The development trend of acrylic bathtubs

From ancient times to the present, bathtub materials have undergone generations of evolution from wood to metal, and then to organic materials such as acrylic.

Looking back at the advancement of acrylic bathtubs from birth to “new stars”.

  1. The Birth of Acrylic Bathtub

In 1948, the world’s first acrylic bathtub was born, marking a new milestone in the application of acrylic and quickly becoming popular worldwide.

2. When will it be introduced domestically

In China, since the 1990s, acrylic materials have been introduced into the bathroom industry and gradually occupy an increasing market share.

3. Acrylic bathtub has become a “new star” in the bathroom industry

As a leader in industrial materials, acrylic is the most popular bathroom material in recent years, and is even considered the best new material in the industry to manufacture sanitary ware after ceramics.

Nowadays, everyone believes that taking a bath is beneficial for health, and acrylic bathtubs have become a new favorite. Although shower rooms are very popular and there seems to be a trend of gradually replacing bathtubs, there are still many people who cannot forget about bathtubs. After all, after a day of fatigue, taking a bath at home to relieve fatigue is something that shower rooms cannot help.

Many people have bathtubs in their homes in order to take a comfortable bath. Among the many bathtub materials, acrylic, with its excellent comprehensive performance, integrates into creative home furnishings and dominates the bathtub market, achieving a better humanized living experience.

So why can acrylic material become the perfect choice for modern bathtub materials?

The reason for this is inevitably related to the unique performance of acrylic materials. Acrylic material, especially the bathroom grade acrylic casting plate after special improvement, has the advantages of high brightness, anti-aging, easy to clean, easy to repair, easy to process, and strong bearing capacity; The bathtub made of this material has a warm touch, luxurious appearance, diverse styles, low-carbon environmental protection, health and fashion, and can meet various decoration styles. Several advantages of counting acrylic bathtubs:

1. High appearance. Acrylic has rich colors, superior brightness and color, and strong plasticity, making it the preferred material for creating personalized styles; Therefore, acrylic bathtubs on the market have a beautiful appearance, diverse styles, unique shapes, and full of creativity.

2. Good insulation. The acrylic bathtub has a slow heat transfer and good insulation effect. Even in cold winter, skin contact with the surface of the acrylic bathtub will not feel “cold”; If left in the bathtub for a long time, the water temperature will not cool quickly.

3. Strong comfort. The surface of the acrylic bathtub is smooth, and if accidentally collided, it usually won’t hurt very much; Frequently soaking in acrylic bathtubs not only does not harm human skin, but also makes the skin more tender and elastic.

4. Safe and durable. Acrylic has good chemical stability and weather resistance. It can resist enormous atmospheric pressure and adapt to extremely cold and hot temperature changes. This material has good toughness, strong load-bearing capacity, is not easily damaged, and is easy to clean. If there are slight scratches, there is no need to worry, because this material itself will have a certain degree of self-healing function.

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