How to Choose a Family Bathtub in 2022——-Family Soaking

1. What are the mainstream bathtub materials currently on the market?

There are basically three major categories: cast iron, acrylic, and steel plate.

Why should we talk about the material first, because the most important thing to buy a bathtub is the material. The most popular material in the current bathtub market is acrylic material. Acrylic is a plastic polymer material. Its characteristics are: transparency, chemical stability, and weather resistance. , easy to dye, easy to process, and most importantly, the appearance is very eye-catching. If you don’t know acrylic, you should have heard of plexiglass. The cost of bathtubs made of acrylic is relatively low. At present, most bathtubs in China and even in the world are made of acrylic materials.

The main advantage of cast iron bathtubs and steel bathtubs is that they are durable, but they are particularly bulky and expensive, but no matter what kind of material, the final product will be glazed with enamel.

2. What are the types of bathtub shapes?

Generally speaking, there are two types: embedded and independent.

·Advantages of Embedded: Save space.

·Advantages of freestanding: beautiful, easy to use, easy to move, easy to maintain and easy to clean.

In terms of details, it is also divided into wooden, sitting bathtubs, walk-in bathtubs, double bathtubs, three-person bathtubs, and other different shapes. In addition, in more detail, it is about its anti-slip, heat preservation, skirt, storage design, pumping design and so on. As ordinary people, when we buy a bathtub, the first thing to consider is whether to choose a built-in or a free-standing one.

3,How to Choose a Family Bathtub?

When choosing a bathtub, you should first choose a suitable size according to the size of the bathroom and your family’s situation. Then you should choose a smooth, clean, pure white material that is resistant to deformation and scratches. If you want a functional bathtub, you should choose it when you buy it. Try the water to prevent safety problems, and then install it by professionals. If you want to install a shower head, you should pay attention to choosing a wider bathtub, and you should choose a style that has been treated with anti-skid.

The detailed answers are as follows:

1. You must first understand the situation of the bathroom, including the size of the bathroom, the area of the bathtub you want, and pay attention to the size of the bathtub and the bathroom. In addition, if there are elderly people or children at home, it is best to choose a lower side or a built-in The bathtub is convenient for them to bathe. If it is an exclusive private bathtub, you can choose it according to your height. If you want to buy a skirt, usually a single-sided skirt, you must pay attention to the direction of the skirt. According to the position of the drain and the wall, determine whether to choose the left skirt or the right skirt. If you buy the wrong one, you cant install it.

2. Look at the material. Generally, the surface of a good bathtub is smooth, white and comfortable to use. Therefore, when purchasing a bathtub, you should choose a material that is corrosion-resistant, deformation-resistant, and scratch-resistant, and it is not easy to be stained and easy to clean.

If the budget is sufficient, you should choose a cast iron bathtub, because of its unique material, it can be used for 50 years without any problem.

3. The choice of bathtub also has many functions. If the budget is sufficient, when choosing a jacuzzi, you must check its safety. It is best to try it before buying. The most important thing is to see whether the temperature is suitable and the sound is normal. Then ask a professional to install it. It is best to buy a jacuzzi with a skirt. If there is a problem with the motor, it is also easy to disassemble and repair.

4. If there is a shower head on the bathtub, the selected bathtub should be slightly wider to avoid water splashing outside; you should choose a style with anti-slip treatment to ensure safety.

First look at the size of your bathroom.?The size of the space determines the ceiling you choose. If the bathroom space exceeds 3 meters and 4 meters in length and breadth, then your choice will be very large. If it is within 3 meters, your choice will be relatively small.

Look at the stand-alone or embedded? Freestanding bathtubs are suitable for rented houses, spacious bathrooms, people who want to save worry and trouble, and families who want simple installation and maintenance; built-in bathtubs are suitable for space-saving families with small bathrooms, and are suitable for people who live all year round.

single or double or triple? In terms of the number of users, the average family has one or two people, and it will definitely cost a lot of money for more than three people.

4. What should be paid attention to when using the bathtub?

·Bath salt: Bath salt is generally composed of herbs or natural land salt and natural sea salt, which contains minerals, iron, calcium, selenium, magnesium and other trace elements. If you understand it, you can use it every time you take a bath Use a little, mainly to eliminate melanin, good for the skin, whitening.

·Storage shelf: Dont put the shelf on the top of your head, even if your bathtub is not big, its best to put the shelf alone on the side.

·Scraping board: This depends on your needs. The important thing is not to scrape as soon as the water comes out. There must be a buffer period, wait 2 to 4 minutes before scraping.

·Anti-slip mat: It must be equipped, and there must be anti-slip measures in the bathtub, so be careful.

·Water temperature: It is best to control the temperature at 45~65.

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