Space-saving bathtub shipping packaging- Stacked freestanding bathtub

Packaging requirements for freestanding bathtubs:

According to its material, bathtubs are usually divided into acrylic bathtubs, cast iron bathtubs, steel bathtubs, artificial stone bathtubs, etc. Regardless of the product, its transport packaging requirements are basically the same. Due to the large size and weight of bathtub products (except Stacked freestanding bathtub ), they are afraid to touch. Therefore, the packaging method (bundling method) of the goods must meet the requirements of long-distance transportation and safe loading and unloading of kind of called tray packaged  freestanding  bathtub .

The basic requirements of the packaging method are collision resistance and pressure resistance, and at the same time, it should be convenient for transportation and loading and unloading. Generally speaking, each freestanding bathtub is covered with a carton or polystyrene film to protect the enamel surface, and then placed on a wooden tray. The surrounding, corners and legs of the freestanding bathtub should be protected accordingly (such as corners, legs). Wooden frame strapping should be used for lateral and vertical reinforcement to prevent the goods from falling out when the pallet is tilted.

Sanitary ware products are relatively large in quality and volume, and most importantly, the cost is relatively high, which is in sharp contrast with the large-scale transportation and the fast information transmission through the network, so the logistics requirements are very high. For sanitary ware companies, how to reduce logistics costs has become a key factor in market competitiveness. Bathroom products are large products in the logistics industry, and the cost of logistics is directly linked to the weight of the product.The price of bathtubs by sea is the cheapest way of transportation. If you go by sea, the safety of bathroom products in transportation can also be guaranteed, and the breakage rate is relatively low. If you go by air, although the timeliness is fast, the transportation cost is high. Usually the size of the bathtub is 170*75*60cm, about 1CBM, 100KG, and shipping by sea with  Tray packaged  freestanding  bathtub is the most common way in the market.

The packaging method of the bathtub of Ciller

In the past, bathtubs were packaged with wooden frames and sheet metal, but corrugated boxes and polystyrene packaging have been used instead. This new packaging method reduces storage space by fifty percent above.Especially Tray packaged  freestanding  bathtub or stacked freestanding bathtubs.

The packaging method of Ciller freestanding bathtub is professional, safe, stable, diverse and flexible, and most importantly, it can greatly save logistics and transportation costs for customers. Not only can each freestanding bathtub be individually boxed, but also stackable bathtub packaging(eg.Tray packaged  freestanding  bathtub or stacked freestanding bathtubs ), which can stack multiple bathtubs Comes up in a pallet pack which called stacked bathtub ,Tray packaged  freestanding  bathtub or Stacked freestanding bathtub .

A,Independent packaging method of a single freestanding bathtub: First, the inner packaging uses a protective film bubble column to protect and fix the product, and the embedded packaging has the advantages of shock absorption, impact resistance, odorless, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant. Then each freesatanding bathtub is individually packaged in a carton. This packaging method is assembled with high efficiency and high quality. The horizontal and vertical packing belts are fixed and protected. The packing belts are mainly made of polyethylene, polypropylene resin, and cold-rolled strip steel, as well as nylon and polyester out. The packing belt has strong tensile strength, not only the tensile strength like a steel belt, but also the ductility that can resist impact, which can ensure the safety of product transportation by Tray packaged .

B,stacked freestanding bathtubs packaging method: one is for the freestangding bathtub itself to be stacked, that is, the cylinder body of one freestanding bathtub is put into the tank groove of the other freestanding bathtub, and the bathtub is bundled and kept on the tray in a vertical position Tray packaged freestanding bathtub  (see Figure ) . Lay a layer of paper skin on the front of the freeestanding bathtub, the edge of the paper skin is folded into the inverted U-shaped groove along the shape of the inverted U-shaped groove on the edge of the freestanding bathtub, and the paper skin formed by the paper skin in the inverted U-shaped groove A foam strip is plugged in the groove; a storage cavity is formed between the paper skin and the inner wall of the inverted U-shaped groove, and the detachable bracket accessories of the freestanding bathtub are installed in the storage cavity; several freestanding bathtubs covered with paper skins are stacked together Thereby, a bathtub bundle is formed, and the bathtub bundle is placed on a tray that keeps the bathtub bundle in a vertical position. The tray includes a base plate, and a rear frame is fixed on the rear end surface of the base plate, and also includes two side stop rods, the side stop rods are respectively The side end face of a base plate and the side face of the rear frame are fixedly connected, and this kind of the  Tray packaged freestanding bathtub packaging not only guarantees the protection performance.

