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Welcome to Ciler, a leading wholesaler of resin bathtubs located in Taizhou, Zhejiang. with years of experience and expertise, we specialize in providing premium solutions that combine elegance with durability. As a trusted resin bathtubs wholesaler, we take pride in our ability to offer a diverse range of products to suit every need and preference. from classic designs to modern innovations, our bathtubs are crafted with precision and attention to detail to ensure maximum satisfaction. at Ciler, we understand the importance of creating bathrooms that are both stylish and practical. That's why we are committed to offering innovative designs that combine luxury with functionality. Whether you're renovating your home or designing a commercial space, you can trust Ciler to provide you with premium resin bathtubs that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Our products are available for wholesale purchase, making them accessible to customers around the world. Experience the difference with Ciler – where quality meets innovation in every resin bathtub we supply.

People May Ask

Do Things Get Damaged Easily?

Durability. Due to its remarkable strength and durability, epoxy resin has been a favorite choice for lab furniture designers and manufacturers. Epoxy is almost impossible to break once it has dried, and it can withstand repeated hard impact and pressure without splitting, plintering, or cracking.

Do They Become Damaged in Water?

If water is added to your epoxy resin, it will cause the resin to get milky and have a foggy appearance when it cures. Always take the following precautions when warming items in a water bath to prevent this: While the bottle is submerged in water, the cap should remain on. Avoid submerging the bottle in water.

Are You Able to Bathe in One?

Marine epoxy resin is used to seal wood bathtubs to provide long-lasting sturdiness and leak-free enjoyment.

Do Clawfoot Tubs Still Have A Following?

Because of their history of elegance and refinement as well as their appeal on television makeover and design shows, clawfoot tubs are currently experiencing a boom in popularity. Cast iron and porcelain were the materials used to line the first clawfoot tubs.

An Ancient Cast Iron Bath Weighs How Much?

A cast iron bathtub weighs how much? An iron tub's empty weight might easily range from 350 to 500 pounds, depending on its size.

Do Cast Iron Bathtubs Merit Preservation?

They keep the water hotter for longer.

The water in cast iron bathtubs retains its warmth for a considerable amount of time. They are quite heavy, which aids in heat retention. This enables you to take a hot bath for a longer period of time.

What Is The Cost of A Clawfoot Bathtub?

These tubs are typically worth a few thousand dollars (in good condition), as they were initially created to embellish the opulent bathrooms of the social elite. Tubs with the production labels of venerable firms like Crane, Mott, Kohler, Standard Sanitary Manufacturing, and L.

Cast Iron Bathtubs Rust Or Not?

Tubs made of steel and cast iron are covered with a porcelain veneer during manufacturing. This porcelain can degrade to the original casting after many years of use. Iron or steel will eventually rust due to exposure to water, which is inevitable.

How Can I Determine The Age of My Clawfoot Tub?

According to, "Tub producers marked their wares with stamps that frequently indicated the date of manufacture. The best way to determine the age of a particular clawfoot is to find the stamp; however, if the stamp is absent, you may have to make the judgment based on the tub's condition and other characteristics.

Can You Get Sick from Cast Iron?

Popular and typically safe to use, cast iron pans are great for searing. However, they are capable of leaching iron, a potent oxidizer. People who are genetically predisposed to iron overload should learn more about the security of cast iron.

Resin Bathtubs Wholesaler Products

16oz Epoxy Resin Kit - Casting Resin for Art, River Table Tops, Jewelry, DIY Craft, Crystal Clear Epoxy Kits, Good Resin for Beginners, Simple to Mix by 1:1 Ratio with Silicone Measuring Cups

Yellow, 1.57 x 1.57 x 1.18 Inches, 600 Pcs Mini Rubber Ducks in Bulk Bath Toy Squeak Tiny Ducks for Kids Bathtub Shower Birthday Favors Party Decoration Gift

Bath Essentials Shower Steamers Organic Bath Bombs - 25 Extra Large Pcs + 3 Bubble Bars & Dried Flowers - Bubble Bath Shower Salts for Women, Men & Kids - Relaxing Bathbombs Gift Set

