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Taizhou Ciler Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. Has been specialized in researching and manufacturing industrial PLINTH BATHTUBS, CLASSCIAL BATHTUBS, APRON BATHTUBS and BATHTUB FITTINGS, since 2018. As a professional Sanitary ware supplier, we have excellent teams who focus on products development & design, quality control & inspection and company running. Our products sell well in China and have been sold as far as to 27 foreign countries and regions, such as Spain, Russia, UK, USA, France, etc. Thank you for contacting us with your inquiry; we'll get back to you as soon as we can. At Quality First, Service First, Continuous Improvement, and Innovation to Meet Our Customers' Needs, we strive for "Zero Defects, Zero Complaints" in all that we do. Since the trend of economic globalization has evolved with an irresistible force, Ciler is eager to work with businesses from around the world to achieve a win-win situation.

People May Ask

A hundred years ago, how did people bathe?

A tin bath that was manually filled was used for bathing. Some senior citizens utilized a washstand in their bedroom that included a sink and ewer. There were public baths in several towns and cities where bathers might pay a fee.

Who is the world's cleanest person?

The cleanest person, Marie Kondo, a Japanese woman who has authored books about arranging and maintaining your home, is implied by the existence of the dirtiest man.

Is it possible for a woman to overbathe?

Bathing too frequently can result in dry and itchy skin since normal skin needs a layer of oils and normal bacteria to maintain its barrier. This is especially true if the water is excessively hot.

What does Bath's name mean?

The renowned Roman baths in the town are where the city derives its name. In the year 43 BC, the Romans constructed the baths as a component of a spa. "The waters of Sulis" is what they called it, and they called it Aquae Sulis.

Why is Bath renowned?

The following cultural qualities make Bath City of Outstanding Universal Value: The Roman ruins, particularly the Temple of Sulis Minerva and the baths complex (built around the hot springs at the center of the Roman town of Aquae Sulis, which have continued to be at the center of the City's growth ever since), are particularly noteworthy.

Why is Bath, England, so well-liked?

Bath, which is renowned across the world for its magnificent architecture and Roman ruins, is a dynamic city with over 40 museums, excellent restaurants, high-quality shops, and theaters.

The bathtub's maker?

Michael John KohlerBy adding four ornate feet to the bottom of a cast-iron horse trough and giving it an enamel finish, John Michael Kohler created the modern bathtub in 1883.

The Egyptians had bathtubs, right?

These kind of baths were used by the Ancient Egyptians for a very long time. Later, the Egyptians constructed bigger bathhouses and bathtubs, some of which had running water. Then, people would rest at the bathhouse for extended periods of time and take longer baths.

Why were baths so popular among Romans?

Romans believed that their baths demonstrated that they were superior to people in other nations because they were cleaner. The baths followed as the Roman Empire expanded throughout Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East, bringing daily civilization to millions of people. Bath complexes tended to be Thermae.

When should my wife take a shower?

For most people, most doctors think taking a shower every day is fine. (Any more than that may begin to result in skin issues.) However, for many, two or three times a week is plenty, and it might even be preferable to preserve excellent health. It partially relies on your way of life.

Classical bathtubs factory Products

Lieber Lighting Extendable, Natural Foldable Bathtub Cover Bath Tray with Wine Glass Holder, Book Stand, and Bath Tray (Color: A)

DANCO 3-Handle Remodel/Rebuild Trim Kit for Bathtub and Shower Price Knob Handle | Pfister Verve Faucets | 12H-2H, 12H-2C, 12H-18D | Chrome (39619)

Suitable for Most Baths, Blooming Lily Bathtub Tray is a Sturdily Designed Bath Caddy with Wine Glass Holder, Bamboo Wooden Ipad Stand and More (Natural).

C-81C Copper Plated Oval tub by Achla Designs

Bath Bliss Chrome Four-Function Hand-Held Shower Head with Cord, Spray, Massage, Pulse, and Combination (Model: 3416)

Black Luxe Vivant 4-Piece Bathroom Accessory Set with No-Rust Soap Dispenser, Resin Material, Practical and Elegant Design, Toothbrush & Soap Holder, and Mouthwash Rinsing Cup

lucid acrylic Separates your doors and allows for unfettered motion. Fits a 9/16 in. rail. utilized by numerous manufacturers of shower doors

Soaking Standing Bathtub for Shower Stall, Separate Family Bathroom SPA Tub, Portable Foldable Bathtub, Effective temperature control, perfect for hot baths and ice baths

5.25 x 7.50 x 5.25-inch Chrome Delta Faucet T17230 Classic Shower Only

Powell 4-LT Vanity, Classic Nickel, by Quorum International, 5108-4-64

Top Reviews

Marcel Müller

I was skeptical about whether the measurements would hold up and about the quality, but I was pleasantly surprised. Ein ganz neues Gefühl der Bade. The tablet's size is a little small for older eyes, but it can be used to read a book or hold a handkerchief. ????? I'm pleased with the new bad(e)accessoire.


This is robust and fits my tub perfectly. The sticky grips that stop the tray from slipping on the glossy tub surface are a nice touch. It was well worth the wait for me because I had been wanting one of them for years. It has a stemmed glass holder to prevent spills, among other necessities. Don't be alarmed by the two reviews—give it a try!


It's a sturdy, well-made product. Though I was careful to make sure the surfaces were clean, the sticky feet have just fallen off, so now I have to be extra cautious not to knock the bath tray caddy. That being said, I bought it a few months ago and am really happy with my purchase. The bath tray caddy has adhesive non-slip feet, which is a really useful feature as they stop the tray from being knocked sideways and it and your book, glass, or tablet falling into the bath. Nevertheless, I would still suggest this product.

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