How To Choose A Good Bathtub And Partner

Acrylic bathtub is a bathtub made of a PMMA plastic material. The acrylic bathtub body is composed of a surface layer (acrylic layer) and an inner layer (fiberglass resin reinforcement layer). The characteristics are rich styling, light weight, good surface finish, and low price. When decorating a bathroom, purchasing a bathtub made of acrylic material is a good choice. Before purchasing, we need to look for a good acrylic bathtub manufacturer, as we can see from their quality, design, durability, and customer service. We can also see the advantages and disadvantages of its production products.

The advantages of acrylic bathtubs produced by acrylic bathtub manufacturers include:

1. The acrylic bathtub has a uniform color, smooth surface, and no layering or bubbles.

2. The heat transfer of acrylic baths is very slow, so the insulation effect is good. Even in cold winter, skin contact with the surface of acrylic bathtubs will not feel “cold”.

3. The collision between the human body and acrylic bathtubs generally does not cause pain to the body, so it is a necessary material for manufacturing luxury bathtubs,

4. Acrylic is a byproduct extracted from deep-sea oil. Compared to cast iron and steel bathtubs, its raw material cost is much lower and its performance is very good. Therefore, it has a price advantage and stronger market competitiveness.

Of course, there are both advantages and disadvantages:

1. Acrylic bathtubs are not durable, and the surface is prone to scratches, which can easily cause dirt. Acrylic, as a plastic material, is prone to aging and discoloration.

2. Acrylic bathtubs are not environmentally friendly. The back of acrylic is reinforced with glass fiber. Once combined with PMMA, these reinforcing materials cannot be separated anymore, and they cannot be recycled.

However, as an experienced acrylic bathtubs manufacturers , they all have corresponding treatment methods. Firstly, compared to cast iron bathtubs, steel plate bathtubs, and ceramic bathtubs, acrylic bathtubs have a lower production cost of raw materials, so they are quite cheap in terms of price, which is very suitable for ordinary people to choose from. Secondly, if there are slight scratches on the surface of acrylic, there is no need to worry. The acrylic bathtub itself will have a certain degree of self-healing function.

A good acrylic bathtub manufacturer produces acrylic bathtubs with tightly bonded inner and outer layers, without layering, lightly tapping without any hollow sound, with a smooth surface like porcelain, flat as a mirror, and when viewed against the light, there are no undulating or polishing lines on the flat surface, no warping on the straight surface, and the curvature of the curved surface is standardized. The cylinder body is even in thickness, light in weight, strong and elastic. When touched by hand, the pasted layer inside the cylinder body should be smooth, without powder falling off or sticking to the hands, The joint between the skirt and the cylinder block is tightly engaged, with consistent gaps. Acrylic bathtub manufacturers should pay attention to whether there are small cracks, defects, orange peel marks, and other defects on the surface of the bathtub while ensuring good glossiness and flatness.

Having learned about acrylic bathtub manufacturers, it is also important to understand how to choose a good freestanding bathtub factory. Independent bathtubs refer to bathtubs that are placed directly on the bathroom floor, with smooth interior and exterior surfaces, without the need to lean against walls or be placed independently in the bathroom. This method is convenient for construction, easy to maintain, and suitable for use when the ground has been decorated. Freestanding bathtub factories produce bathtubs through processes such as molding, reinforcement, splicing, polishing, scraping, painting, and polishing. Of course, freestanding bathtub factories, like acrylic bathtub manufacturers, inspect the goods before shipment to ensure the production quality of their products.

1、 So, the freestanding bathtubs produced by independent bathtubs factories also have advantages and disadvantages similar to them:

The independent bathtub does not require us to build a platform or even a skirt, and its unique effect is highly sought after by those who are ahead of the trend. Independent bathtubs can bring people a sense of comfort and freedom that other baths cannot provide. Some independent bathtubs also have massage functions, which can give people a better bathing experience. Independent bathtubs can provide people with comfortable bathing enjoyment anytime and anywhere. The insulation effect is better than traditional baths, and it can maintain a comfortable feeling even in colder environments. The human body can relax better in water and easily remove fatigue. Independent bathtubs can better accelerate blood circulation and have great benefits for human heart organs.

2、 The disadvantages of independent bathtubs produced by freestanding bathtubs factories are:

The high-end nature of an independent bathtub makes it expensive, easily reaching tens of thousands of yuan in the market, and it also requires a bathroom area of at least 20 square meters. Because it is necessary to consider the design of the inlet and outlet of the bathtub, at least two square meters of usable area should be reserved during installation. It also requires us to purchase its related products separately. Independent bathtubs are more complex to install than regular baths. In order to pursue its beauty, people also need to coordinate it with the surrounding environment. It is necessary to consider the surrounding environment of the bathroom and choose a suitable placement location based on factors such as room lighting, ventilation, and wall and floor color. Compared to other bathing methods, it consumes more water in terms of water usage. And the independent bathtub needs to be aesthetically pleasing, so it needs to be cleaned every time.

The above is a brief analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of independent bathtubs. In its beauty, independent bathtubs also hide their drawbacks.

After understanding the various advantages and disadvantages of bathtubs, choosing a good manufacturer to collaborate with is also an important option. There are many acrylic bathtub manufacturers and freestanding bathtub factories in the world, and it is not easy for us to find suitable partners for us and our hearts. Of course, collaborating with manufacturers is a good choice, as they can provide us with excellent pre-sales and after-sales services, They have professional machines and technical personnel to help us produce better quality products. At the same time, during our cooperation, if we have any modifications or changes to the products, we can provide them with our ideas. They can also judge whether we can implement them based on our opinions.

The above is my brief analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of cooperation between acrylic bathtub manufacturers and freestanding bathtub factories.

When decorating a bathroom, purchasing a freestanding bathtub is a good choice.

1. Placing a freestanding bathtub in the bathroom can make the bathroom look larger. Bathrooms that can accommodate a freestanding bathtub are generally not small in space. Therefore, with the decoration of a freestanding bathtub, the free space around the bathtub gives a feeling of an extremely complete bathroom.

2. The freestanding bathtub factory’s bathtub is suitable for a variety of faucets, and some independent bathtub faucets can be installed on walls or on the edge of the bathtub. Therefore, a white freestanding bathtub can be equipped with faucets of any style and material, which can better decorate the bathtub.

3. Independent bathtubs are easy to clean, while non independent bathtubs are very difficult to clean on the wall side. However, independent bathtubs can be cleaned easily at 360 degrees Celsius, so there is no gap between the independent bathtub and the wall, which simplifies maintenance.

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