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As a premier custom modern freestanding tubs supplier & factory located in Taizhou, Ciler brings over 4 years of industry expertise and mastery of old world bathtub craftsmanship paired with contemporary manufacturing advancements. Our 80, 000 sq ft factory houses advanced equipment manned by over 80 specialists dedicated to fashioning freestanding tubs equipped to serve as indulgent centerpieces across hospitality, residential, and commercial settings globally. We offer an array of customizable vintage and modern designs from intricately ornamented exterior roll rim tubs to glossy curved front soaking tubs tailored to redefine luxury bathing. Every clawfoot tub produced adheres to our uncompromising standards of quality, safety, sustainability, and unmatched performance. As conscientious manufacturers, we implement responsible techniques like computer-controlled fiberglass reinforcement to retain the opulent feel of durable acrylic. Bring our vision of conscious luxury into your next renovation. Ciler provides complete support from ideations to tailored production to worldwide shipping and white glove installation.

People May Ask

Do freestanding bathtubs have a fading fashion?

Although they are not precisely a new trend, freestanding bathtubs have been making a significant resurgence in recent years. Free-standing bathtubs are anticipated to become more prevalent than ever in 2022.

Does the absence of a bathtub reduce resale value?

Every apartment or house [must have at least one bathtub. A lack of a tub will deter the majority of purchasers from buying, according to her, because when you sell, you're also selling a lifestyle. A study supports the anecdotal findings.

Are acrylic or porcelain bathtubs superior?

While mildew-resistant, less expensive, and quicker to install than porcelain, acrylic tubs are less durable and require more frequent cleaning and maintenance. Porcelain tubs are more pricey and difficult to install than acrylic tubs, but they also last longer and are easier to clean and maintain.

Do freestanding bathtubs raise the value of a home?

Freestanding bathtubs In addition to a shower, a freestanding tub significantly raises the value of a home, according to Jean-Jacques L'Henaff, vice president of design at American Standard.

In 2022, will gray be out of style?

Gray and navy are on their way out. A decrease in popularity for blue (down 43%), mustard yellow (down 27%), and light gray (down 25%) was also noted in the survey. Yes, even though gray has consistently dominated the most recent paint trends, its era may come to an end in 2022.

What kind of house will be popular in 2022?

Designers are removing faux-distressed furniture from homes in 2022, updating kitchens to get rid of the all-white look, and getting rid of the boho chic throw cushions and wall hangings that are a staple of the farmhouse style.

Does having a tub or shower make a house more marketable?

According to the Modesto, California Value Report, a shower usually costs more than a bathtub. Homeowners planning to sell their properties in 2022 should anticipate getting an extra $1,583 on average for a home with a shower compared to one without a bathtub.

Tub or shower, which adds more value?

A bathtub is typically seen to have higher resale value. This is due to the perception that installing a bathtub is more expensive and complicated than installing a shower. Freestanding bathtub sales have increased significantly in the industry as a whole over the past ten years have seen an increase in demand for them.

Should I cover my tub with flooring?

You're building a new bathroom, but you've run into a problem: should you put in the flooring or the bathtub first? The short answer is that wallboard, subfloor, and vinyl should always be installed before regular bathtubs, such as alcove and corner bathtubs.

Does a freestanding bath require waterproofing underneath?

- Below the lip of the vessel, the wall must be water-resistant. - For the whole length of the vessel, the wall and floor connections must be water-resistant. - Tap and spout penetrations on horizontal surfaces must be watertight.

Modern freestanding tubs Products

BTA1515-B WOODBRIDGE B-0010 B0010 White Glossy Acrylic Free Standing Bathtub for the Contemporary Bathroom

7 color-changing LED lights in the Empava 67" acrylic freestanding bathtub with wireless remote control.

With a brushed nickel drain and overflow (BTA1508, B/N-Drain &O), the WOODBRIDGE 67" freestanding white acrylic soaking bathtub is available.

Votamuta Floor Mount Bathtub Faucets Waterfall Freestanding Tub Filler Shower Faucet with Handheld Shower, High Flow Spout Freestanding Bathtub Faucets, and Brushed Nickel Mixer Tap

White, 71 x 31.5 x 28 inches, Woodbridge Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub Modern Soaking Tub with Brushed Nickel Overflow and Drain BTA1517-B

Black single-handle faucets with a handheld shower that are mounted on the floor and have a 360-degree swivel spout from Qinkell

Freestanding bathtub drain stopper, FerdY Pop-up Drain for Freestanding Bathtub, Gold Finish, cUPC Certification

Oil-rubbed bronze drain/overflow, white acrylic, 71" freestanding bathtub, Woodbridge, B0017 ORB-Drain &O

Bathtub, Brushed Gold, WOODBRIDGE BTA1507-BG-Drain &O+ Pillow

Modern 67" Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub with Brushed Nickel Overflow and Drain, Black Woodbridge B-1815

Top Reviews


The quality and ease of installation of this bathtub much exceed my expectations. I was really hesitant to buy a bathtub on Ciler, but I gave it a shot after reading reviews and comparing the cost to similar models at nearby retailers. I had a great surprise! I heartily endorse this tub to anyone looking for excellent vegetables at an affordable price. In order to insulate this tub and keep the water warm for a longer period of time, we applied spray foam insulation to the interior walls. It worked fantastically!

Jennifer H.

I adore my new faucet! It's manufactured well, has a really sturdy material, and functions well!


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