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At Taizhou Ciler Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., established in the scenic city of Taizhou, Zhejiang, we pride ourselves as a leading clawfoot bathtubs wholesaler. with over four years of experience, our company has dedicated itself to crafting the highest quality acrylic bathtubs, especially our signature clawfoot designs that blend the allure of traditional aesthetics with the functionality required for modern living spaces. Our expert team leverages advanced technology to ensure every bathtub meets rigorous quality standards, providing our customers with products that not only stand the test of time but also enhance the beauty and utility of their bathrooms. Ciler's extensive range of clawfoot bathtubs is exported to 27 countries, including key markets like the UK, USA, Russia, France, Spain, and Australia, reflecting our global appeal and trusted reputation. Our focus on customer satisfaction and commitment to excellence has positioned us as a preferred supplier for both residential and commercial projects worldwide. incorporating environmental sustainability into our operations, we use eco-friendly materials and processes to minimize our impact on the planet. As a responsible clawfoot bathtubs wholesaler, Ciler is dedicated to delivering exceptional products that contribute to the creation of luxurious, eco-conscious bathroom spaces. Choose Ciler for unparalleled quality and design in clawfoot bathtubs, where every product is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and elegance.

People May Ask

Should I Discard Cast Iron That Has Rusted?

Even a well-seasoned pan can rust if it is placed in the dishwasher, allowed to air dry, or kept in a place where there is a lot of moisture. A cast iron skillet that is a bit (or a lot) rusted doesn't need to be thrown away.

An Ancient Claw-Foot Tub Can It Be Painted?

Apply a thin, even application of a top-notch bonding primer over the entire surface. Decorate the tub. Apply a premium water-resistant paint after the primer has dried in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Paints with an oil base or exterior paint are suitable options for bathrooms since they can withstand moisture.

What Is The Price of A Brand-New Clawfoot Tub?

Clawfoot versus standard bathtubsCost of the tub type (installed)Typical $1,500 to $5,000$2,000 to $6,000 for clawfoot

Is A Fiberglass Tub Preferable to Cast Iron?

However, fiberglass tubs need to be resealed every few years and often seem less sturdy than cast iron ones. Cast iron bathtubs are more durable and can last 50 or more years despite being more expensive and challenging to install.

Do Antique Cast Iron Rigs Work?

Ca t iron is vulnerable to rust in the absence of the ea oning, a coating of carbonized oil that serves as protection. Even a well-maintained pan may crack if it is exposed to moisture-prone environments, is left in ink to dry, is placed in the dishwasher, or is left to air dry.

Why Are Cast Iron Bathtubs Popular?

The most durable product on the market is cate iron. The thick enamel makes cast iron bathtubs significantly more susceptible to chemical, chipping, denting, and scratching.

What's The Weight of An Ancient Cast Iron Clawfoot Tub?

A 51-inch, 70-pound acrylic clawfoot tub is available. A cast-iron clawfoot tub, on the other hand, can weigh up to 300 pounds. When using a cast-iron tub, additional support is frequently needed because the combined weight of the tub and its contents can exceed 500 pounds.

What Should I Not Use on A Cast Iron Tub?

When cleaning your cast iron bathtub, avoid using bleach. This will cause a crimson streak to develop down the tub's surface. Use any non-abrasive cleanser or dish soap in this case.

Are Bathtubs More Re Able?

How do a bathtub or shower affect a home's resale value? A bathtub is typically more valuable in terms of real estate value. This is due to the fact that bathtubs are more expensive and complex to install than showers.

What Kind of Material Is Best for A Claw-Foot Tub?

CA T I n g. It is the most resilient and long-lasting material on the market, as well as the one that is used the most frequently when forging clawfoot tubs.

Clawfoot Bathtubs Wholesaler Products

White Ceramic Jewelry Tray for Engagement Wedding Birthday Gifts Green Ceramic Soap Dish with Drain, Leaf Shape Self Draining Soap Holder, Easy Clean Soap Dish for Shower Bathroom Kitchen Sink Bathtub

Shower curtain with a variety of sports and games from Lunarable 69" W x 70" L, Orange Black, Fabric Bathroom Decor Set with Hooks, Balls with Dartboard Hockey Puck and Pins

Lift and Turn Tub Drain Kit, Brass Construction, Matte Black Bathtub Drain Conversion Kit Assembly, Simple Installation

948686-LV by Signature Hardware Deck-mounted Roman tub filler with hand shower by Vilamonte

Shower Faucet Sets Brushed Nickel Finish Silver 8 Inch Rain Shower Head 2 Cross Knobs Mixer Shower System with Handheld Shower Spray

Home Psychic Over the clawfoot tub, a stainless steel expandable shower bathtub tray

New Tempesta Cosmopolitan 100 2 Spray Shower Rail Set, Starlight Chrome, Grohe 26076002

Luxurious Bamboo Bath Caddy, Mind Reader Bali Series, 27.5 x 5.75, Brown

Black 1-1/2" Tubular Tip Toe Bath Waste Drain Kit, Matte, Pack of 1 Westbrass 593144-62

Oil-Rubbed Bronze Kingston Brass KS269ORB Vintage Wall Mount Clawfoot Tub Filler with Hand Shower

Top Reviews

jordan durham

Beautiful faucet or fixture. placed in a bathroom renovation. For our application, the brass adjustable fittings that screw into the copper male in the wall were too short. I had to add a male and a double female during installation to give us the length we needed to clear the wall. I experienced a very slow drip because I was unable to get the (cold side) brass adjustable fitting to seat. I ordered the longer brass adjustable fittings from Ciler after numerous unsuccessful efforts at removal and retaping. When I told the seller, Vivian, she quickly apologized and returned the price of the new, longer fittings I had ordered. In one day, I also acquired them! Looking forward to a lengthy dip in the...

Careful Shopper

I could tell by its weight that it wasn't made of chromed plastic because the last one I purchased (same brand, same price) had plastic on the housing and spout. The diverter valve is the only plastic component I could see, and it stands to reason that it would malfunction in addition to the rubber washers. The actuator rod merely slides into the spout's sliding valve. If you handle it gently, it should continue to function for many years. Does not include a gasket plate, so make sure you either buy a new one or save your old one. The only issue I had to deal with was that the knobs and levers on the valve stem splines were not snug enough to remove movement, so I had to put a wooden toothpick between the shaft and the knob to eliminate all play. I'll wait until these are worn out, but you might want to replace the knobs with better ones. Excellent value for the money... five stars

Gina Harmon

We purchased from gotonovo in September and October 2021 two Rain Shower systems with hand sprayer, one Clawfoot Bathtub system with hand sprayer and three sets of Bathroom Sink widespread faucets, all in oil-rubbed bronze. The quality and style of what was received exceeded even our most hopeful expectations. Our professional plumber installed all of these easily. The oil-rubbed bronze finish is very very nicely executed. Now we have been living with these for many months and find them equal to if not superior to any top-of-the line (Rohl, California Faucets, etc.) that we have specified in previous homes. Spend thousands more if you want to, but why? A tip: because these vintage/contemporary styled shower fixtures are very streamlined and stand away from the walls, they do not have integrated anti-scald feature. No problem, you can either engage your plumber or do-it-yourself to install at you hot water heater a "mixing valve" which lets you establish a maximum temperature for delivered hot water thro

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