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Welcome to Ciler, a renowned Taizhou, Zhejiang-based wholesaler of modern bathtubs. As a contemporary bathroom fixture manufacturer, we specialize in creating bathtubs of the highest caliber that redefine elegance and sophistication in the bathroom. at Ciler, we recognize the value of designing bathrooms that are both fashionable and practical. Because of this, our contemporary bathtubs are made to be the focal point of any modern bathroom. Our bathtubs are expertly crafted with meticulous attention to detail, offering a luxury bathing experience each and every time. They also have modern designs and exceptional comfort. Our dedication to sustainability and innovation is one of our main assets. As a cutting-edge producer of sanitary products, we make use of the newest materials and technology to guarantee that our goods live up to the highest expectations for quality and longevity.

People May Ask

Where Are Aquatic Bathtubs Made?

in the USAAmerican-made aquatic bath goods are the gold standard for the sector globally.

Who Made The Contemporary Bathtub?

By adding four ornate feet to the bottom of a cast-iron horse trough and giving it an enamel finish, John Michael Kohler created the modern bathtub in 1883.

Do Claw Foot Baths Have Any Value?

These tubs are typically worth a few thousand dollars (in good condition), as they were initially created to embellish the opulent bathrooms of the social elite.

A Greek Bathtub Is What?

A Kohler Greek bathtub is a particular, trademarked group of bathtubs that is also offered by Kohler, the well-known manufacturer that has been in business since 1873. Although Kohler Greek bathtubs come in a variety of sizes, the 60" x 30" and 48" x 32" varieties seem to be the most popular.

What Is A Bathtub in The Roman Style?

A luxury bathtub that is larger than a regular bathtub is called a Roman tub. It is typically broader and deeper than a standard tub. One can anticipate being submerged in water up to their neck while sitting in a bathtub designed in the Roman style. Modern Roman bathtubs frequently include opulent plumbing systems that heighten their attractiveness.

How Can I Tell If My Bathtub Is Made of Cast Iron Or Steel?

Raised The tub in Figure 1 may be identified as steel thanks to embossing on the front apron of the tub. Figure 1 shows a steel tub with a raised embossed panel or apron on the front. Some steel tubs have the "muffin top" apron feature, which is depicted in Figure 2 and shown in Figure 2b.

What Bathtub Is Considered to Be The Best?

baths made of cast ironThe strongest bathtubs are composed of cast iron, which is created by pouring molten iron into a molded mold. After that, the mold is polished and enameled. The tubs can last as long as a home and are resistant to chipping, scratching, and denting.

Do We Still Need Bathtubs?

Real estate has long held the belief that a single-family home must have at least one bathtub. Many homeowners question whether this is still the case, though, as design trends shift away from bathtubs and toward showers. It is in most family homes.

How Good Is Acrylic Bathtub?

Smoothness, heat retention, adaptability, and durability-all for a reasonable price. Acrylic bathtubs are comfortable for the body, the pocketbook, and the eyes. There's a good reason why this tub material is so popular. It's cozy, easy to maintain, warm, lightweight, and, best of all, reasonably priced.

Is Resin Preferable to Stone?

Products constructed of resin were designed to withstand weathering outside. The resin won't be harmed or corroded by the elements. Products made of stone and concrete are permeable. They may be dirty or chemically discolored, and they may also prevent your plants and other vegetation from getting the water they require to grow.

Modern Bathtubs Wholesaler Products

Patriotic Gay Pride American Flag Wall Art Sticker Rainbow Home Decoration for Home Bedroom Living Room Office 22 inch Wall Decal Gay Pride LGBT Same Sex Gay

Wall Decals - Spiritual God Declares You Disposable Love Equality Rights Vinyl Decal Wall Art LGBTQ Rainbow Farmhouse Wall Art for Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, and Office 28 inch

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Rain Shower Faucet System Set: SunCleanse Rainfall Shower Faucets Sets Complete Shower Combo Set, Wall Mounted Modern Luxury Shower Systems with 8" Rain Shower and Handheld Shower Mixer Valve, Black

Love Always Win Sunflower Wall Art Sticker Rainbow Home Decoration for Home Bedroom Kitchen Office School Wall Decal Equality Lesbian Gay LGBTQ Removable Vinyl 22 inch

Midtown 6-Light Bath Light, Brushed Nickel, Livex Lighting 50685-91

(Posi-Temp Valve Required) Moen Gibson Matte Black Pressure Balancing Eco-Performance Modern Shower Trim with Bathroom Shower Head and Shower Lever Handle

Pink Lissi Doll Baby in a Bathtub

Posi-Temp Pressure Balancing Eco-Performance Modern Tub and Shower Trim Kit, T2193EP, Moen Align Chrome

Shower Fittings, Vibrant Brushed Moderne Brass, Kohler 98771-2MB

Top Reviews


Beautiful trim that perfectly complements the shower handles from Grohe! Chrome is the same. Make sure your Moen valve is Posi-Temp when placing your order. Although mine from the mid-1980s wasn't, Ciler welcomed it back and gave me a complete refund. The handle is intended to be a handle only, not a temperature indicator. This is the lone drawback. However, you use it instinctively to point to the snowflake (cold) or sun (hot) image. You have the option to reverse the cartridge if that annoys you. After providing written instructions and an explanation of the solution, Moen Customer Service was really helpful.

Imelda R.

Looks fantastic. The face cover is plastic, despite the nice chrome. There are two metal knobs. Once placed, the plastic's nature is undetectable. According to my contractor, installation was quite simple. I emailed South Shore Flooring directly through Ciler since the little handle was missing a screw, and they promptly delivered it to me. Excellent, quick service. I'm delighted that I made this buy.

Tom B

We haven't added anything as cool to our house in a long time as this. The hot and cold faucets on our outdated shower hardware were separate. The water would get incredibly hot at first, then cold, and finally we would adjust it to the proper temperature. However, as soon as the chilly water from the street got to the house, the temperature dropped once more. Every shower, the first five minutes were spent simply trying not to get burned or cold. Now, all we have to do is flip a switch, and Mr. Hansgrohe takes care of the temperature, doing far better than we ever could. The shower takes fifteen seconds to get to the proper temperature, after which it just stays there. The shower simply adjusts when someone uses the sink or flushes the toilet. The pressure-balancing technology found in many modern showers balances out the extremes in temperature. However, the diverter valve on this faucet has a mechanical thermostat built into it thanks to improved technology. More sophisticated equipment can be very costly; certain brands and versions of Hansgrohe can be

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