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Reinvent bathing luxury with Ciler`s collection of buy Tray packaged freestanding bathtub s, exquisitely handcrafted by our skilled team of over 80 artisans at our state-of-the-art Taizhou headquarters. For over four years, Ciler has pioneered bathware manufacturing, fusing ornate vintage elegance - with intricately embellished claw feet, sloped reclining silhouettes and exterior rolled rims - and contemporary tailored simplicity showcasing smooth curvaceous soaking tubs to create freestanding statement pieces that infuse spaces with a dash of bespoke opulence. By marrying computer-controlled fiberglass reinforcement and high grade acrylic, our tubs boost longevity while retaining the indulgent sleek warmth of this coveted material. As conscientious manufacturers, we adhere to strict quality control and safety standards, using sustainable materials and processes. Contact us today to imbue your next commercial or residential project with the Ciler standard of responsible luxury. Our team proudly provides end-to-end support from ideations to completion.

People May Ask

What is the ideal duration for a bath?

Generally, the maximum length of a bath should be 30 minutes. The typical duration is between 15 and 30 minutes, and longer exposure results in extremely dry skin, which can irritate and agitate the skin as well as encourage the growth of bacteria, both of which pose serious health hazards.

For anxiety, what can I put in the bath?

The V Edit: The Best Stress-Relieving Baths
SALT OF EPSOM. Even the pickiest great-grandma is likely to approve of this traditional component in every bath....HELPFUL HERBS. Bathing offers many benefits than merely a chance to unwind and unwind.COCONUT OIL, OATMEAL, BAKING SODA, ESSENTIAL OILS, MILK & HONEY, ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE, and so on.

Which bathtub is the coziest for lying in?

Why do oval bathtubs offer the best comfort? Qualities of different bath shapes vary. Unlike a straight bath or corner tub, an oval bathtub features built-in lumbar angles that ensure your body is perfectly supported while you bathe.

What benefits can acrylic bathtubs offer?

Because it is sturdy, non-porous, inexpensive, and available in a wide range of colors and designs, acrylic is a fantastic material for a bathtub. Although it costs more than fiberglass, its finish is less likely to fade and it is less likely to split or scratch.

A bathtub caddy is what?

Bathtub caddies are a great bathroom accessory. They are made to hold all the different toiletries that might and are simple to install.

How is a bathtub tray made?

I then cut two lengths of 7 inches each for the legs. When working with 1 by 2 lumber, be sure to wear safety eyewear.

Describe a ute tray.

They let you to move huge objects (such as furniture, plants, etc.), which is impossible with a regular automobile. You may carry a variety of items on your own utility truck with a Ute tray, and you could require this function more frequently than you think.

Do freestanding baths pose a cleaning challenge?

It can be challenging to clean around them when they are positioned next to a wall, so ideally there should be enough space between the wall and the bath so that you can enter and thoroughly clean the floor and wall tiles. Freestanding bathtubs can be very pricey.

Is it possible to have a freestanding tub and shower?

Certainly, the answer is straightforward!

Bath-shower combinations have advantages from an aesthetic and functional standpoint. Once you've made the decision to redesign your bathroom, you could begin to feel overrun by notions and ideas.

A bathtub board is what?

A bath board is a board that spans the width of the bathtub and rests on the sides. It can be made of wood or plastic. To enter and depart a bathtub, utilize the bath board.

Tray packaged freestanding bathtub Products

Expandable Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray for Tub with Book and Wine Holder - Present Idea for Loved Ones

Expandable bath organizer, book and wine rack, candleholder, and tub shelf for reading made of 304 stainless steel by iPEGTOP

WINGSIGHT Bathtub Tray Expandable Bath Caddy Storage Rack Multipurpose Bathtub Tub Organizer for Depositing Cleaning Items, Books, Alcohol, Phones, Bathrooms, and Shower (White)

Gray HBlife Bathtub Caddy Tray, One or Two Person, Sturdy, Non-Slip, Extending Sides Fits Any Tub, Cellphone iPad and Wineglass Holder, Complimentary Soap Holder

Waterproof Expandable Bamboo Bath Table Over Tub with Wine and Book Storage and Complimentary Soap Dish: Bathtub Caddy Tray for Luxurious Bath (Brown)

Bamboo Wood Bath Tray and Bath Caddy from XcE Bathtub Caddy Tray (Natural) for a Home Spa Experience

Expandable bath shelf, plastic bathtub caddy tray, Unusual Gift Idea: Bathtub Caddy, Bathroom Tray, Bathtub Accessories, and Bathroom Devices (7Wx31Lin, White)

Corner Shower Caddy Tension Pole: Telescoping Rod Shower Rack for Bathroom and Bathtub - Restroom Floor Standing Bath Rack Holder - Rust Resistant 4Tier Shampoo Storage Organizer for Inside Shower

Clear 5-Compartment Plastic Cosmetic Organizer with Round Corners, Pass-Through Handles, and a Rectangular Divided Makeup Bin & Vanity Storage Caddy by STORi Bliss, Manufactured in the USA

Bamboo Expandable Bath Tray for Tub with Book Stand, Folding Bath Table Tray, Tub Shelf for Bathtub for Adults, Home Spa and Gift Choice, White, Artmalle Luxurious Bathtub Caddy Tray

Top Reviews


On some weekends, my house is packed, so I require the extra room. This was simple to put together and is quite durable.


This is the only additional item need for a wonderful bath, other from a Lush bathbomb. The tray is constructed of bamboo, which I've discovered to be the ideal material because bamboo is less likely to distort from water damage even when it gets wet than other types of wood. It has a lovely honey color and a silky, smooth texture. Although there is no issue with this bath tray, bamboo is something to be cautious of since if a piece does rise up due to poor finish, it will stab you quite sharply. Any bathtub size can be accommodated thanks to the extendable table. It barely fills the borders of our big jacuzzi tub. The wine glass opening is

C. Sihler

My ancient claw foot tub can be nicely spanned by the caddy tray. I may utilize the wine and book holders as I choose or put them away when not in use. Also, the caddy functions well in the shower.

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