisture-proof Attractive Durable Customized In Various Sizes And Colors

Size:1550×720×790 1710×740×790

Model: A209 Pure Acrylic Bathtub Clawfoot Tubs In Small Bathrooms Solid Surface Square Classic Bathtub

Size:1520×745×560 1690×745×560

Model: A208  Gracefully Shaped Acrylic Freestanding Soaking Bathtub clawfoot tub bathroom Glossy White, cUPC Certified, Toe-Tap Chrome Drain & Classic Slotted Overflow

Size:1690×790×610 1780×825×610

Model: A206 Classic Design Clawfoot tub bathroom Acrylic Freestanding Contemporary Soaking Bathtub With Polished Chrome Pop-up and Overflow

Size:1555×725×775 1685×725×775

Model: A204 Classic Oval Design Clawfoot Tub Bathroom Acrylic Freestanding Contemporary Soaking Bathtub With Polished Chrome Pop-up and Overflow


Model: A203 Half Oval Acrylic Freestanding Clawfoot Tub Bathroom Soaking Bathtub CE/cUPC Certified, Chrome Drain and Classic Slotted Overflow Included

Size:1780×800×635 1470×735×635

Model: A202 Acrylic Freestanding Clawfoot Tub Bathroom Soaking Bathtub CE/ cUPC Certified, Chrome Drain and Classic Slotted Overflow Included


Model: A201 Oval Shape Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub Clawfoot Tubs In Small Bathrooms With Chrome plating Drain & Minimalist Linear Design Overflow, Modern White

Size:1695×755×620 1795×785×620

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