The production and practicality of colored acrylic bathtubs

Bathtubs are divided into cast iron bathtubs, steel plate bathtubs, artificial stone bathtubs, natural stone bathtubs, composite material bathtubs, wooden bathtubs, acrylic bathtubs, etc. according to product materials. And acrylic bathtubs are among the bathtubs, with the highest popularity rate. Over time, people’s imagination has shown that acrylic bathtubs have different colors, no longer just matte black, matte white, and bright white. So how is a colored acrylic bathtub made? The acrylic bathtub is completed in the following steps:

1、 Forming: The so-called forming refers to the process of softening acrylic sheets at high temperatures, sealing them with molds, and vacuum drawing air to create products. Usually, we choose a thickness specification of 3.2mm for the board, and we use colored acrylic boards from the original board to make it. If the board is too thick, it is difficult to absorb it in place and it wastes costs. If it is too thin, it is easy to explode and difficult to reinforce. A high-temperature furnace is used to bake soft boards, and the general temperature is between 180 and 220 degrees. After the board is formed, we need to check the position of the board, whether there are scratches or impurities.

2、 Reinforcement: The materials required for this process mainly include resin, fossil powder, cobalt water, methyl ethyl ketone, fiber felt, fiber cloth, wood blocks, wood strips, etc. Firstly, technicians will prepare the resin, fossil powder, cobalt water, and then add methyl ethyl ketone, also known as fiberglass, before use, to achieve a curing effect. Generally speaking, the bottom of the cylinder is covered with three layers of fiberglass and one layer of wooden strips, with three layers of fiberglass on the sides and two layers on the sides. However, for a massage cylinder with bubbles, three layers of fiberglass and two layers of fiber cloth need to be laid on the bottom layer, which is conducive to punching holes and installing bubble nozzles. Afterwards, a stainless steel bracket will be installed at the bottom of the cylinder to fix the cylinder block. This bracket is made of stainless steel material and will not rust in high humidity conditions in the bathroom, providing excellent support.

3、 Renovation: The main work in the renovation room is trimming, polishing, polishing, and matching skirt edges. Our general cylinder trimming height is 5cm, After cutting the edges, polish and polish them. Then match the corresponding skirt edges

4、 Assembly: Assembly is a major process that includes drilling, water testing, and assembly. First, drilling is performed, and the master measures the size with a ruler based on the product’s design drawings and marks it on the product. Then, drilling is carried out according to the markings. After drilling, start assembling the parts.

After assembling the various accessories, the performance of the entire product is tested. The water test mainly checks whether each system is normal and whether there is any leakage or seepage. After the water test, the cylinder body will return to the repair room for the installation of the skirt edge. The gap between the skirt edge and the cylinder body cannot be filled with a piece of paper.

The above is the production process of acrylic bathtubs. Overall, most people now choose bathtubs made of acrylic material. Firstly, acrylic bathtubs:

  1. Lightweight: Acrylic bathtubs are lighter and easier to install and transport compared to cast iron and ceramics.
  2. Rich color: Acrylic bathtubs can be customized with colors according to user preferences to meet different decoration needs.
  3. Easy to clean: The surface of the acrylic bathtub is smooth and flat, not easy to get dirty, and it is very easy to clean
  1. Impact resistance: Acrylic bathtubs are not easily cracked, cracked, or bumped under normal use.
  2. High comfort: The surface of the acrylic bathtub is slippery and elastic, so you won’t feel the piercing cold feeling when using it.

These are the reasons why people choose acrylic bathtubs.

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