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What are classical modern standalone tubs?

Classical modern standalone tubs can reflect your aesthetics in your bathroom space. These tubs are not only amazingly beautiful but also they are perfect for people who enjoy their baths from the core of their hearts. These bathtubs are not wall mounted and can be placed anywhere where it suits. These classical bathtubs come in different colors and textures and no matter what your interior preferences are, these tubs can match them perfectly. They are not only easy to install but also are extremely relaxing. People who love to maintain an aesthetic standard in the bathroom, need classical modern freestanding tubs for sure. These tubs are durable, luxurious, relaxing and comfortable and one can enjoy their favorite bubble bath in this while cherishing the life. These bath tubes are easy to clean and require low maintenance. The soft texture and amazing heat insulation effect make it perfect to prepare a person for the rest of the day. These bathtubs are classic and people who love classic accessories and equipment should go for one.

These modern free standing tubs are widely used for both residential and commercial purposes nowadays. Not only can they be the perfect fit for residential bathrooms but also they can add a touch of luxury to any hotel room or suite. These bathtubs are also an inseparable part of interior decoration nowadays as bathroom interiors are an important part of the overall house interior that cannot be avoided. These bathtubs can precisely meet all the requirements and match the interior of the surrounding no matter what your preferences are. These classic bathtubs come with a choice of feet and drainer so that a person can choose what suits them. 

What is the ideal material for classical modern freestanding tubs? 

Material is a matter of concern when choosing modern stand alone tubs. It is the material that will decide the durability and the final look of the tub. There are different materials that can be used for modern classical tubs but nothing can beat the durability and the visual appeal of acrylic. There are several reasons why acrylic is the best choice of material that you can rely on. Some of the reasons are mentioned below

.Not easily damaged

Acrylic is a material that is not easily damaged. It is an extremely strong material that is also scratch proof. Unlike other materials, acrylic is durable and can stay intact for years.


While investing in a classic bathtub, you would want to go for a material that will stay intact for years. This is what acrylic offers. The material is not easily damaged and also it is strong enough to stay intact for long years.


It is a lightweight material that is extremely easy to transport and install. Also, this characteristic is extremely beneficial when you try to move your bath tub from one place to another while changing your interior or when you are shifting from one house to another. This material is strong and lightweight at the same time which makes it the best material for modern stand alone tubs. 


This material is affordable and that's why instead of investing thousands of dollars on the material, you can invest in design and other advantages or add-ons to the tub


As it is a lightweight and strong material, it is easy to work with. Also acrylic is easy to shape and cut which allows manufacturers to create different types of designs. When you are going for acrylic modern freestanding tubs, you will get a lot of design options to choose from so that you can choose the one that suits your bathroom interior perfectly.

.Visual appeal

Acrylic offers amazing visual appeal and a good surface finish. It makes the bathtub steal the limelight wherever it is installed. 

The industry information and products offered by cilerbath

Previously people used to rely on wall mounted bathtubs but nowadays wall mounted bathtubs are not in trend as they do not meet modern requirements. This is why the market for modern standalone tubs is blooming overseas and it is expanding in every continent across the globe. The worldwide market for modern freestanding tubs was estimated at USD 3,116 million in 2021 and the market is projected to reach USD 4,532.9 million by the year 2028. The worldwide market is also exhibiting a CAGR of 5.50% during the forecast period. There are several new and big companies that are stepping into the market of modern standalone tubs. North America is taking the lead in the market followed by Europe, Asia Pacific countries and other countries in the world. 

Cilerbath is aimed to contribute to the market by offering high-quality and affordable modern freestanding tubs that are made while keeping in mind all the modern requirements such as design requirements and space management laws. Here are some amazing classic bathtubs offered by Cilerbath.

.Model A201

It is an oval shaped luxurious classical bathtub that can precisely meet the requirements of a luxurious bathroom. It has a size of 1695×755×620 1795×785×620 and comes with chrome plating drain & minimalist linear design overflow.

.Model A203

It is a half oval shaped luxurious classical bathtub (Size:1780×800×635 1470×735×635). It is CE/cUPC Certified and comes with a chrome drain and classic slotted overflow. 

.Model A209

It is a square classic bathtub perfect for small bathrooms (Size:1520×745×560 1690×745×560). 

Here is a comparison between different products offered by Cilerbath.

Model - A209Size:1520×745×560 1690×745×560Classic Tub for people who love luxury
Model - A323Size:1750×730×740Plinth bathtub to elevate the standard of any space
Model - A616Size:1730×720×900Apron bathtub for ultimate sophistication

Benefits of the products offered by Cilerbath

The products offered by Cilerbath come with several amazing benefits which are mentioned below.

.The products are made with high-quality acrylic and are completely scratch proof and damage proof. The products are durable and can stay intact for years. 

