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Taizhou Ciler Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. Was established in 2018, a manufacturer and wholesaler specialized in CLASSCIAL BATHTUBS, APRON BATHTUBS, BATHTUB FITTINGS and PLINTH BATHTUBS with 4+ years experience. Ciler offers a fantastic workforce that possesses top-notch and expert technique, exemplary administration, and first-rate services. We have developed by enduring business relationships with hundreds of clients around the globe. If you select us, you're choosing success because we'll always have the greatest tools and service ready for you. We ensure high quality and cost-effective products for customers by following a customer-oriented business philosophy and putting science and technology first; this has led to us gaining a large number of customers all over the world.

People May Ask

Which color bathtub is the most popular?

whiteWhite is the most conventional and widely used hue for bathtubs.three days beforehand

Which baths are now in style?

Acrylic Tubs: The Most Well-liked OptionAcrylic soaking tubs are a popular bathtub style for 2021 and beyond since they are affordable, long-lasting, and easy to clean.

Which paint is ideal for bathtubs?

One of your greatest bets for an acrylic bath is acrylic polymer paints. On the other hand, bath paint meant for metal needs to be used on cast iron bathtubs. The ideal paint and primer for this kind of bathroom are oil-based.

Is it possible to paint an acrylic bathtub?

Cast iron and acrylic baths are the two varieties that can be painted.

How can a bathtub be updated without having to be replaced?

Get Weary of Your Antiquated Tub? These are 6 Contemporary Methods to Make Your Bathtub Look Better.(br>Replace the bathtub's side panels with ornamental embellishments.(2) Apply paint to the outside of your claw-foot bathtub.(3) Reseal your tub and replace any outdated caulk.(4) Install fresh tile surrounding your bathtub.(5) Make an excellent bathtub resurfacing investment.Extras...•

Are colorful bathtubs made by them?

Indeed, Aquatica has a large assortment of colored bathtubs in several designs.

Which design of bathtub is the most popular?

alcove bathtubAn alcove bathtub, measuring 60 inches by 32 inches overall, is the most popular type of bathtub installation. The outward dimensions of standard tubs are typically 60 inches long, 30 inches broad, and 14 to 16 inches high.

Is it possible to paint a bathtub rather than replace it?

There are several names for this type of bathtub refurbishment, including reglazing, recoating, refinishing, and resurfacing. The procedure is really simple. An specialist fills up cracks and damaged spots on the tub surface, sands it down, and then applies many layers of primer and paint before buffing it one last time.

How can I add more color to my bathroom?

Vibrant bedding and interior designNot every vibrant bathroom fixture needs to be made of tile, quartz, wood, or stone. Consider utilizing towels, artwork, or other decor to create bursts of color around the space if you're searching for a quick and inexpensive method to add color to your bathroom without making the change permanent.

How do I improve the appearance of my bathroom?

Add Paint Only. It's remarkable the impact a fresh coat of paint can have on a bathroom makeover on a budget.Change Out Old Hardware.Continue using white fixtures.Replace the Lighting.Upgrade with a New Rug or Window Treatment.Utilize plants as décor.Install Detachable Wall Décor.Construct a Gallery Wall.Additional things...

Colorful Bathtub Products

Baby Bath Toy: PlayGo Octopus and Crab Rattle | Floating Plastic Animal Toys Set | Interactive Fun Bath Time Gifts | Interior Mirror Reflecting Balls | Vibrant Floating Accessories for Pools and Bathtubs

Includes 12 Bright, Fun-Free Bathtub & Pool Toys for Kids & Toddlers Ages 2 and Up in the Boley Farm Animals Bath Toys Bucket!

Bath Toys: 12 Piece Light-Up Ocean Sea Animal Set, Floating Bath Toys with Colorful LED Lights for Baby, Toddler, Preschool, and More—A Perfect Gift for Bathroom Water Tub Games and Swimming Pool Parties

This 6-piece Bath Toy Storage Organizer Basket is perfect for organizing bath toys and bath tub toys. It features a colorful robot model that is wall mounted and has hooks for shampoo, making it a great choice for kids' bathrooms and bathtub toys.

Yolife Infant Bath Mat, Non-Slip Kids Bath Mat, Vibrant Bath Mat for Kids' Tub 25.56 x 15 inches washable baby bathtub mat with drain holes shower mat for hotel gym

Engaging Bath Toys for Infants and Toddlers, Bath Time Water Toys with Color Box Birthday Gift, Bath Partner for Kids, and Vibrant Penguin Bathtub Water Toys with Rotatable Waterwheel

7 pieces of adorable, colorful bathwater toys for babies Children's Silicone Animal Bath Toys for Boys, Girls, and Kids Bathroom Squeeze Spray Toys Bath Toys for Young Children

Secopad Multicolored Anti-slip Shower Strips, 24 pieces Adhesive Safety Bathtub Strips for Bathtub Shower, Stairs, Ladders, and Boats

The 16 x 24 inch (40 x 60 cm) Bath Rug Mat is a colorful flower-patterned mat made of soft microfiber that is machine washable, water-absorbing, and non-slip for your bathtub.

Toddler-Friendly Light-Up Bath Toys: Floating Rubber Sea Animal Set with Flashing Colorful LED Light Unicorn Mermaid for Bathroom Shower Swimming Pool Party for Baby Girl Boy, No-Hole Adorable Light-Up Bathtub Toys

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It was risky since our children would not stop sliding in the claw-foot tub. They are thankfully sidetracked by the excitement after setting up this exquisite underwater scene with expensive fish and other ocean creatures!

Mary Jo Wiehaus

For a one-year-old who puts everything in his mouth, this was the ideal gift. They are one piece and made of plastic. No portions that are moveable or ingestible. He enjoyed placing them in a row and voicing the appropriate noise for each one. I combined this with a farm animal book with sound buttons and a See-n-Say toy, which added to the specialness of the present. I adored it!


My three-year-old twins have the coolest bath toys ever—these! They adore them! The girls keep their toys in the bucket we made little holes in when we first got it. Between bath periods, the perforations allow the water to drain and maintain them tidy.

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