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Taizhou Ciler Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., who focuses on manufacturing PLINTH BATHTUBS, APRON BATHTUBS, CLASSCIAL BATHTUBS and BATHTUB FITTINGS. Ciler established in 2018, we have significantly invested in R&D, keeping it ahead of the competitors of Sanitary ware in product innovation. With the concept of quality first and customers foremost, we have clients from USA, UK, Spain, Russia, Australia, etc, ect. In order to keep up with the ever-evolving technological landscape, Ciler has added new machinery and a dedicated R&D division to its operations. We're making a concerted effort to get the highest and best outcomes.

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How are liners for bathtubs made?

Bathtub liners, sometimes referred to as tub liners, acrylic tub liners, or tub inserts, are created by vacuum-forming heated acrylic or PVC (poly vinyl chloride) sheets in a mold. For the tub liner to fit correctly, the right mold is required.

Do bathtub liners work well?

Water is trapped by liners.A water-filled trap is the worst. It can grow mold and potentially host a large number of dangerous bacteria. The issue with bathtub liners is that there's a good chance water will seep between the liner and the tub, further tarnishing the surface with mold or mildew.

What is the lifespan of bathtub liners?

three to five yearsA bathtub liner will typically last three to five years. The strength of the liner itself and the state of your bathtub will play a major role in this. It is recommended that you replace your bathtub liner after this time to avoid damage and bad odors.

Can an existing tub be covered with a tub liner?

Installing bathtub liners, like those provided by BathWraps, over top of your current bathtub's footprint would provide you all the advantages of a new bathtub without the high cost of a complete tub makeover.

Why are tub fillers so costly?

This is because many fillers are composed of expensive raw materials, like polished chrome, brushed nickel, or stainless steel, which are not readily available. Remember that a lot of fillers are regarded as designer goods, so you will be paying a "designer" price for a lot of fillers.

What size bath liner is standard?

72" by 70"First fact: There are many sizes of liners....
Shower curtain liners typically measure 70" by 72". Typically, extra long liners measure 70" by 84" or 72" by 84". Liner widths up to 144" by 72" are possible.

What is a bathtub liner made of acrylic?

The surface of acrylic is smooth and impermeable. Mold and mildew are protected from on acrylic surfaces. Cleaning tubliners and wall liners is simple. Shower and bathtub liners made of acrylic won't peel or get stained. Steel or cast iron tubs cannot match the heat retention of acrylic.

Is a heavier shower liner preferable?

A shower liner will often be more robust and long-lasting the thicker it is. But heavier and less flexible thicker liners can be more difficult for certain users to install and move about on their shower rod every day.

Why are fiberglass bathtubs so popular?

Forming layers of fiberglass into the appropriate shape and then covering it with Gelcoat resin is how a fiberglass bathtub is manufactured. The benefits include low cost, light weight, simplicity of installation, and repairable finish.

What material do tub liners consist of?

A tub liner is created by molding sheets of PVC plastic or acrylic into the shape of a tub, placing them over your current tub, and then adhering them to the tub to cover it. The glossy gloss of a restored porcelain tub must be exchanged for an acrylic cover, which has the appearance and feel of plastic.

Bathtub liner manufacturers Products

Modern Art Shower Curtain by Ambesonne, Simple Line Display Modern Connections Webs Signal Abstract Graphic Form, White and Black, 69" W x 84" L, Fabric Bathroom Decor Set with Hooks

With drain holes and suction cups to keep the floor clean, the shower mat is non-slip and is 15 x 27.6 inches. Apricot

Ambesonne Modern Shower Curtain, Multicolored Dark Coral, 69" W x 75" L, Rainbow-Like Vibrant Design with Geometrical Details, Squares with Dots Image Print, Fabric Bathroom Decor Set with Hooks

Bamboo Grove Shower Curtain with Ambesonne Print Hand Drawn Style Art, Cream Brown White, 69" W x 75" L, Cloth Fabric Bathroom Decor Set with Hooks to Calm Your Mind, Slow Down, and Relax

Miyotaa Black Gold Marble Shower Curtain Set, 71W x 71H Inches, Waterproof Polyester Bathroom Curtain with 12 Hooks, Crack Ink Texture, Luxury Abstract Decorative Stone

Ambesonne Contemporary Shower Curtain with Triangle Shapes in Geometry Triggering lines that zigzag Black and white, 69" W x 75" L, minimalist pattern print, cloth fabric bathroom decor set with hooks

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Waterproof Heavy Duty Clear Vinyl Shower Liner for Bathroom and Bathtub, Extra Wide Shower Curtain Liner 108 x 72, 18 Plastic Hooks

ENKOSI Soft TPE Bathtub Mat with Drain Holes and Suction Cups for Kids and Adults - Machine Washable Bathroom Bath Tub or Shower Mat - 35 x 16 Inches (Black)

Teal and Grey 72 x 72-inch KGORGE Waterproof Shower Curtain Liner - Boho Gradient Color Shower Curtains Water Proof for Bathroom Tub Camper Backdrop Loft

Top Reviews


Yes, I've bought two already! One was the first thing I purchased for my shower stall. It captures a lot of my shedding hair that would typically try to clog things, which is a quality I don't recall from descriptions. Since I initially made the purchase around a year ago, I have not experienced a blockage or any other pipe problems. This one is for my other bathroom's bathtub. This mat is a little thicker and offers more foot cushioning than the standard mats you get for bathtubs or showers, which is why I prefer it. It also applies to those of us who go barefoot. When I use sugar scrubs with hydrating oils, I no longer worry about slipping! Fits wonderfully for the available sizes...


This mat is essential for everyone who wants to avoid slipping and falling. The best feature is that suction cups are not needed to keep it in place. If a person does not have foot issues, suction cups are good; otherwise, the elevated bumps on the cups may be painful. When I wash mine, it does gather hair, but I don't mind because I just pick it up and throw it away after the shower. In that sense, it is beneficial because it doesn't disappear. I take the mat up and hang it over the safety rail to dry after using the safety rail in my shower. To clean my old mat, I would just soak it in bleach water. Over a decade passed with that mat. I'll clean this mat in the same way and hope it lasts just as long. This one has been mine since December or November of 2022.


What a great bathmat! The non-slip and the??? I smile when I see rainbow colors! The rainbow mat is incredibly well-made and just as pictured. Since you can never really know something unless you see it in person, the furniture really looks a little more upscale (and expensive) than I had anticipated because of the wonderful, vivid colors and the black slats that are visible from underneath. It doesn't appear to be something that *only* belongs in a kindergarten classroom, to put it another way. Lol My bathtub/shower is a typical one-piece fiberglass set from the 1980s, with a floor that is entirely smooth and exceedingly slick and slippery. It gets incredibly slick when it's wet, and I also have a little bit of balance, so I've slipped and wounded myself so many times.

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