The advantages of this packaging method of the Stacked freestanding bathtubsave space and greatly reduce transportation costs, and the speed of packaging is also accelerated accordingly.

1.  Stacked freestanding bathtub can be stacked and transported in multiple layers, which is convenient for storage. Save storage and shipping space. When placed in the warehouse, it can be folded to save a lot of space.

2. With a packing belt, it can assist in packaging, and the product is packed firmly to ensure safe transportation.(Kind of the Tray packaged  freestanding  bathtub) .

Disadvantages: The cylinders, especially the edges of the cylinders, are easily squeezed against each other. If the edges of the cylinders are poorly packaged or damaged, it is easy to cause problems such as scratches on the edges of the cylinders. In addition, not all freestanding  bathtubs can be bundled in this way Stacked freestanding bathtub. This method is suitable for freestanding bathtubs with an inverted U shape on the edge of the cylinder, because the edges of such bathtubs are hard and easy to stand upright. (If you need it, please feel free to consult the team of Ciller for detailed understanding of the Stacked  freestanding bathtub or Tray packaged  freestanding  bathtub ). Some large and heavy fragile products are packaged in honeycomb cardboard boxes, and some products can support or have high compressive strength themselves, such as the Stacked freestanding bathtub shown in the picture. Wrapping film packaging and corrugated boxes are used for bathtub wrapping protection in between. Secondly, the outside is protected by the horizontal and vertical reinforcement of the thick solid wood strip wooden frame, and the corrugated box is made of kraft paper, which has strong impact resistance, high hardness, high toughness, and is not easy to be damaged by the Stacked freestanding bathtub.

In order to ensure that products are delivered to customers in good condition, Schiller sanitary ware ensures that products are properly and safely packaged with suitable materials.

In order to better help customers improve their market competitiveness, the packaging team of Ciller relies on rich experience in bathtub packaging (no matter the Tray packaged freestanding bathtub、Stacked freestanding bathtub or Independent packaging method of a single freestanding bathtub) to help and support customers to eliminate and reduce defects and damage-related incidents. “Weve been negotiating services and consumables to ensure our customers get the most competitive cost,” said the packaging team at Ciller.

Bathtub Packaging Recommendations:

· The freestanding bathtub should have absolutely no space to move – product and packaging at the edges of box should be pressed against the carton walls.include the Tray packaged freestanding bathtub and Stacked  bathtub .

· Products should be packed in crates to increase stacking strength when loaded and avoid hazards in the carton in the empty area in the middle of the bathtub.

· Product should be fully cartoonized. Bathtubs with feet must have a hanging or weight redistribution mechanism such as wooden blocks.

· The bathtub itself should be wrapped in polyethylene film.

· Use a low-tack adhesive film or PE film to protect the beauty of the freestanding bathtub. Take care to protect the inside of the bathtub and the edges/edges from scratches and contamination.

· Packaging material around the product should be stretch-wrapped or taped in place to prevent the packaging from shifting.

·Use PE, EPS, honeycomb or building blocks on the edge to increase impact protection edge. All protective materials should be at least 40mm thick high density material (1.0 PCF EPS or EPE foam, honeycomb, corrugated pads, folded corrugated pads)

What impact can a good bathtub packaging logistics .and transportation bring to customers?( especially tray packaged freestanding bathtub and Stacked freestanding bathtub )

The cargo transportation packaging of the freestanding bathtub plays a very important role in logistics. Packaging is the end of production and the starting point of logistics.Products are packaged according to a certain quantity, shape, weight, and size, and appropriate materials and containers are used according to the nature and shape of the product, which not only affects loading, unloading, and handling. Whether the warehouse storage, measurement and inventory are convenient and efficient, and it is related to the utilization efficiency of sports tools and warehouses.

What are the characteristics of good bathtub packaging:(for example the   Tray packaged freestanding bathtub and Stacked freestanding bathtub)

1. Product protection, maintaining the quality and integrity of products, and preventing bumps are the basic requirements of packaging, including the impact of various natural factors (temperature, humidity, sunlight, harmful substances, organisms, etc.) on the quality of products during the logistics process. , will damage the product, etc. In the process of loading, unloading and handling, impact and vibration will also damage the product. In order to maintain the integrity of the product during placement and transportation, it is necessary to scientifically package the product to avoid various external The impact of bad factors on the product;

2. It is convenient for handling, storage and transportation. Appropriate packaging shape, size, weight and material can facilitate transportation, loading and unloading, storage operations, and improve the efficiency of other logistics links.

3. Cost saving and efficiency improvement. The logistics charging method in the market is calculated by weight or volume. Good product packaging can greatly improve transportation efficiency and logistics costs by reducing weight or volume.

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