How To Clean Acrylic Bathtubs With Dirt

The lifespan of acrylic bathtubs is generally around 10 years. The durability of acrylic bathtubs still depends on how to use and maintain them. When using, put cold water first, do not use hot spring water, do not use strong acid and alkali detergents, and clean the bathtub regularly to extend its lifespan. Acrylic is currently the most common material in bathtubs, with good plasticity, strong insulation, and high hardness. The heat transfer of acrylic bathtubs is slow, so the insulation effect is good. Even in cold winter, skin contact with the surface of acrylic bathtubs will not feel “cold”.

Acrylic bathtubs have been used for a long time, and we may also encounter some problems, such as dirt on the surface after prolonged use, and scratches on the surface after prolonged use. When encountering these situations, we also have many treatment methods. For the convenience of cleaning the bathtub, it is recommended to clean the bathtub immediately after soaking while it is still dry. At this point, it is easy to clean residual soap, body fat, and dirt. Otherwise, it will accumulate on the wall of the bathtub, turn yellow over time and be difficult to clean. Especially in areas with hard water quality, due to the high calcium content in the water, it is easy to leave yellow marks on the bathtub wall or under the faucet. Therefore, after use, it is necessary to perform a simple cleaning to maintain surface cleanliness.

When cleaning, please use a soft cloth, neutral detergent, or soapy water to clean, and then wipe off the water to avoid dryness and prevent bacterial growth. Avoid using sharp or abrasive objects to clean the surface of the bathtub, as they may corrode or scratch the surface, thereby reducing its glossiness.

Many people also want to know what can be used to clean the dirt on the bathtub,

1. Vinegar

Spray vinegar onto the stain and wait for about half an hour. If the dirt area is large, you can fill the bathtub with water, then pour vinegar into the water and soak for a few hours to easily remove the stains. If there are particularly stubborn stains that are not easy to decompose, you can try applying a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to the stain, and then wait for a period of time until the surface of the stain completely decomposes before removing it.

2. Special cleaning agents

Spray cleaning agent on the dirt according to the instructions and wait for a period of time for it to dissolve and remove. But pay attention to the material of the bathtub when purchasing. When cleaning ceramic lined bathtubs, do not purchase special cleaning agents containing bleach.

3. Decontamination powder

Sprinkle dirt powder on the stains in the bathtub, and then sprinkle water into a paste to cover the dirt. Alternatively, wet the bathtub before applying detergent. Wait for a moment, then wipe or brush off with a cloth. Try not to use decontamination powder to clean ceramic bathtubs as it can wear and tarnish the surface of the porcelain.

4. Hydrogen peroxide

Use a spray bottle containing hydrogen peroxide to spray stains and clean them when spraying. After cleaning, the surface smoothness of the bathtub will also be improved. However, it should be noted that it is best to wear gloves when using hydrogen peroxide to prevent prolonged contact with the skin, and to maintain ventilation in the bathroom.

These can all clean acrylic bathtubs with dirt, and we should also know the steps for cleaning bathtubs,

1. To remove dirt and stains from the bathtub, you can first wipe it with vinegar, then wipe it with baking soda, and finally rinse it with water

2. You can make a solution with bleach powder and water in a ratio of 1:9, and then wipe the yellow dirt on the bathtub wall with a cloth dipped in the solution, which is easy to remove.

3. Cut lemon slices and cover the yellow dirt in the bathtub, which can also gradually eliminate the yellow dirt.

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