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Taizhou Ciler Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. Is a reputable manufacturer and supplier working on APRON BATHTUBS, PLINTH BATHTUBS, CLASSCIAL BATHTUBS and BATHTUB FITTINGS research, production, marketing, and services. We are in Zhejiang, Taizhou, which has easy access to transportation. Our expert team is here to answer any questions you may have and is committed to ensuring your total happiness. The company is dedicated to providing high-quality products and exceptional services. Ciler has a great team that own top and professional technique, standard management and perfect service. We have built long-term and steady business relationships with hundreds of customers all over the world. Since Ciler can cater to the procurement needs of consumers across numerous product types, manufacturers, and time frames, it can also reduce the stress associated with shopping. Customers can save time and money on procurement thanks to the short lead times and affordable pricing made possible through direct stock delivey. You are welcome to contact us at any time; we will do our best to work for your company!

People May Ask

How do you design an opulent bathroom?

Additional luxurious bathroom fixtures and equipment
High-quality countertops and sinks, floor tiles, and a freestanding bathtub.painted bathroom vanities.ample room for storing.actual plants.superb rugs.Accessorize with color-coordinated items.More things...

Which bathroom items are being used?

The Top 10 Bathroom Fitting Brands in India are Cera, Duravit, Roca (Parryware), and TOTO.Han Grohe, RAK Ceramic, Delta, John On, andOne more thing...

How may a bathroom be installed on a budget?

That makes them fat, cheap, and we like it.
Use an online marketplace to buy supplies and do it yourself. Use a paintbrush. Swap expensive flooring for less expensive options.Repurpose old bathroom furniture.Adhesive wall and floor solution for fake tiling.Clear your pace like a pro in the interior.
One more thing...

What does CP fit?

Plumbing technicians and customers commonly refer to fittings as "CP" in the construction industry. Chrome-plated bath fitting is the full name for this type of fixture.

How do Japanese bathrooms look like?

A typical Japanese home has two rooms dedicated to the bathroom: an entryway where you undress and which is furnished with a sink, and the actual bathroom, which is furnished with a shower and a deep bathtub. The bathroom was actually in a totally other room.

What does "3-4 bathroom" mean?

A three-quarter bath is typically distinguished from a regular full bath by an effective combination of a standing shower, sink, and toilet. This simple but effective design is frequently used for guest bathrooms, and it may greatly increase your home's usability and value.

What is a toilet known as by plumbers?

Somehow the names tuck and plumber continue to refer to a toilet as a water closet since it had water, therefore it became known as the water closet. That is the purpose of the [WC] imprint on the majority of toilet seats.

What do you name a toilet-equipped bathroom?

Complete bathroomA complete bathroom has a bathtub/hower combo or a bathtub and hower that are separate from one another.

What substance never rusts?

The same reason that aluminum rusts does not apply to copper, brass, or bronze. There is very little iron in any of the three. As a result, rust or iron oxide cannot develop.

How can I get the smell of pee out of my toilet?

How to get rid of unpleasant bathroom odors
Clean the toilet from top to bottom, inside and out.To thoroughly clean the hinges, completely remove the toilet seat.
Scrub the interior of the toilet using a commercial toilet cleaner.Cleanse your throne to complete the process.

Bathroom supplies wholesale Products

Bathroom accessories, hair tool organizers, and rustic white hair dryer holders For blow dryers, curling iron holders, hair straightener brushes, and hair styling supplies, use this countertop storage stand and vanity caddy.

BZ Kohler K-393-N4 Devonshire One Size Oil Rubbed Bronze Bathroom Sink Faucet

Set of 9 storage and organization baskets for closets Perfect Storage Baskets For Bathrooms, Laundries, Baby Nursery Clothes, Linen Closets, Kitchen Pantries, Or Use As General Baskets For Organizing (Dark Grey)

Toilet Tissue Holder, Vibrant Polished Nickel, KOHLER 485171

One-Shoppe All-In-Kit Amenities for Hotels & Airbnb | 1oz Hotel Shampoo & Conditioner, Body Wash, Body Lotion & 1oz Bar Soap Travel Size | 150 Pieces | Aqua Organics Hotel Soaps and Toiletries

Source Reduction Series Value: Aluf Plastics - B07Q2R8XGH 10 Gallon Trash Bags - (COMMERCIAL 1000 PACK) High Density 6 MICRON gauge - For Paper, Styrofoam, Office, and Other Uses

Diamond Seal Technology, Metal Drain Assembly, Stainless Steel, Delta Faucet Lahara Centerset Bathroom Faucet, Brushed Nickel, 2538-SSMPU-DST

Artifacts KOHLER K-72760-CP Spout for a bathroom sink in polished chrome with a column shape and fewer handles.

White, 9.2" x 9.4" sheets, Scott® Multifold Paper Towels (01804), 250 sheets per pack, 16 packs per case, 4,000 sheets per case.

White H2 Multifold Hand Towels by Tork, 16 x 250 towels, 100% recycled fibers, MB540A

Top Reviews

Galen Smith

The spout has a threaded rod that is a part of it but is easily breakable. Because this one replacement part costs the same amount as purchasing another entire set, breaking it will result in a loss of the complete $500. awful design. The faucet is listed on eBay with images of the damaged component, indicating that other people have encountered this issue before and that it is a "known problem." Why won't Kohler support their product and provide a fix (other than throwing it away and beginning over)? UPDATE: Kohler stepped up and is swapping out the component for me. I used just Kohler products to complete 2 gorgeous bathrooms; thank you, Kohler!

Jon S Ford

Excellent, tasteful, minimalist fixture. The pop-up lever is a plastic ball enclosed within the drain assembly, which is something I particularly value. The drain assembly is made entirely of metal. Numerous lever assemblies that I have experienced corroding, rendering the entire drain inoperable. It looks that its well-considered design will offer many years of trouble-free use.

W. Wohlford

With a large rain shower head and the option to utilize a hand shower, I had been wanting to rebuild my shower to give it a more spa-like atmosphere. The greatest alternative that didn't necessitate dismantling the entire shower and rebuilding the plumbing was this shower pipe. The drilling of the holes through my porcelain tile shower surround was the most challenge to the installation, which else went smoothly. To drill the holes, I needed the appropriate diamond-tipped hole saw. Check the specs before installing the attachment points because wall thickness and clearances are crucial. I had to use some because my wall was at its thinnest point.

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