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Located in the vibrant province of Zhejiang, Taizhou, Taizhou Ciler Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. Has carved a niche for itself as a premier bathtub wholesaler. Since our establishment in 2018, we have been committed to distributing a comprehensive selection of bathtubs, including acrylic, clawfoot, and classical designs, to a global network of retailers and contractors. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has propelled us to the forefront of the industry, with products that embody the latest in design trends and technological advancements. Our strategic location near major ports like Shanghai and Ningbo facilitates efficient logistics and delivery, enabling us to serve our international clientele in 27 countries effectively. As a trusted bathtub wholesaler, Ciler prides itself on offering competitive pricing without compromising on quality or design. We understand the importance of reliability and timely delivery in the wholesale business, and our professional team works diligently to exceed the expectations of our partners. by choosing Ciler, businesses are not just getting a supplier; they are gaining a partner dedicated to their success. Our extensive product range, combined with our commitment to sustainability and innovation, makes us the ideal choice for anyone looking to stock their inventory with the finest bathtubs the industry has to offer.

People May Ask

Are Freestanding Bathtubs Merely A Fad?

Freestanding tubs are not only as popular as they have ever been, but they are actually becoming more popular among homeowners, according to many interior design experts.

Do Clawfoot Tubs Increase The Value of A House?

Yes, according to those who took the study, properties with a claw-foot bathtub in the listing sold, on average, for 29% more than the asking price.

How Can A Clawfoot Tub Be Made Safe for Elderly People?

You can install a tall, vertical support post with a curved grasp bar just outside the tub if you can't find a bathtub rail that works. It works in rooms with flat ceilings even up to 10 feet high. A version made by Tander ($178.55 at Home Depot) stays in place by placing pressure against the ceiling and the floor.

What Fixtures for Bathrooms Are Timeless?

One of the most common materials for bathroom fixtures is chrome. Chrome is very likely to always be in vogue. No matter what color palette you choose-plain white, warm, neutral tones, or vibrant, vivid hues-chrome works well. Additionally, chrome is excellent at resisting corrosion and is relatively simple to clean.

Does A Freestanding Bath Require Tile Work around It?

To tile around a free-standing tub is not necessary. However, you'll need to protect the wall from water damage if the free-standing tub is next to one. Tile is one option, but it's not the only one, for doing it.

A Cast Iron Clawfoot Tub Weighs How Much?

The typical cast iron tub weighs 250 to 500 pounds and has a capacity of 82 gallons. A full acrylic bathtub, on the other hand, can weigh up to 120 pounds and typically holds 32 to 40 gallons of water.

What Do Japane E Oaking Tubs Consist of?

Japanese oaking tubs have a drain and are constructed into a pace that resembles a hower. The location enables you to wash, rinse, and dry all at once without having to use water elsewhere. They can, however, also be used as a standalone unit, much like an American-style bathtub.

How Much Does The Removal of A Cast Iron Tub Cost?

Iron tub removal company Ca t. The cost to remove a standard cast iron tub ranges from $255 to $395. Your cost could be higher depending on where the tub is located in the house or on the land.

Can A Cast Iron Tub Be Refinished More Than Once?

Yes, it is possible to re-urface or refinish a bathtub that has already been reglazed. If the bathtub hasn't been used regularly but the surface shows signs of wear, the initial repair procedure may not have been completed or it may not have dried entirely after the service.

Do Freestanding Bathtubs Remain Fashionable?

Freestanding tubs are not only as popular as they have ever been, but they are actually becoming more popular among homeowners, according to many interior design experts.

