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Are Freestanding Tubs with Showers Possible?

Certainly, the answer is straightforward!

Bath-shower combinations have advantages from an aesthetic and functional standpoint. Once you've made the decision to redesign your bathroom, you could begin to feel overrun by notions and ideas.

How Durable Is Acrylic Tub?

10–15 years oldAn acrylic bathtub has a 10- to 15-year lifespan, making it a durable investment. You may anticipate years of enjoyment from your new acrylic bathtub since it stands the test of time.

Acrylic Or Porcelain, Which Is More Expensive?

Difference in Material & In tallation Co tAcrylic is really the more cheap choice, and because of its lightweight construction, installation is easier and shorter. Porcelain, on the other hand, has a greater manufacturing cost and takes longer to produce, which results in a higher overall cost.

What Thickness Is Ideal for A Freestanding Bath?

In order to lessen the chance that the bath would crack, it is generally advisable to choose baths that are at least 8mm thick.

What Aspect of A Free-Standing Bathtub Is The Most Comfortable?

Oblong bathtub For several reasons, oval bathtubs are among the most comfortable available. An oval free-standing bathtub has a natural lumbar angle, for instance. This makes it possible for your body to easily rest in a comfortable position while you unwind in your bathtub.

Should A Bathtub Be A Wall Again?

In general, back-to-wall bathtubs are easier to maintain clean than free-standing bathtubs. This is the case since there aren't any crevices for dirt and filth to accumulate in. The surface area needs to be kept clean because it is adjacent to a wall.

Why Are Contemporary Bathtubs So Short?

Because a property's square footage is so important, engineers and architects work to maximize its utilization. A smaller bathtub gives the impression of greater space and frees up more area for other high-value features or rooms in the house.9 Feb. 2022

Is It Possible to Use A Shower above A Free-Standing Bath?

Almost every form of bathtub, including freestanding baths, can have a shower installed above it; however, some bath designs are more suited for installing a shower system.

What Is The Required Space around A Standalone Bathtub?

There should be at least 6 inches of room around a standalone bathtub on all sides. Regardless of its design, you can guarantee that your freestanding bath has a convenient access point and won't look small in your bathroom by adhering to that rule.

How Should A Freestanding Bath Be Cleaned?

An extensible dusting tool is useful in tight spaces and efficiently clears debris from bathroom floors. The microfiber ones will collect dust on the legs and feet of the bathtub. Then, to maintain the impeccable appearance of the floor surrounding the tub, grab a mop when it's time for a deeper cleaning.19 Oct. 2021

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L3156ALF-BS, a KES bathroom faucet with a single handle and a modern, single-hole design that is cUPC certified. [Applies to All States, Including California]

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48" Freestanding Soaking Bathtub for Adults, Separate Family Bathroom SPA Tub, Foldable BathTub for Adult, Portable Foldable Bathtub Effective Temperature Maintenance, Perfect for Hot Spa and Ice Bath

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Top Reviews

Vanessa Moreno

We relocated lately and somehow missed the fact that our new apartment is equipped with a shower cubicle only. I was disappointed to find that we didn't have a bathtub because I enjoy taking a bathe after a hard day. I looked at a few on Ciler, and they all seemed to be made for folks who are thin. I decided to take a chance after finding this one. I weigh 315 lbs. and am 5 ft 7. It was quite simple to put this tub together and install it in our shower stall. After filling the tub about a fourth of the way, I was able to get into it with ease (I didn't want to take the chance of overflowing when I got in and planned to add more water with me in the tub). I had no trouble sitting cross-legged on the tub's bottom. It was amazing that the water remained lovely and heated for longer than I had anticipated. It was difficult to drain because of where our shower drain was located, but our peculiar shower is to blame, not the tub. The next time I use it, I'll be able to help empty it using the small water pump I purchased.


I bought this after reading all the reviews, and I'm glad I did! After reading about several people's issues with tub draining when using it in a shower enclosure, I came up with a fix that works flawlessly for me. I trimmed a pool noodle to the length of my shower floor drain and the bottom drain. The water can now drain straight into the pool noodle thanks to a chunk I took out of the top, and I also cut off a portion from the bottom that sits just over my shower drain. It serves as a culvert and aids in lifting the bathtub. Everything went 100% smoothly. Although it did make a ridge beneath the tub, it was never an obstruction from where I was sitting. It would still function flawlessly even if you chopped the pool noodle in half along its whole length, creating a lower ridge. The bathtub appears larger in the photos. After filling my tub halfway, the water reached my armpits, leaving me with an ample 8" of space to add more if I so desired. The top of the tub strikes my cheekbones when I'm sitting upright in it. I am five.

Brittany Richards

This well-planned "drop-in" trash installation kit provided us with an excellent, well-designed, and comprehensive solution for installing a freestanding bath in a small bathroom. Our free-standing bath is of the "flush-to-floor" variety, meaning there is no gap beneath it to allow access to pipe a waste from below once the bath is set up on the floor. This "drop-in" garbage solution took care of the issue. I didn't want to take a chance by using the bath's fragile and weak-looking flexible waste line, which would probably cause blockage and/or leaking issues in a few years. Our floor void space was only approximately seven inches deep "only), so we created our own P-trap waste outlet out of hard plastic, installed it in the space beneath the floor, and connected it to our waste flow. We connected the copper down-pipe to the bath waste using the connectors and adaptors included in the kit. We had to raise the mounting level for the yellow metal funnel and make a 1 12" deep incision in the underflo

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