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At our state-of-the-art Taizhou headquarters, Ciler`s team of over 80 skilled artisans combine old world bathtub craftsmanship with contemporary manufacturing advancements like computer-controlled fiberglass reinforcement to produce our collection of custom Stacked freestanding bathtub s - exquisitely crafted freestanding statement pieces that fuse vintage ornamental elegance and modern sleek tailored simplicity to infuse spaces with a dash of bespoke luxury. Choose from ornately embellished exterior rolled rim Victorian replicas or glossy curvaceous contemporary soaking tubs. By merging fiberglass and high grade acrylic construction, our tubs boost durability while retaining the rich sleek warmth of this indulgently opulent material to serve generations in accordance with our commitment to conscious manufacturing and environmental sustainability from sourcing through production. Contact us today to imbue your next hospitality, residential or commercial project with Ciler`s responsible brand of luxury bathware. Our team proudly oversees everything from ideations to worldwide installation.

People May Ask

Why do freestanding bathtubs cost so much?

Even with installation, freestanding bathtubs are typically more expensive than built-in bathtubs. This is as a result of their more intricate construction and elaborate design. Weight. Many freestanding bathtubs can be very hefty, necessitating frequent floor reinforcing.

Does tiling around a freestanding tub become necessary?

A standalone tub does not require tiling all the way around it. But, if the freestanding tub is next to a wall, you must take precautions to prevent water damage to the wall. Tile is one method of doing that, but it is not the only method!

Does the area around a freestanding bath require waterproofing?

The main wet area in a home is the bathroom. So that water does not enter the substructure of the home and seriously harm the structural integrity, you must waterproof the region. Experts usually waterproof the bathroom as it is being constructed.

What qualities should a freestanding bath have?

5 Best Recommendations for Purchasing a Freestanding Bath
Think about the realities. Pick a size that fits your available space. Choose a material that retains heat.
Shape may communicate a message.
Choose the ideal covering.

Freestanding baths are joined to the floor in what way?

How is a freestanding bath secured? A freestanding bath can be fastened to the bathroom floor using silicone-based caulk. You can caulk the space before setting the tub where you wish to install it.

Do freestanding bathtubs occupy less room?

A standalone tub requires extra room since there must be enough room around it to display the design. To fit in a freestanding tub, you might in some circumstances have to give up something else. Another practical consideration might be cleaning.

What ought to I surround my standalone tub with?

While a freestanding tub can be installed wherever that plumbing lines can be run, if you want to prevent water damage to the wall and have the tub against it, you'll need to build a tub surround. The walls surrounding the bathtub are covered by a tub surround, which shields the tub from moisture, water, and mold.

Is cleaning the area behind a standalone tub difficult?

Prior to purchasing a freestanding bath, it's also crucial to keep in mind that you will need to clean below it. And undoubtedly around it. There will be a gap between the tub and the wall, which might be challenging to clean even if it is a legless style and sits flush on the floor.

What shade would be appropriate in a bathroom?

White and bright colors never go out of style. You can use eggshell white or even a bit of ivory, but sticking with whites will keep your bathroom current. Bold or trendy hues will rapidly lose their appeal. If you do desire color splashes, incorporate that design element using your accent items and decor.

Do freestanding bathtubs maintain heat?

In comparison to acrylic and fiberglass bathtubs, freestanding stone resin bathtubs are more expensive and heavier. Yet it is incredibly easy to clean and holds heat quite well. Another type of tub with excellent heat retention is porcelain-enameled steel. Moreover, it is resilient and has a long lifespan.

Stacked freestanding bathtub Products

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