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Ciler is proud to be a premier traditional bathtubs wholesaler, providing timeless elegance and superior quality to customers worldwide. Our collection features a variety of classic designs, including standard clawfoot bathtubs and tray packaged freestanding bathtubs, meticulously crafted to enhance any bathroom décor. with a focus on both style and functionality, our traditional bathtubs offer luxurious bathing experiences for discerning homeowners and designers alike. Based in Taizhou, Zhejiang, our factory combines state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques with traditional craftsmanship to ensure the highest standards of excellence. Partner with Ciler for traditional bathtubs that stand the test of time and elevate any bathing space.

People May Ask

Why Shouldn'T We Take Three Daily Baths?

Bathing too frequently can result in dry and itchy skin because normal skin needs a layer of oils and normal bacteria to maintain its barrier. This is especially true if the water you're bathing in is too hot.

Why Are Baths More Comfortable Than Showers?

Benefits of taking a bath instead of a showerBaths are excellent for gently exfoliating skin, promoting nervous system stimulation, and relaxing muscles. According to a 2018 cross-sectional study, people who regularly took warm water immersion baths reported feeling less stressed, exhausted, and depressed.

Is Mold in Bathtubs Toxic?

Our government and health professionals warn the public about the negative consequences of black mold since it is so deadly. The following are some of black mold's harmful health effects: respiratory difficulties. Allergic responses, such as runny nose, itchy, watery eyes, and sneezing.

How Frequently Should Bathtubs Be Replaced?

except occasionally a bathtub is too old to be fixed, leaving you with little choice except to replace it. Even after refinishing, bathtubs can survive up to 20 years. Bathtubs have a very long lifespan, especially if they are properly maintained and refinished throughout the course of their lifetime.

How Frequently Should Bathtubs Be Changed?

Shower or Bathtub: Every 10-15 YearsIt is advised that you replace your bathtub or shower 10-15 years after it has been reglazed or refinished. Of course, replacing your shower or tub is a requirement if you're contemplating a bathroom renovation!

What Alternative to A Bathtub Is There?

The Top 7 Alternatives to the Standard Bathtub for 2023
What types of bathtubs are common?The most common alternatives to and ideas for ordinary bathtubs.bathtubs that stand alone.2. soaking baths from Japan.The clawfoot tub.Jacuzzi and Jet Tubs (heated tubs)Shower, shower chair, etc.More things...

Why Are Baths Bad for You?

Bathing too frequently may result in dry, itchy skin and open the door for harmful germs to enter through damaged skin because washing removes both good bacteria and healthy oil from your skin. Your immune system is actually boosted when you expose your body to common dirt and microorganisms.

What Is The Name of A Scandinavian Bath?

Numerous terms are used to refer to hot tubs, including wood-fired spas, outdoor spas, Ofuro, Japanese, Nordic, Scandinavian, Norwegian, and hot water Jacuzzis. Regardless of the term, people typically refer to the same thing. Hot tubs from FOREST SPA are fantastic for large families.

Which Bathtub Is Preferable, Metal Or Acrylic?

Steel-based bathtubsCompared to the plastic variant, they are thought to be stronger and more resilient. They surpass the strength of a cast iron or stone bath, in actuality. They will endure for a very long time as a result. This kind of bath will hold the water's heat for a lot longer than acrylic.

Why Was A Bathtub Installed in The Shower?

If the tub is positioned carefully, its ledge could double as a bench. Depending on the arrangement and design, having a tub in the shower also creates a curbless shower. The shower is still accessible in case you ever need to use a wheelchair or walker.

Traditional Bathtubs Wholesaler Products

Eucalyptus-scented Dr. Teal's Foaming Bath, 34 ounces (Pack of 3; packaging may vary)

Acadia Seedy Glass Bath Vanity Wall Mount, 2-Light, 120 Total Watts, Maxim 12262CDSN, Satin Nickel, 9" H x 15" W

Kindle Edition of Revelation Run: (Wholesale Slaughter Book 3)

8-Inch Traditional Round Rain Showerhead with Katalyst Spray Technology, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Kohler K-13692-2BZ

Dartmoor Posi-Temp tub/shower, Chrome, Moen T2183EP


Standard Shower Kit 6 in 1: 2 Kirb-Perfect KP-543, 1 Quick Pitch QPK-101, and 1 Pre-Pitch Kit STD-201 SPL/40/6 Pan Liner (6' x 5'), Oatey Square Drain, Positive Weep Protector, Installation DVD

Freestanding Bathtub Rough-in Kit with Brass Tail Pipe and PVC Adapter, OS&B ITD5135

Bamboo Bathtub Caddy with Expandable Handles for the Tub Bathroom Luxury Spa Wooden Bath Table Board for Reading Laptop Over The Clawfoot Tub with Wine Glass Phone Holder

Baby bathtub with a soft sink from Frida Baby that is simple to clean and has a bath cushion that supports the baby's head

Top Reviews


Although this kit was quite expensive, it is excellent and really easy to use if you are installing a freestanding tub. Simply determine the location of your drain, cut a six-inch round hole in the subfloor, and fasten this to the subfloor. Add your flooring material (in my instance, tile and cement board). You are prepared to install the tub once the drain lines are connected underneath. We attached the tub tailpiece, raised the tub with one person's assistance, and slid the tailpiece into the drain. Since the kit is funnel-shaped, the tailpiece and tub were easily guided into position. It's wonderful because if I ever need to take the...

Michael Hendricks

One of our customers purchased a freestanding fiberglass tub. The tub had a flexible hose attached to it when we first opened it. I did not want to rely on a slip compression joint to keep any water from seeping through. In the hopes that it would make my life easier, I purchased this. Setup was simple. It was a little unsettling to break the tab in order to drain. Numerous reviews I had read claimed that the gasket was broken, snapped off, or couldn't be removed. I was patient. To remove it, I used lineman pliers. It just snapped out after I moved slowly and wiggled for about a minute. There were a few little bits around the edge that I believed would harm the gasket. Using my utility knife, I removed those with ease. Slide the tub down after attaching the drain tail piece that came with it and putting plumber's grease on the pipe. It is quite effective! If you are unable to reach the plumbing from below, it is well worth the money. I'll repurchase this.

John W. Stevens IV

Although a bit pricy, this solution might actually help if you are installing an acrylic or comparable tub. The connection of the drain that flows into the floor in tubs is the hard portion. Without access from below, how can the drain and the pvc plumbing beneath the tub be quickly connected? With the aid of this tool, you may simply lower the bathtub into the ground without gluing the downspout. Just search for videos on YouTube. Just make sure the item is typically plumb and mounted flush to the floor. To the tub, fasten the metal, foot-long drain pipe. Drop the pipe into the item after greasing it. The tub is lightweight, so two people may easily use it.

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