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Nestled in the industrious city of Taizhou, Zhejiang, Taizhou Ciler Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. Is at the forefront of acrylic shower wall manufacturing. Since 2018, our mission has been to revolutionize the bathroom experience by providing high-quality, durable, and visually appealing acrylic shower walls. Our products are designed with the consumer in mind, ensuring ease of maintenance, water resistance, and longevity. As a pioneer in the industry, Ciler leverages cutting-edge technology and innovative design principles to create acrylic shower walls that meet the highest standards of style and functionality. Our offerings are versatile, catering to a wide range of bathroom sizes and styles, from contemporary to classic. We understand the importance of a personalized bathroom space, which is why our acrylic shower walls come in a variety of textures, colors, and finishes, allowing for customization to suit individual tastes and preferences. Our commitment to sustainability guides our manufacturing process, utilizing eco-friendly materials and practices to minimize environmental impact. As leading acrylic shower wall manufacturers, Ciler is dedicated to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, ensuring our products not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients worldwide. Choose Ciler for acrylic shower walls that elevate your shower space to a sanctuary of comfort and style.

People May Ask

Can You Fix Acrylic That Has Cracks?

According to Vicki Peters, manager of the NAILS Magazine Show and seasoned nail technician, a crack close to the stress point of an acrylic nail can be fixed without removing all of the product if it extends less than halfway across the nail.Oct. 1, 1993

What Exactly Is An Acrylic Wall Panel?

The definition of an acrylic wall is a large sheet of hard plastic that has been bonded to a surface using a strong adhesive. Thus, they become one of the most flexible and customizable options for wall surrounds. They can be custom-designed to resemble tile.

Is PVC Suitable for Interior Walls?

All PVC panels, regardless of ize, are watertight. This makes them perfect for use in bathrooms. There is no grout to clean, in contrast to tile. Additionally, larger PVC panels have fewer joints, which reduces the amount of adhesive you need to use to ensure their waterproof properties.

I Applied Vinegar to My Acrylic Hower.

Use a non-abrasive cleaning product that doesn't include any harsh chemicals or solvents to clean an acrylic sink. White vinegar can be used on its own. Simply combine white vinegar and water in equal parts, apply the mixture to any stain, and let it sit for a half-hour to an hour before cleaning it off.

Can Bleach Be Used on An Acrylic Shower?

Never use bleach or ammonia-based products. Over time, these substances degrade acrylic and cause significant harm. Avoid using aerosol-based cleansers. The acrylic substance is also broken down by these products.

I Use White Vinegar to Clean Acrylic Windows.

Despite the fact that acrylic bathroom walls are entirely water-resistant, many of them have coatings that can be harmed by using the incorrect bathroom cleaning product. The best options are a non-abrasive cleaner that can be applied with a cloth often, such as Formula 409, or a solution of one part water to one part white vinegar.

Are More Expensive Wall Panels Available?

Although the cost of the system can range from $200 to $1,200, the most are in the $300 to $500 area. The height of the hower ranges from 72" to 84" high, therefore when you have a standard 8' ceiling, you'll need to finish work above the surrounding area.

What Is The Best Kind of Low-Maintenance Retaining Wall?

Consider investing in porcelain, ceramic, PVC laminate, or even gla for easier-to-clean walls. There are many different color, pattern, tile size, and shape options depending on the material to finish the renovation job.

What Materials Do Inexpensive Howers Contain?

PVC-based materials are often the least expensive and are mostly used in tub and shower enclosures. Fiberglass is the most prevalent and significantly more expensive than acrylic, cast iron, and other surface materials.

What Is The Easiest Material to Keep up?

There are various options for replacement hower material; which is the easiest to clean? In summary, acrylic is the best material for minimum maintenance needs and easy cleaning.

Acrylic Shower Wall Manufacturers Products

RANDOM 12-inch Hand Towel Bar, Kitchen SUS304 Stainless Steel Towel Rack, Bathroom Hardware, Modern Style Wall-Mounted Mirror 96009-2-12C Chrome Towel Holder.

12 inch shower handle bar offers a safe grip with a strong hold suction cup for safety grip grab, black, FChome 2 pcs Shower Wall Suction Cup Grab Bars with 4 pcs Self-Adhesive Hooks, Bathroom Balance Bar

24-inch SUS 304 Stainless Steel Towel Holder Rack for Bathroom, Miyili Matte Black Double Bath Towel Bar, A02B60B

Peel and Stick Backsplash Tile for Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops, HomeyMosaic 10-Sheets Metal Wall Decor For Fireplace Windmill Puzzle Glass Mixed, Copper

Wall-mounted shower storage with tempered glass shelf from Vdomus. Aluminum Shower Shelf for Inside Shower, 15.2 by 4.5 Inches, Brushed Silver Finish, Razor Hooks No Need to Drill

With no drilling required and razor hooks, the Vdomus Aluminum Shower Caddy for Shower Wall - 2 Pack - for Inside Showers

brushed nickel BOPai 24 inch Suction Cup Towel Bar

DreamLine SlimLine DLT-1136420-22 Biscuit 36 in. D x 42 in. W x 2 3/4 in. H Center Drain Single Threshold Shower Base

10 inch high-pressure rainfall showerhead Combination shower head/handheld shower with 11-inch extension arm and 9 movable settings Chrome Anti-leak Shower Head with Holder and Hose with Adjustable Height and Angle

White DLT-1142420 DreamLine SlimLine 42" D x 42" W x 2 3/4" H Center Drain Single Threshold Shower Base

Top Reviews

C & L n Fam

In all honesty, the product's photos don't do it justice. You won't notice any patterns in any title because they are sufficiently diverse from one another, and you can use a wide range of color schemes to create amazing effects. The overall appearance is not as light gray as the photo description suggests, but rather more brown, gray, and bluish tones. Without any orang or red, the colors are similar to an early morning sky to a very low sunset. Gorgeous hues used together, though. This, in my opinion, will complement any style and color scheme. It offers the perfect finishing touch to a tray ceiling where I utilized it in a herringbone arrangement. include painting the ceiling of a bedroom. View the pictures attached.


Though the kitchen isn't finished yet, the back splash makes a big difference! It's amazing that it's a peel and stick! Right now, it's my favorite item in the kitchen. I'm relieved that I could complete this task on my own with the little money I have instead of hiring someone to do it for me. Installing was simple. We used the liquid sandpaper we purchased to clean the wall. I was afraid the tiles wouldn't cling because my walls are uneven and not smooth, but they have adhered firmly and well. The adherence is so strong that I was unable to remove and reposition a tile that I wanted to. I chose to leave it hardly perceptible. I'm so impressed that, should the necessity arise, I'll purchase these tiles once again. incredibly impressed. (5) stars

Adam Bennett

Considering that I had no prior experience working on a project like this, I believe this worked out fantastic. Here are some pointers from a beginner: -I found that utilizing the water and dish soap spray approach as instructed on the box was useful (I got too confident halfway through and omitted this step, which is why there are some tiles I wish I could have moved). After being allowed time to dry, the adhesion was unaffected by the soap and water. -I also planned my design on the floor before starting. To assist with planning, I looked up a website (I believe I searched for "tile layout tool") and entered the area's size, the measurements of the tiles, and the pattern I wanted to use. -Scoring the tiles with a box cutter is simple; just break the tile at the score mark, turn it over, and use a box knife to cut through the backing and glue. It was kind of fun(?) when I finally decided to use pre-mixed grout for the finish. To finish the space, I did need to order another box. I counted 118 tiles in all.

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