Something about the bathtub?

Many people have a bathtub dream, and often fantasize about: returning home after a days work, soaking the whole person in a large comfortable clawfoot tub bathroom sprinkle some petals, light aromatherapy, listen to melodious music, and enjoy a rare physical and mental relaxation. . Even if there are thousands of reasons to choose a shower: convenience, time saving, labor saving, money saving… But there is only one reason for choosing a bathtub “I like it”

Of course, taking a bath is not a patent for modern people. As early as more than 3,000 years ago, people invented the bathtub and began to enjoy taking a bath. On the issue of “how to take a bath and how to take a comfortable bath”, human beings have been constantly exploring and moving forward.

The history of the bathtub

The comfortable bathing culture has been passed down for thousands of years, and the past 40 years have been a period of rapid development of the bathtub industry. In addition to cleaning, bathing is also regarded as respect or baptism. In the Paleolithic period, which can be verified, human beings have benefited from river water: since then, human beings have a bathing life.

The predecessor of the bathtub, the clawfoot tub bathroom, was the exclusive product of the dignitaries in ancient my country. As early as the Qin and Han Dynasties in my country, the ancients began to use wooden barrels for bathing. However, due to the poor waterproof performance of this bathtub and its perishability, it was quickly eliminated, and the natural marble bathtub quickly replaced its status.

Rome – the beginning of a prosperous bathing era

Bathing means relaxation, physical recovery and ultimately physical well-being. From 27 BC to 476 BC, Romes unprecedented prosperity of economy and social culture provided a rich material foundation for the development of sanitary ware culture for clawfoot tub bathroom.

The prosperous age of the Tang Dynasty–Yang Guifei set off the trend of bathing in China

Concubine Yangs bath is the most popular story in China. The baths of the two palace-style buildings are symmetrical on the left and right, and in Huaqing Pool, you can feel the scene of Yang Guifei bathing in the “Prize Concubine Pool”.

18th century – the popularity of metal bathtubs

Since the 18th century, metal bathtubs have become popular. The most common material is red copper tinned. The biggest feature of this material is that it does not rust. The clawfoot tub bathroom can be tinned or even silver-plated for single or double use.

After the Industrial Revolution–Unprecedented Prosperity

After the eighteenth century, the development of sanitary ware ushered in the second prosperous age. The industrial revolution provided technical support and infinite possibilities for the toilet innovation and the emergence of the water heater system. In the late nineteenth century, it was also known as the “toilet expansion period”.

Fashion is always changing, but the bathtub itself is the same

Over time, the material of the bathtub began to change from wood to cast iron enamel, ceramic, steel plate enamel, artificial stone, acrylic, and there were many changes in shape. The modern bathtub has not only changed the material, but also got rid of the single function of the bathtub before. Now the clawfoot tub bathroom has multi-functional applications, massage and heat preservation functions. These features not only greatly enhance the taste of the bathtub, but also enhance the fun and comfort of bathing.

Before the 1980s – Cast iron enamel clawfoot tub bathroom became popular

Before the 1980s, cast iron enameled bathtubs dominated the world, accounting for 65% of the global total. In foreign countries, many cast iron bathtubs are used for generations, and their durability is their greatest advantage. However, due to the easy loss of porcelain and loss of gloss, the price of cast iron bathtubs is generally high. Due to material reasons, they were gradually eliminated in the 1990s.

From the mid-1990s to the present – the development trend of acrylic bathtub

Then, starting from 2000, acrylic bathtubs dominated, accounting for about 85% of the world. Experts predict that there will be more acrylic bathtubs in the future, while other material bathtubs have basically been eliminated.

Why are acrylic bathtubs so popular?

Green environmental protection acrylic bathtub is the only one

The reason is that the British ICI invented the polymer material PMMA. The acrylic special bathtub invented by British ICI has not changed color for decades and is always as clean as new. It is the first choice for high-quality bathtubs and the clawfoot tub bathroom. The acrylic bathtub produced by Ciler Sanitary Ware is fashionable, simple, individual and artistic. The product does not change color, is resistant to salt and alkali, anti-aging, impact resistance, anti-ultraviolet, easy to clean, and has good thermal insulation. It can be described as a green and environmentally friendly bathtub. It even has the unique feature that it can be repaired by accidental scratches.