Bathtub Wholesaler Products

Bath Essentials Shower Steamers Organic Bath Bombs - 25 Extra Large Pcs + 3 Bubble Bars & Dried Flowers - Bubble Bath Shower Salts for Women, Men & Kids - Relaxing Bathbombs Gift Set

Children's Non-Toxic Bathtub Color Drops Made with Natural Ingredients from Honeysticks Bath Color Tablets Fizzy, brightly colored bathtime fun that is fragrance-free and a great gift idea - 36 Drops

White Ceramic Jewelry Tray for Engagement Wedding Birthday Gifts Green Ceramic Soap Dish with Drain, Leaf Shape Self Draining Soap Holder, Easy Clean Soap Dish for Shower Bathroom Kitchen Sink Bathtub

JOYIN 12 Pcs Bath Books, Waterproof, Bathtub Pool and Early Education First Toys for Infant Newborn Baby Toddlers Kids Birthday Gifts, Nontoxic Fabric

Portable blow-up bath tub for adults, outdoor and indoor freestanding foldable spa tub with drain, double inflatable bathtub with electric air pump, and bath pillow headrest

White EMPV-59FT1505, EMPV-59FT1505, Luxury 59" Stand Alone Acrylic Soaking SPA Tub Modern Freestanding Bathtubs with Custom Contemporary Design

Adult Inflatable Bathtub with Electric Air Pump, Foldable Indoor or Outdoor Bathtub, Freestanding Blow Up Bathtub with Bath Pillow Headrest for Adults Spa, 63"x33" by AKEOFRUD

CERTIFICATION The US-based product support staff at Empava is happy to help with any sales- or product-related inquiries. They are cUPC certified and have five years of US manufacturing experience. SPECIFICATIONS Brushed nickel drain and overflow are inc

Adults' Freestanding, Folding & Soaking Spa Bath Tub with Pillow, Foldable Bathtub with Thermal Foam, Ice Bath Tub, Japanese Soaking Bath Tub, DAILYLIFE Portable Bathtub (Night)

Using an electric air pump, the CO-Z Inflatable Adult Bath Tub is a free-standing blow-up bathtub for adult spas (High-Density PVC)

Top Reviews


The main reasons I bought the size large for me were that it had the center drain, which is where my drain is, and the sides weren't too tall. With the specs given, the bath fits flawlessly. In addition to being centrally located in the bottom of the tub, the drain is transparent, allowing me to quickly verify that it aligns with the drain in my shower. The bottom was perfectly cushioned. In order to lean into the corner, I decided not to fully inflate the sidewalls. The bath does not fill completely. keeps the heat well. Strong materials and excellent construction are used. Though I was concerned it could be too brief, I didn't want to choose the alternative option that would have made me feel like I was sitting in a barrel. The height was ideal at this point. At 5'7", I could easily soak up to my neck in the tub. Even if I were considerably taller, I would still buy. It was reported in a few other reviews that you couldn't keep the drain tab open. I had no trouble keeping the drain open by pushing the upper portion of the


My request for a link to the setup video was answered in-depth and with great responsiveness from customer service. In the end, though, I didn't require it. It's incredibly easy to put up. The tube can quickly fill with air thanks to the foot pump. Although I didn't clock it, I'm certain it took less than two minutes. Less than one, perhaps. The compact size fits well in a 30 by 30 shower footprint, just as promised. To be honest, I had my doubts regarding the footprint and comfort. However, it appeared that this was the obvious choice for customer satisfaction after reading a ton of reviews for both it and a few other possibilities. And here I am, having my first bath in it, and considering whether or not I might prefer this over a typical bath due to the fact that the water covers my legs entirely and reaches the base of my neck. My neck feels really nicely supported by the inflated rim. My shower drain and the bottom drain fit together perfectly. Furthermore, the thick bottom, as previously noted, makes sure you don't feel like you're sitting on cold tile.

R Kess

I installed a previous version of this faucet in the middle of the 1990s; it featured a vertically sliding gate to divert water from the tub faucet to the shower riser. It also had donut washer valves. The flow rate steadily decreased to an undesirable level after decades of use. The shower head was just dripping. There was no improvement even after disassembling and scrubbing in acid for a whole night to remove hard water deposits. Thus, this new value was installed and bought. It features a ball valve to redirect water flow from the tub faucet to the shower riser, as well as 1/4 turn cartridge valves. Ah, Tad ah! Better than the previous valve's initial water flow rate, and when the ball valve is turned to redirect water to the shower riser, there is no leakage of water via the faucet. I'm happy I paid the extra $10 for this faucet's ball valve diverter rather than the vertically sliding gate diverter. This is an exceptional value with unmatched performance if you have an ancient claw foot bathtub with 3-3/8" hot-cold valve centers.

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