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How Can I Prevent The Breaking of My Bathtub?

Installing your bathtub with the right support can help keep it from breaking and bending under the added weight without damaging the material.
Refrain from using abrasive cleaning agents like bleach.
Do not place any heavy objects in your bathtub.

What Qualities Should An Acrylic Bath Have?

Excellent quality can have a significant impact on the acrylic's lifetime, durability, aesthetic, and comfort of the tub. Our particular favorites are the sleek, elegantly shaped, luxurious, freestanding Perlato acrylic tubs; they're also reasonably priced, long-lasting, and incredibly smooth.14 Mar. 2018

Why Wash before Taking A Bath in Japan?

Kakeyu is the Japanese custom of carefully washing one's body in hot water before stepping foot in a hot spring or public bath. Not only is this done to remove filth and sweat from the skin, but it also helps acclimate the body to the warm temperatures of the Japanese bath.

How Can A Free-Standing Tub Be Secured to The Floor?

You may secure a free-standing bath to the bathroom floor by using a silicone-based caulk adhesive. You can caulk the space before setting the tub where you want it to be in height. To ensure that the bathtub won't tip over once you get it, you can use silicone lubricant on it.

What Distance Should There Be between A Free-Standing Tub And A Wall?

A free-standing bathtub should have no more than 6 inches of space around it on all sides. Following that rule can help you ensure that your free-standing bath has a comfortable entry point and won't look crowded in your bathroom, regardless of how it is designed.

Does A Freestanding Bath Require Extra Time?

Although they are a unique statement piece, free-standing bathtubs usually take longer to install than built-in bathtubs. Free-standing bathtubs fit any décor style and are frequently more pleasant to use because of the range in style, size, and shape available.

Would Waterproofing Work beneath A Bathtub?

A bath that is used exclusively as a bath does not require waterproofing. However, we advise considering a how-bet to waterproof the installation if there is an overhead shower above the bathtub. We would advise using Claieal if you are finished with wall panels.

Acrylic Or Porcelain, Which Is More Expensive?

Difference in Material & In tallation Co tAcrylic is really the more cheap choice, and because of its lightweight construction, installation is easier and shorter. Porcelain, on the other hand, has a greater manufacturing cost and takes longer to produce, which results in a higher overall cost.

What Aspect of A Free-Standing Bathtub Is The Most Comfortable?

Oblong bathtub For several reasons, oval bathtubs are among the most comfortable available. An oval free-standing bathtub has a natural lumbar angle, for instance. This makes it possible for your body to easily rest in a comfortable position while you unwind in your bathtub.

Should A Bathtub Be A Wall Again?

In general, back-to-wall bathtubs are easier to maintain clean than free-standing bathtubs. This is the case since there aren't any crevices for dirt and filth to accumulate in. The surface area needs to be kept clean because it is adjacent to a wall.

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Expandable bathtub caddy trays are ideal bathroom accessories for contemporary homes. Bathtub Tray that is Useful and Flexible and Has Extending Sides Couples Valentine's Day Present

Extendable bamboo wood bathtub tray with a reading rack that can be adjusted for a book, iPad, or Kindle, tablet slot, or phone, and a premium bath caddy.

KELIXU Portable Bathtub Folding Soaking Bath Tub Thickening to Maintain Temperature, Adult Freestanding Bathtub, Home Bathroom Spa Hot Ice Bath Simple to Install, 43"x 25"x 20", Black

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Top Reviews

Vanessa Moreno

We relocated lately and somehow missed the fact that our new apartment is equipped with a shower cubicle only. I was disappointed to find that we didn't have a bathtub because I enjoy taking a bathe after a hard day. I looked at a few on Ciler, and they all seemed to be made for folks who are thin. I decided to take a chance after finding this one. I weigh 315 lbs. and am 5 ft 7. It was quite simple to put this tub together and install it in our shower stall. After filling the tub about a fourth of the way, I was able to get into it with ease (I didn't want to take the chance of overflowing when I got in and planned to add more water with me in the tub). I had no trouble sitting cross-legged on the tub's bottom. It was amazing that the water remained lovely and heated for longer than I had anticipated. It was difficult to drain because of where our shower drain was located, but our peculiar shower is to blame, not the tub. The next time I use it, I'll be able to help empty it using the small water pump I purchased.

Buys Stuff

Everything promised and more! I didn’t really trust this was going to perform as advertised. Because the price point was so inexpensive I decided it was worth a shot. It was simply fantastic! I set it up, rather quickly, it’s more solid and functional than I imagined. Put up in minutes and filled it up with water from my well and it creates a fantastic cold plunge. One day I will put ice in it and make it a Wim Hof ice bath but for now, it helps to battle the heat. I set it up so I could cool down after digging a hole, but it was so nice and refreshing that I’ve used it numerous times more than I meant to this afternoon. It’s the right size, and if you sit down in it you can actually float it it. Truly —it’s so comfortable and gorgeous, I’m happy and amazed. The seller had fresh instructions that superseded the incorrect instructions packed with the tub, but they graciously emailed me quite a few times giving me access to the new updated instructions.


Its everything I dreamed of! Extremely light and portable. One day I plan on moving the complete set up outside! Simple to put together, keeps water heated once it's in there. Fits me and me exclusively. It's a little snug set up inside a normal tub, but it does fit. Actually same volume as a conventional tub...just sitting up instead of partly reclined! I'm guessing 25-35 gallons? (Filled with 5-7 5gal home depot buckets since the edges are significantly higher than the tub spout) Couple of spa tub hacks: I acquired tub liners for simpler maintenance, and a pool warmer to save on my hot water expenditures...also make sure your gasket is sealed properly as well! My legs felt like warm jelly trying to get up and out so be careful, as it does have higher sides than a typical tub. It's definitely simple to overheat, sounds odd but have icy water around! The floating pillow seems flimsy but it does the trick; much tougher to drown if you fall asleep in it (and you will/will want to!) If you are lengthy or h

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