Acrylic bathtub has the advantages of anti-ultraviolet, anti-fouling, anti-aging, anti-saline and so on. As a high-end material, acrylic is even widely used in fighter cockpit covers, glass walls in the sea world, TVs, computers, mobile phone screens, high-end spectacle lenses, contact lenses, non-color-changing advertising boards, special boards for clawfoot tub bathroom, high-end car lamp shades, arts and crafts, etc.

Whether it is a five-star hotel for commercial use or large-scale bathroom distributors for civil use, more and more independent bathtubs and personalized medium-sized bathtubs produced by Ciler Sanitary Ware have been selected. Some five-star hotels have mistakenly selected artificial stone clawfoot tub bathroom, all of which have turned yellow, resulting in stains that cannot be cleaned. There were even cracks,they choosed the bathtub produced by Ciler Sanitary Ware.

What are the benefits of a bathtub?

For people who have been working abroad for a day, it is a very enjoyable thing to take a comfortable bath after returning home, wash away the fatigue of the day, give people a relaxed and comfortable feeling in a clawfoot tub bathroom.

“A bath is the beginning of a healthy life. A bathroom is the embodiment of a refined life.”

On the one hand, the bathtub is undoubtedly an item that can bring happiness in life, allowing people to enjoy the comfort and pleasure brought by bathing, and can improve the quality of life invisibly. On the other hand, taking a bath in a  clawfoot tub bathroom is also good for health. When taking a bath, the body temperature rises and the capillaries expand, so people will sweat and the body will warm up, which can relax the body and mind and loosen the muscles and bones. At the same time, the bathtub is also very convenient for children to take a bath, which can enhance the fun of childrens bathing.

What are the advantages of bathtubs:

1. Comfortable enjoyment

When you come home after a busy day, you are physically and mentally tired, but if there is a clawfoot tub bathroom at home, you can lie down with hot water and close your eyes to enjoy a moment of tranquility. At the same time, taking a bath is also a very enjoyable thing, you can soak in the hot water relax. You can also play mobile phones, watch videos, etc. while taking a bath, enjoy the leisure time in the home space, and obtain spiritual satisfaction.

2, convenient and practical

Secondly, the bathtub is also very convenient for families with children. After all, children are not always cooperative in bathing, and they are worried that they will catch a cold after a long time. But if there is a clawfoot tub bathroom, the experience will be completely different. Putting a few cute toys in the bathtub can attract childrens attention and enhance the fun of bathing. And the water temperature of the bathtub will not drop significantly in a short period of time, so there is no need to worry about colds or colds.

3, good for health

The practicality of the clawfoot tub bathroom can be determined according to the physical condition of the family. If there are patients in the home who are unwell, the practicality of the bathtub is greater, especially for patients with heavy body moisture and some diseases in the legs, waist and back. All can relieve physical pain by taking a bath every day, and taking a bath can also promote blood circulation throughout the body, making people feel hot and warm, not only can effectively loosen muscles and bones, relieve shoulder, neck, low back pain, but also Can improve sleep quality.

4. Reduce work pressure

If the individuals work pressure is relatively high, the practicality of the clawfoot tub bathroom is greater. Because most people are now in a tense and busy state, the pressure of work is generally high, so choosing a bathtub can take a bath after get off work to relieve pressure.

5. Improve the quality of life

According to the current lifestyle of people in different regions, many peoples living requirements will be slightly higher. Therefore, if the pursuit of life is relatively high, the use requirements and practicability of the clawfoot tub bathroom are relatively large. In fact, as long as you have a high pursuit of life, you can configure a bathtub.

Features of different types of bathtubs:

1. Ordinary style bathtub

The market of ordinary style clawfoot tub bathroom is mainly acrylic. The most practical aspect of this kind of bathtub should be the value. After all, the price is very low, and demand and help can also be given. The function of this type of bathtub is relatively simple and simple.

2. Massage-style bathtub

The function of the massage bathtub is very many, because the structure is more complicated. Not only is a massage system set up in it, but also a lot of electrical equipment has been added, which has added a lot of decompression effect to the originally ordinary clawfoot tub bathroom. It can be very helpful for fitness treatment, and it also has a very obvious effect on relieving stress. Therefore, among the many styles of bathtubs, the massage bathtub is the most prominent and the most practical one.

3. Solid wood bathtub

In theory, a solid wood bathtub should belong to a bathtub. Perhaps in the early days of China, such products were common, but now people are accepting the baptism of the new era, so the traditional things have been eliminated. In fact, the bathtub made of solid wood also has good practicality. After all, the practicality can be reflected in the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine.

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