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Welcome to Ciler, your ultimate destination for exquisite bathroom solutions. Situated in Taizhou, Zhejiang, our factory specializes in crafting premium bathtubs and shower bases. at Ciler, we are dedicated to blending traditional elegance with contemporary comfort. Our stand-alone clawfoot bathtubs epitomize this commitment, offering a luxurious bathing experience that transcends time. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these bathtubs are designed to elevate the aesthetic appeal of any bathroom while providing unparalleled comfort. What sets Ciler apart is our unwavering dedication to quality and craftsmanship. As leading shower base manufacturers, we prioritize durability and functionality in every product we create. Whether you're remodeling a residential bathroom or designing a commercial space, you can trust Ciler to deliver superior quality and reliability. Our extensive range of products caters to diverse preferences and needs. from stacked independent bathtubs to freestanding designs, we offer a variety of options to suit your unique style. with a focus on innovation and excellence, Ciler is proud to serve customers worldwide. Experience the epitome of luxury with Ciler – where tradition meets modernity in every bathroom solution we offer.

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After Taking A Bath, Should You Rinse?

A brief rinse after a bath can be beneficial.However, it's a good idea to give your skin a brief rinse afterward to ensure that all the soap (as well as any lingering dirt, salt, or oil it may be adhering to) has been removed. If you have sensitive skin or other dermatological diseases, such as eczema, this step is even more crucial, according to Dr.

Is It OK to Always Bathe?

Unless you're filthy or sweaty, you might not need to take a bath more than a few times per week even if you have a habit of taking a shower every day. Bathing too frequently may result in dry, itchy skin and open the door for harmful germs to enter through damaged skin because washing removes both good bacteria and healthy oil from your skin.

How Is The Drain on A Free-Standing Bath?

The plumbing for a freestanding bath is done in the same way as for a standard bath tub: there is a waste in the front that leads to the drain pipe next to the hot and cold water pipes that either stop at the tub or go all the way to the shower.

How Is The Drain on A Free-Standing Bath?

For the convenience of the bather and to make it simple to enter and exit the tub, the faucet should be installed along the bottom end of a freestanding, high-backed, slipper tub.

How Is The Drain on A Free-Standing Bath?

Use the French bathtub to take a bath
Simply slide down and submerge your hair, as my daughter Leyla graciously does in the photo below.
Regain your seat and shampoo.
In the same manner, soak the shampoo in water to remove it.
If you wish to shampoo twice or use conditioner, repeat the process.

Do Freestanding Bathtubs Clean up Easily?

ARE FREESTANDING BATHS DIFFICULT TO CLEAN UNDER OR AROUND? Many consumers are concerned that installing a standalone bath will require them to spend a lot of time cleaning. With regard to those placed in the middle of a bathroom, this is not the case. In actuality, cleaning these baths may be simpler.

Is A 4 Mm Thick Bath Sufficient?

In order to lessen the chance that the bath would crack, it is generally advisable to choose baths that are at least 8mm thick.

How Frequently Should A Woman Take A Bath?

Avoid taking a bath every day since it can dry up your skin because it removes your body's natural oils. Aim for no more than two baths every week. Between bath days, take a shower. Use warm, not hot, water because a heated environment can make some people weak or dizzy.

What Type of Bathing Is The Healthiest?

In reality, dermatologists advise taking showers in lukewarm or slightly warm water. Before using any soap, give your skin a short rinse to moisten it. Apply bar soap or bodywash to your body using a loofah, washcloth, or just your hands. Work your way down the length of your body starting with your neck and shoulders.

How Is A Standalone Tub Sealed?

Thread the drain flange through the tub and into the drain pipe after coating it with 100% neutral cure silicone sealant. To ensure a watertight seal, use plumber's tape or thread sealant to the threaded connection.

Stand Alone Clawfoot Bathtub Products

For freestanding tubs with clawfoot soaking tubs, Sikaiqi Black Stainless Steel Oval Shower Curtain Rod Hoop Square Shape Bathroom Rod

Wall Mount Double Cross Handle Shower Fixture with 8-Inch Rainfall Shower Head and Tub Spout for a Brushed Nickel Shower System.

Senlesen Floor Mounted Waterfall Tub Filler with Hand Shower Set, Single Handle Freestanding Bathtub Faucet in Brushed Nickel

Stainless steel floor-mounted tub filler with 360-degree swivel and a handheld sprayer, available from ROVOGO, is a standalone soaking tub faucet in brushed nickel.

Floor-mounted bathtub shower faucet with waterfall design by Senlesen Barthroom Tub Filler Faucet Handheld sprayer and freestanding tub mixer tap with spout

Bathroom Mixing Tap with Handheld Shower Telephone Shape and Freestanding Bathtub Faucet in Brushed Nickel on the Floor

Wall Mount Bronze Ceramics Two Double Handle Shower Faucet System Telephone Shape Clawfoot Tub Bathtub Matte Black Shower Faucet with Hand Shower Sprayer

Bronze Oil Rubbed Wall Mount Bathroom Fixtures 8-Inch Round Head Double Knobs Cross 2Handle Bathroom Rainfall Shower Faucet System Set Mixer Bathroom Bathtub Hand Spray Tub Tap

My PlumbingStuff R2200A Rectangular Combo Set with a 3 3/8-Inch Center-Diverter Faucet in Chrome and 34" MIP Connections - 42" x 27" shower rod - 61" 2-Piece Riser with Shower Head

Floor-mounted tub filler with revolving handheld shower by Seablueky Freestanding Bathtub Faucet Tub Filler Free Standing Brushed Nickel Tub Faucet Classic Brass Stand Alone Clawfoot Tub faucet Tub Fillers

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It was well constructed and came packed. I had a query, so I contacted customer service, and they were really helpful and quickly responded.

Joann Johnson

It hasn't been in my possession long enough for me to truly comment on its longevity, but I can say that it is stunning, of excellent quality, and easy for a professional to install. With the exception of the time we installed the extensions incorrectly, customer care responded quickly to my email, helped us figure out how to extend the spout over the bathtub, and gave pictures.

Marty Taber

This faucet has a great appearance and performs as expected. Though I'm not sure you'll receive more for your money, you can surely spend a lot more.

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