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Combining a meticulous eye for ornate Art Nouveau era details and skilled precision manufacturing capabilities honed over years crafting vintage clawfoot bathtubs alongside contemporary methods like computer-controlled fiberglass reinforcement, Ciler offers buy standard clawfoot tubs to infuse spaces with consciously curated luxury that balances designs datapath old world opulence - with sloped ends, rolled rims and hand painted embellished claw feet - and modern tailored silhouettes showcasing smooth curvaceous soaking tubs. Our 80+ specialists handcraft freestanding statement pieces using ethical processes and sustainable acrylic materials to retain the rich warmth and delicate texture while boosting structural resilience. Collaborate with our design consultants today on sizes, color palettes and feet designs for your own heritage-inspired or fashion-forward bespoke bathtub or choose one of our readymade luxury pieces to infuse your next hospitality, commercial or residential project with responsibly crafted luxury and cutting-edge durability. We oversee everything from ideations to worldwide shipping and installation.

People May Ask

What size bathtub does a typical one have?

Externally, standard bathtubs are typically 60 inches long, 30 inches wide, and 14 to 16 inches high. Find a soaking tub that is between 60 and 72 inches long when you are looking for one. For maximum comfort, anyone over six feet tall might want to think about getting a bigger bathtub.

What is a free standing tub's typical size?

A freestanding bathtub's typical or standard measurements are 60 inches long (5 feet), 30 inches broad (2.5 feet), and 19 inches deep (1.89 feet). Small freestanding bathtubs can measure up to 55 inches long (4.58 feet), 27 inches broad (2.25 feet), and 15 inches deep (1.25").

What is the most typical size for cast iron?

Use a skillet between the sizes of 13.25 inches and 15 inches depending on your menu and the number of guests. What is the typical size of a skillet? The 10.25 inch and 12 inch skillets, which are two of our most popular sizes, fit well on common ranges. You need a larger skillet if you're prepared to feed a large group of people.

What is the most common cast iron size?

The most common size for cast iron skillets is 10 inches. They are perfect for a family of four because they can cook one to two steaks or up to four chicken thighs at once.

What are the various bathtub sizes?

Standard Bathtub Dimensions by Tub Type
45 to 72 inches long, 30 to 32 inches wide, and 14 to 20 inches high are typical dimensions.55 to 75 inches long, 27 to 34 inches wide, and 18 to 24 inches high are typical measurements.60 inches long, 60 inches wide, and 18 to 22 inches deep are typical measurements.More things...

Why did clawfoot bathtubs lose popularity?

They gained popularity right away. The 1880s until the 1930s saw a boom in the popularity of the clawfoot tub. The flu pandemic that followed World War I was the cause of these lovely fixtures' demise.

What is the price of a brand-new clawfoot tub?

such as, can typically be much above $1,500. Regardless of whether it is made of cast iron or acrylic, it is the least expensive clawfoot tub you can expect to buy.

What should the price range be for a standalone tub?

The cost of a freestanding bathtub varies based on the kind, size, and material you select. A new freestanding tub should cost between $3,656 and $4,100, components and installation included.

What bathtub size is the most cozy?

a bathtub that is ovalFor a number of reasons, oval baths are among the most comfortable available. For instance, the lumbar angles in an oval bathtub are natural. This makes it possible for your body to unwind in a cozy position while unwinding in your soaking tub.

What is a standing tub's typical size?

A standalone tub should be the following size: 55 to 72 inches (about 4 1/2 to 6 ft) in length 27 to 32 inches in width. 15 to 20 inches tall.

Standard clawfoot bathtu Products

Bathroom Wall Mounted Clawfoot Bathtub Faucet in Brushed Nickel with Handheld Shower Head and Coordinating Widespread Bathroom Faucet in Brushed Nickel with Three Holes Deck Mounted Victorian Design

Polished chrome 8-inch shower faucet set with handheld spray, double lever handles, and a tub spout mounted on a wall with a 12-inch extension tube with lock nuts 3-3/8-inch to 1/2-inch brass clawfoot tub adapter

QWORK Two-Piece Claw Foot Kitchen Faucet with Adjustable Swing Arms with Tub 3-3/8" Adapter

Upgraded Freestanding Tub Drain Rough-In Kit: Brass Tail Pipe and ABS Pipes, CUPC Certified, Island Tub Drain Patent No. US11168467B2, Bathtub Drain Installation Kits

Victorian Tub & Shower Faucet, Shower Only, Brushed Brass, Kingston Brass KB247PXSO

Floor-mounted ProOx freestanding bathtub faucet with hand sprayer, swivel spout, and high flow—brushed gold

0971-Z Central Brass Chrome Three-Handle Tub & Shower Set

Town Square Deck-Mount Tub Filler with Personal Shower, Satin Nickel, American Standard 2555.921.295

White 7-Inch Ceramic Tub Miniature with Feet by Kingston Brass BATUBW

Deep soaking tub with reversible drain, 5 ft. x 32 in., American Standard 2422V002.011 Evolution, Arctic

Top Reviews

Jourdan Calderon

Gorgeous, elegant, and Victorian! I purchased this to rebuild my clawfoot tub in my bathroom. A+++++++!


Since I've had this bathtub for a few weeks, I have had no problems. I knew immediately away when I bought my property that I would need to replace the bathtub. After much investigation, I had first settled on a whirlpool tub, despite my lack of interest in the jets. I desired a luxuriously deep bathtub. I checked this one up after reading an article about the greatest soaking tubs, and it didn't take me long to decide it was what I was searching for. I'm overjoyed. Even with the additional expenses of purchasing the Deep Soak Max Drain and an expanded spout, the bathtub was still fairly priced. Another big advantage was the free shipping. It arrived just as planned and in flawless shape. The bathtub is rather deep, so getting in and out may be challenging for little children and the elderly due to the need for a big step. I have to assist my five-year-old both inside and outside as I have two six-year-olds. The bathtub was a good fit for my somewhat tiny bathroom.


It was just as stated. robust product. Really pleased with the faucet. Delivery happened quickly.

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