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Taizhou Ciler Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. Manufactures and supplies APRON BATHTUBS, CLASSCIAL BATHTUBS, BATHTUB FITTINGS and PLINTH BATHTUBS to suit your requirements with a wide range of features. With the concept of "As it is dedicated, it is professional", we has been committed to the developments of Sanitary ware technology for 4+ years. Ciler now does business with customers around 27 countries. More and more global friends know Ciler and make win-win cooperation with us. Wherever you are, whenever you are, find Ciler for any Sanitary ware question. We are looking forward to supporting you with our best services! Ciler features top-notch engineers who build both software and hardware, senior design, a stringent production team, a potent operation center, and a thorough after-sales support staff. We will do everything possible to make our company well-known throughout the world. We promise to provide the best after-sales service possible.

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Can a cast iron tub be painted?

For increased longevity, we advise using an acrylic, polyurethane, or epoxy-based paint on any surface you decide to paint. The beauty of a cast iron bath is that you can simply repaint it in a different color if you change your mind. There are so many gorgeous colors available, so don't be afraid to be daring with your decision.

What exists between the tub and the wall?

Traditional caulk can be easily replaced with Magic Peel & Stick Caulk. intended to make a water-tight seal between the bathtub and the wall.

What goes between the floor and a bathtub?

Install caulk.

Run an even bead of caulk along the space between the tape while holding the caulking gun at a 45-degree angle. Run your finger along the caulking right away to force it into the gap and grip the tub and flooring. You can try lightly wetting your finger if it's at all sticky.

Fiberglass or acrylic bathtubs, which is more durable?

Compared to a fiberglass tub, acrylic is far more durable. It's rare that an acrylic bathtub will chip, crack, or fade. Over time, fiberglass bathtubs may fade, crack, and sustain scratches. Simple cleaning agents can be used to clean both kinds.

What kind of tub is best at retaining heat?

Enamelled cast iron, stone, stone resin, or wood are the greatest materials for bathtubs in terms of heat retention; nevertheless, these materials are typically only offered in freestanding designs. As a result, they shouldn't be insulated for cosmetic reasons.

Which bathtubs retain heat the best?

Cast iron bathtubs retain heat longer than other bathtub materials, providing the bather a warm feeling even if copper and soapstone are better in this category.

Can porcelain be cleaned of rust?

Put some pumice to use.In order to remove rust, especially from porcelain, a regular pumice stone works well because it won't scrape or harm your surface. To eliminate rust, just wet the stone, damp the rusted area, and then lightly brush the stone over the rusted area.

Can cast iron be cleaned with soap and water?

Is cast iron ruined by soap? Your pan won't break down if you use soap. Both plain and enameled cast iron are completely safe to use. Your seasoning won't be destroyed by it.Feb. 14, 2022

What color paint works best on clawfoot tubs?

Cover the tub's outside using spray paint, chalk paint, or milk paint applied with a brush. 5. To protect the surface, use a wax finish if you're using chalk or milk paint. Depending on what kind of finish you want, you can use either clear or coloured wax.Aug. 10, 2021

Should I discard cast iron that has rusted?

Even a well-seasoned pan can rust if it is placed in the dishwasher, allowed to air dry, or kept in a place where there is a lot of moisture. A cast iron skillet that is a bit (or a lot) rusted doesn't need to be thrown away.

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Carex Tri-Grip Bathtub Rail in Chrome Finish, Bathtub Grab Bar Safety Bar for Seniors and Handicapped, For Help Getting in and Out of Tub, Simple to Install on Most Tubs

Fit both 1-1/2" or 1-5/8" Strainer and Stopper, Heavy Duty Metal with Matching Screws, Simple Installation, Polished Chrome, SENTO Lift and Turn Bathtub Drain Assembly Stopper Kit

Coral nautical seashells beach vintage beige ivory retro anchor sea horse ocean polyester water-resistant cloth bathroom curtain with 12 hooks from Miyotaa are featured on the shower curtain set.

The Miyotaa Tropical Palm Shower Curtain Set, measuring 60W by 71H inches, is a modern and contemporary white gold polyester waterproof cloth bathroom curtain with 12 hooks. It has minimalist Monstera banana leaves.

Farmhouse Wooden Country Teal Aqua Turquoise Retro Butterfly Polyester Waterproof Cloth Bathroom Curtain with 12 Hooks from Miyotaa Daisy is a shower curtain set that measures 60W x 71H inches.

White Ceramic Jewelry Tray for Engagement Wedding Birthday Gifts Green Ceramic Soap Dish with Drain, Leaf Shape Self Draining Soap Holder, Easy Clean Soap Dish for Shower Bathroom Kitchen Sink Bathtub

Shower Faucet Set in Brushed Nickel with an Eight-Inch Rainfall Showerhead, a Double Cross Handle, and a Handheld Spray Wall Mount Shower Fixture

8" Rainfall Shower Head Brass Fixture Combo Set Single Handle with Handheld Sprayer Bathroom Shower Faucet in Antique Brass with Exposed Pipe Dual Functions

Shower Faucet Sets Brushed Nickel Finish Silver 8 Inch Rain Shower Head 2 Cross Knobs Mixer Shower System with Handheld Shower Spray

948686-LV by Signature Hardware Deck-mounted Roman tub filler with hand shower by Vilamonte

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I could tell by its weight that it wasn't made of chromed plastic because the last one I purchased (same brand, same price) had plastic on the housing and spout. The diverter valve is the only plastic component I could see, and it stands to reason that it would malfunction in addition to the rubber washers. The actuator rod merely slides into the spout's sliding valve. If you handle it gently, it should continue to function for many years. Does not include a gasket plate, so make sure you either buy a new one or save your old one. The only issue I had to deal with was that the knobs and levers on the valve stem splines were not snug enough to remove movement, so I had to put a wooden toothpick between the shaft and the knob to eliminate all play. I'll wait until these are worn out, but you might want to replace the knobs with better ones. Excellent value for the money... five stars

Gina Harmon

We purchased from gotonovo in September and October 2021 two Rain Shower systems with hand sprayer, one Clawfoot Bathtub system with hand sprayer and three sets of Bathroom Sink widespread faucets, all in oil-rubbed bronze. The quality and style of what was received exceeded even our most hopeful expectations. Our professional plumber installed all of these easily. The oil-rubbed bronze finish is very very nicely executed. Now we have been living with these for many months and find them equal to if not superior to any top-of-the line (Rohl, California Faucets, etc.) that we have specified in previous homes. Spend thousands more if you want to, but why? A tip: because these vintage/contemporary styled shower fixtures are very streamlined and stand away from the walls, they do not have integrated anti-scald feature. No problem, you can either engage your plumber or do-it-yourself to install at you hot water heater a "mixing valve" which lets you establish a maximum temperature for delivered hot water thro


On this, I can fit my loofah, foot scrub, two enormous shampoo bottles, razor, bar of soap, and several other smaller bottles. It is simple and adorable. Water could drain between the slats. There are only a few little splinters. This has not left my bathtub since I purchased it three months ago to hold my belongings. Though not 100% proof, it is mildew/mold resistant. Although I never even take this out of the bathtub, I did give it a better cleaning than usual when I saw some darker spots on it sometime last month. Now it's good to go. This is a far better option than the corner-positioned standing caddies, in my opinion. Before, I had

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