Distinguishing the quality of acrylic bathtubs

It is relatively easy for ordinary consumers to distinguish the quality of acrylic bathtubs.

Firstly, check the glossiness and hardness of acrylic. Nowadays, many bathtubs claim to import acrylic, but most factories have no ability to purchase and use the so-called “imported acrylic”. Imported acrylic has a brighter glossiness, and due to its high surface hardness, it is not easy to leave scratches on the surface. On the contrary, general acrylic has a lower glossiness and is also prone to leaving scratches, such as a slight trace left when cleaning with a cloth, which can lead to the bathtub being prone to dirt and difficult to clean.

Secondly, you can enter the bathtub and walk or jump inside to test whether the bottom bearing capacity is sufficient. If you can hear the faint sound of acrylic and resin reinforcing layer tearing, it indicates that the structure of the bathtub is not strong enough.

Thirdly, if purchasing in a store or even online, you can check the structure of the bottom of the bathtub to see if there is a reinforced and thickened bottom plate. Note that the bottom plate here must be a whole piece to better ensure the strength of the bathtub. Using a bottom plate will increase the difficulty of production, and many cheap bathtub factories will omit this step; A slightly more responsible factory may use a few wooden sticks to slightly strengthen; However, as a product that requires 5 or even 10 years of use, such a reinforced structure is insufficient. So this can serve as a good standard for ordinary consumers to distinguish the quality of an acrylic bathtub.

It is not recommended to purchase those that have neither a bottom plate nor a wooden structure, only resin and a few steel pipes to support them. In the long run, choosing a high-quality bathtub with a higher price is much more cost-effective than choosing a bathtub with a lower price and lower quality.

Fourthly, check the number of bathtub legs, which is mainly for independent bathtubs and is also a relatively easy point to distinguish. A generally well structured bathtub only requires 4 tripods, and the number of tripods is too large to adjust horizontally during installation. Some bathtubs use 6 or even more feet to support. Most of the reason is that the bottom structure is not strong enough, and more points are needed to support it.

At the same time, we can also rely on these methods to evaluate the quality of acrylic bathtubs, such as:

Here are several methods to distinguish the quality of acrylic bathtubs for reference:

1. Look. The acrylic bathtub cylinder body is composed of a composite surface layer (acrylic layer) and an inner layer (fiberglass resin reinforcement layer). A high-quality acrylic bathtub surface layer and inner layer are tightly bonded without layering, and the surface is smooth like porcelain, flat like a mirror. When viewed against light, there are no undulating or polishing lines on the surface, no warping on the straight surface, standard curvature on the curved surface, and uniform thickness of the cylinder body. Conversely, the quality is lower.

2. Knock. Gently tap the surface of the acrylic bathtub, a high-quality acrylic bathtub will not make a hollow sound.

3. Touch. Touch the cylinder body of the acrylic bathtub with your hand, and the surface should be smooth, free from powder peeling, and not prickly. The joint between the skirt and the cylinder body should be tightly interlocked, with consistent gaps.

4. Step on. With the permission of the merchant in advance, stand in the acrylic bathtub and judge whether it is firm and sturdy based on foot feel.

5. Listen. If it is a massage bathtub, ask the merchant to drain water and listen to the sound of the massage motor. If the noise is too loud, it will affect the user’s mood when taking a bath, so choose carefully.

Learn the above tips and believe you can buy them

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