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Ciler`s Taizhou-based team brings over four years of industry expertise and mastery of old world bathtub craftsmanship and contemporary manufacturing innovations to produce our collection of ODM plinth bathtubs s for sale. Our artisans handcraft ornate vintage cast iron replicas and modern curved front acrylic styles tailored to transform ordinary spaces as indulgently opulent showpiece sanctuaries. Choose from a variety designs from classic exterior roll rim tubs with intricately detailed claw feet and sloped ends to glossy contemporary soaking tubs equipped to embody bespoke luxury across hospitality, residential and commercial settings. By fusing reinforced fiberglass and premium acrylic construction, our bathtubs offer coveted sleek warmth and robust structural integrity made to serve generations while adhering to strict environmental and safety standards using non-toxic processes and materials. For complete peace of mind, our team proudly provides end-to-end support from concept renders to worldwide shipping and installation. Contact us today to bring Ciler`s responsible approach to ultimate luxury into your next bathware renovation project.

People May Ask

What does a bathroom plinth mean?

A plinth, sometimes known as a kickboard, is frequently affixed to the base units' lower edges. To give the bathroom furniture a finished, fully integrated look, this hides the plumbing and covers the unit's legs.

An inset bathtub: what is it?

The area where the inset bath is installed is called a hob, and it is tiled. In order to accommodate both a shower and a bath in one space, they are frequently placed adjacent to the shower enclosure or with shower integration.

What's the name for a bathtub that has walls?

Alcove bathtubs are recessed into a wall and surrounded on three sides. These are the most widely used kind of bathtub. There are many different style, shape, and finish options available for alcove bathtubs. Traditional, little design.

Are tubs ever square?

To suit bathers and bathrooms of all sizes, a wide variety of square bathtub sizes are available. Similar to circular tubs, square tubs are perfect for small bathrooms because of their small overall footprint, which is usually between 40" and 70".

Why does it have a plinth name?

A plinth can serve as a base or slab beneath a statue, bust, or beautiful vase in addition to its most typical function as a support for pillars or columns. In engineering, a plinth is also used to support dams. The word's Greek origin is plinthos, which means "brick" or "squared stone."

Why are there plinths on bath panels?

To compensate for slanted bathroom floors or to change the height of a main bath panel, Bath Panel Plinths can be screwed to the panel from behind.

What distinguishes an alcove bathtub from a bathtub?

Within a three-sided cage designed specifically for the tub, rests an alcove bathtub. It's a great option for maximizing space in a little bathroom, and both homeowners and renters are familiar with this unique style of bathtub.

What distinguishes a bathtub from an alcove?

The alcove arrangement, a bathtub with three walls that frequently serves as a shower, is the traditional bathtub that most of us grew up with.

What distinguishes an island bath from an inset bath?

Shelving is another feature they can add, which is useful for washing little children. If you require a shower-in-bath option, an inset bath will be required most of the time. An island bath, which is also built-in, resembles an inset bath and has a tiled ring around the entire perimeter. Unlike the inset bath, it is not precisely positioned against the wall.

What is a bathtub alcove?

A bath situated between three walls is the fundamental concept of an alcove bath. These days, a lot of people characterize built-in baths as those that do not always have three walls surrounding them. If you adhere to the fundamental criteria, though, this is what it takes to term your bath an alcove bath.

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Kim E.

exactly matched our sink faucets. It works really well and is the ideal color. gorgeous in light of the new tub

Felicia C.

bought it after reading the other reviews. Although I was hesitant to choose this inexpensive choice, everything has exceeded my expectations. Install requires some preparation and expertise, but it worked out perfectly. A plumber ought to be trouble-free. Extremely happy with the finished installation did include a mounting image. The guidelines are not the finest. They appear to be providing fasteners for slab installations. Mine was on a wood subfloor on the second floor. I thus learned how to drill and fasten things on my own. However, it worked nicely once more with some consideration and forethought. Lag screws were what I utilized. It was possible to enter joists. For me to establish a connection below the floor, the play had to rise to a height of approximately one inch and then descend below it. Piping is Pex, which very likely assisted. The price disparity between this and the well-known brands worried me. It's funny because I installed a Delta shower head the same day I bought it. A gasket was absent from it. I was able to utilize the tub filler on the branded brand because it was fortunately packaged with additional parts in case of emergency. All in all, nicely constructed


This is a sturdy, heavy duty fixture with clean lines and a solid base.

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