.There are several designs available to choose from so that you can go for the one that suits your bathroom interior perfectly. There is no shortage of options.

.The modern standalone tubs are certified and meet all the industry criteria precisely. 

.The products can elevate the class of any space instantly with their amazing visual appeal and eye-pleasing looks. 

.The modern freestanding tubs are not bound to any wall and can be placed wherever it fits. They are extremely lightweight and very easy to move from one place to another so that they can be placed where they perfectly match the interior.

.The products come with an amazing surface finish and are luxurious and relaxing. All the modern standalone tubs are made to offer absolute comfort. 

The market for modern stand alone tabs is expanding over years. Not only are they being used in residential apartments and houses but also they are used in hotels and business sectors. Bathtubs reflect luxury and these modern freestanding tubs are made for this purpose. There are not only aesthetic values and the touch of luxury that have made bath tubs so famous but also it is the fact that soaking yourself in a bathtub also can offer you several health related benefits such as improved blood circulation, muscle pain relief, anxiety and stress relief etc. 

The market for modern freestanding tubs is expecting to experience a revenue of around $8.9 billion by the year 2027. Here is the visual figure. 


Advantages of a modern stand alone tub

.These freestanding tubs can be placed anywhere without getting worried about the ruined wall. 

.They can be easily moved in case of a change in interior. They can also be easily transferred in case of shifting without worrying about the damage as the material is extremely strong and lightweight. 

.These modern stand alone tubs are made with a touch of luxury and can elevate the standard of any space in no time. 

.They are the perfect place to relax and cherish life. They are amazingly comfortable and also offer relaxation nowhere else found.

Frequently asked questions

Do modern freestanding tubs tip over?

You don't need to worry about your classical bathtub tipping over as these tubs are developed in a way so that they don't tip over. However, if you are still encountering any kind of issue, you should contact your plumber and recheck the installation.

Do modern freestanding tubs come with showers?

Generally, bathrooms that have free standing tubs come with separate showers. One can still add a circular shower rod to enclose the tub with curtains.

Do freestanding tubs wobble?

Modern stand alone tubs should never wobble as they are developed in a way so that they never wobble. It should always be stable and study and whenever you grab it by the bottom, it should feel steady. 

How long can an acrylic tub last?

An acrylic tub can last more than 15 years if taken care of properly. It is a long lasting material and is also the best material you can go for when choosing a standalone tub. 


Model: A699 Apron Modern Stand Alone Tubs Acrylic Deep Soaking Bathtubs For Adults


Model: A698 Against The Wall In The Middle Modern Stand Alone Tubs Soaking Bathtubs With Apron

Size:1700×830×605 1790×830×605

Model: A697R Save Space Apron Bathtubs New Design Modern Stand Alone Tubs On The Right Side Against The Wall Deep Soaking


Model: A697L New Design Save Space On The Left Side Against The Wall Modern Stand Alone Tubs Deep Soaking Indoor Apron Bathtubs


Model: A695R Deep Modern Stand Alone Tubs With Apron On The Right Side Against The Wall Custom Bathtus For Bathroom


Model: A695L Deep Bathtub With Apron On The Left Side Against The Wall Modern Stand Alone Tubs Custom Bathtus For Bathroom


Model: A693 Traditional Small Freestanding Modern Stand Alone Tubs Acrylic Bathtub


Model: A688 Moon Shaped Modern Stand Alone Tubs Acrylic Freestanding Whirlpools For Bathroom


Model: A687 Bathroom Contemporary Custom Large Deep Soaking Modern Stand Alone Tubs Standing Acrylic Corner Bathtub For Adults

Size:1500×715×570 1700×775×590

Model: A685R Deep Soaking Right and Middle Against The Wall In Small Bathroom Space Saving Modern Stand Alone Tubs


Model: A685L Space Saving Modern Stand Alone Tubs Left And Middle Against The Wall In Small Bathroom Deep Soaking


Model: A680 Acrylic modern stand alone tubs elegant oval shape bathtub glossy white, brushed nickel drain cUPC certified


Model: A679 Modern freestanding tubs easy to Install contemporary design soaking tub with brushed nickel drain and minimalist linear design overflow


Model: A678 Space Saving Small Bathroom High Modern Freestanding Tubs Soaking Tub With Seating


Model: A677 Comfortable large space soaking bath tub modern aesthetics modern freestanding tubs custom


Model: A676 Modern Design Simple Modern Freestanding Tubs Soaking Bathtub For Adult


Model: A673 Acrylic Freestanding Modern Freestanding Tubs Contemporary Soaking White Tub With Chrome Drain


Model: A672 Fashion Modern Freestanding Tubs design Customized For Home And Hotels


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