The Timeless Claw Foot Bathtub

Claw foot bathtubs used to be the main product of every wealthy family, and in recent years have become collectors’ collectibles and popular decorations. The Standard Sanitary Products Manufacturing Company’s claw foot bathtubs were originally made of cast iron with a ceramic coating on the surface. Some newer models of bathtubs are made of hard acrylic material. The characteristic of a standard sanitary ware manufacture company’s claw foot bathtub is to install an elegant claw foot bathtub on the claw foot, making the classical bathtub even more solemn and elegant. It is a classic style that pursues luxury and elegance.

The standard sanitary ware manufacture company’s claw foot bathtub value is to provide an ideal environment for people to enjoy a leisurely bath after a day’s hard work. The concept of a claw foot bathtub dates back at least to the 11th century BC. There is evidence that pedestal bathtubs have the same depth of body, becoming the main product of similar products later. Typically, these versions of bathtubs feature a horizontal edge, a simple drainage system. The pedestal bathtub is a patent of the higher class and is considered a luxury. By the 19th century, claw foot bathtubs had been found in many large families in metropolises, and standard sanitary ware manufacture companies’ claw foot bathtubs value had also changed. The concept of indoor plumbing began to enter people’s vision. This innovation added a safety drain and tap to the construction of claw foot bathtubs. At the same time, the use of light metal was also used to make claw foot bathtubs with heavy cast iron models. In the Midwest of the United States, Shortened lightweight versions are common, and these space saving versions allow the introduction of a toilet or bathroom to families that previously used bathtubs in the kitchen when bathing. As early as the 20th century, owning a claw foot bathtub was considered a luxury. By the early 1990s, claw foot bathtubs were a viable option for bathrooms. Unlike last year’s heavy cast iron version, the newer claw foot bathtub is constructed of lighter materials and is relatively inexpensive. Those who want the bathroom to look more luxurious while effectively utilizing space and functionality have found that choosing a slightly longer construction for today’s claw foot bathtubs can create the right look and feel.

Whether made of cast iron, acrylic, or even fiberglass, the claw foot bathtub can transform the bathroom into an elegant and historic room. However, if your claw foot bathtub becomes turbid and dirty, please do not think its good days are over. Standard sanitary ware manufacture company’s claw foot bathtub value is reflected here. We can use some methods to restore it, as follows:

1. Install the exhaust fan first, and then thoroughly clean the bathtub. Clean it with an acidic detergent once, and then clean it with clean water until it is dry;

2. After 20 minutes of drying, use a polishing machine to polish the cracks and other scratches, round off the edges, and then use a cloth to wipe away the remaining dust in the bathtub. Then use repair paste to repair the scratched area, and then dry or dry the repaired area. Dry it in three or four hours, then polish it with abrasive cloth from coarse to fine, and flatten the repair opening until it feels balanced without resistance;

3. Then remove the grinding dust and let it dry for ten minutes. Spray the surface of the bathtub. This is way how to repair  standard sanitary ware manufacturing companies claw foot bathtubs.

Although antique claw foot bathtubs are made of iron, the foot shaped bases supported by these bathtubs are made of a variety of materials. The more expensive the materials, the standard sanitary ware manufacturing companies’ claw foot bathtubs value more higher. Precious metals such as gold and silver can increase the price of bathtubs by several thousand dollars. Some of the most useful techniques for determining whether antique claw foot bathtubs are truly antique are to verify the materials used and look for appropriate signs of aging. Interestingly, most of the antique claw foot bathtubs you can find for sale have been refurbished, so the standard sanitary ware manufacture company’s claw foot bathtub value is more expensive than others bathtub. For example, the restored 5-foot foot foot bathtub costs $1000, while the 6-foot foot foot bathtub restored in 1926 costs about $2500. Buying repaired claw foot bathtubs can cost more upfront, but they also require less time and effort to make the bathtub work. The original claw foot bathtub was made of cast iron and then enameled, most of which showed some scratches and general signs of wear on its enamel coating.

Over time, even the Standard sanitary ware manufacturers’ claw foot bathtubs also exhibit disproportionate wear or yellowing in porcelain. It is important to investigate the claws of these bathtubs. Some antique bathtubs were not equipped with claws until many years after production, and the value of these bathtubs is lower than that of the original claw foot bathtubs. Similarly, as antique sellers and buyers are familiar with, the value of antiques increases or decreases depending on their quality and condition. Therefore, making sure to check the enamel of the bathtub for obvious cracks or small holes in the bottom of the bathtub will help you better estimate the standard sanitary ware manufacturer company’s claw foot bathtub value.

How to find a good distributor of the standard sanitary ware manufacture company’s claw foot bathtub?

  1. We need to know his distribution strength;
  2.  Look at the dealer’s business reputation,;
  3.  Look at the dealer’s business ideas, etc. These are all to confirm whether he is suitable for us to become our standard sanitary ware manufacture company claw foot bathtubs distributor.

Claw foot bathtubs are very traditional and have been popular since the 19th century. At the same time, the standard sanitary ware manufacturing companies’ claw foot bathtubs value is also very high. Unlike standard bathtubs, independent bathtubs have four legs to support the bathtub on the ground, or the bottom directly contacts the ground. This self-supporting type of bathtub can be used as the focus of any luxury bathroom. Over time, it can be found that people’s decoration styles will constantly change with the styles they like, and many products will be updated with the preferences of the public. However, claw foot bathtubs will still become the first choice for some people, proving the standard sanitary ware manufacturing companies’ claw foot bathtubs value- they will not become outdated. The claw foot bathtub has a beautiful and classic appearance. It can change the atmosphere of your bathroom in many ways. What’s more, you can put it in any position that suits you. The standard sanitary ware manufacturing company’s claw foot bathtub not only adds a certain degree of individuality and chic to the bathroom, but also will become the main product of your bathroom.

In recent years, the design of standard sanitary ware manufacturing companies’ claw foot bathtubs has made continuous progress. Not only in terms of design, but also in terms of materials that ensure your comfort, quality, and beauty, it also reflects the standard sanitary ware manufacturing companies’ claw foot bathtubs value, which integrate claw foot bathtubs with modern bathrooms to a higher degree. Although claw foot bathtubs were popular products in the 19th century, as people continuously updated their design of claw foot bathtubs, The claw foot bathtub is no worse than modern bathtubs, on the contrary, some standard sanitary ware manufacturing companies’ claw foot bathtubs are placed in modern bathrooms to make them more beautiful and have a sense of atmosphere.

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