Children's Non-Toxic Bathtub Color Drops Made with Natural Ingredients from Honeysticks Bath Color Tablets Fizzy, brightly colored bathtime fun that is fragrance-free and a great gift idea - 36 Drops

Infant Toddler Bathing Tub Non Slip Travel Bathtub Mini Air Swimming Pool Kids Thick Foldable Shower Basin with Air Pump, Pink, Inflatable Baby Bathtub

Wood Tabletops, Epoxy Countertop Resin, Epoxy Casting, and Artwork EPE EasyPour Epoxy 1 Gallon Kit - Crystal Clear High Gloss Resin and Hardener, 2 Mixing Cups, Silicone Spatula, and Plastic Spreader

Wholesale Acrylic Blanks, 300 PCS Clear Acrylic Keychain Blanks, 6 Shapes Charms with leather tassels key rings Rings for Jumping Vinyl Resin DIY engraved ornament (round heart, square, and rectangle shapes in bone)

BDL Portable Folding Bathtub SPA Tub for Adults, Separate Family Bathroom, Freestanding Bathtub for Shower Stall, Thickening with Thermal Foam to Maintain Temperature Starry Night Blue

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Hobby Resin Food Safe, Heat Resistant, UV Resistant 1 Gallon Epoxy Resin Kit with Hardener for DIY Art, Jewelry Making, Coasters, Table Top, Countertop Coating

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Using an electric air pump, the CO-Z Inflatable Adult Bath Tub is a free-standing blow-up bathtub for adult spas (High-Density PVC)

Top Reviews

This is Awesome! We don't currently have a bathtub in the house. Our master bathroom has a very large shower instead and the one tub in the house was demo'd for remodel but is on hold. I was badly seeking a warm bath, being pregnant, and this stupid, inflated tub happened to do just what I need. It's almost ludicrous, yet I get to take a warm bath whenever I want. Fortunately we have storage to store this while inflated, else it would be a headache to deflate and re-inflate each time. It is pretty large and cozy. The tub inflates fast with the included pump. It does take a long to fill with water from a hand-held shower head, but that's great with me. I use the inflatable "table" pillow they sent to put underneath the tub so it doesn't block the drain in the shower. I also found the armrest/headrest pillow way too high and carefully took it off. All in all, I am very delighted with this purchase. I was desperate for a warm bath and pondering all sorts of ridiculous alternatives (like a metal feed tub) and h

I ADORE this bathtub! I've had it for about 3 months with no problems. Now that I am six and a half months pregnant, this tub has saved my life. We had to set it up differently because we kind of live off the grid, but it works great. The bathtub is currently padded with foam to provide additional comfort and prevent chafing on the bottom layer. The top's zippered closure traps heat, enabling deep soaking. It's now simple to set up and take advantage of even while hunched over sick and in pain from morning sickness after I figured out a routine for draining and cleaning it after each use. I drain it to the garden after every use, wipe it down with a solution of bleach and water, and then spray it again while letting it air dry. In spite of the holes and rips I read about in other reviews, we have patches available if necessary, and given the excellent price, I would not hesitate to buy this tub again if necessary. For me, the length would be a disadvantage because, at 6', stretching out isn't really an option

I have a chronic pain issue, and bathing with Epsom salts is one of the things that most helps with the discomfort. Unfortunately, the lone bathtub in the house is absurdly small. I placed this tub up directly next to my other tub/shower, and use the handheld shower head to fill it. I may then retire into a pleasant and soothing bath. I adore the cover that keeps the water heated. It inflates rapidly and easily. The only difficulty I have with the design is that the valve to fill the bottom of the tub is situated directly where you would sit. If they would relocate it over to the side, or way up against the wall, it would work out much better. I've not had any luck utilizing hoses or tubing to drain the tub. Instead, I just use a garbage can to bail the water into my regular tub/shower. Once it's just about empty, I place it into the tub and pull the drain plugs. I've discovered that it's best to then dry the inside of the tub with a cloth and deflate it right after. (I have cats, and leaving it inflated is s

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