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How Is A Clawfoot Tub Made of Acrylic Cleaned?

1/4 cup baking soda and 1/4 cup white vinegar should be combined and stirred until a paste forms. Gently scrub the bathtub with the baking soda and vinegar solution using a soft, damp sponge. After you've finished cleaning, fill the bathtub with hot water and rinse it.

A Cast Iron Clawfoot Tub Weighs How Much?

A 51-inch clawfoot tub made of acrylic weights only 70 pounds. A cast-iron clawfoot tub, on the other hand, has a maximum weight of 300 pounds. Under cast-iron tubs, houses frequently require additional support since the combined weight of the tub and water might exceed 500 pounds.

Why Is Bath in Bath, United Kingdom?

Bath is a city and unparished district in the Bath and North East Somerset unitary area of the ceremonial county of Somerset, England. It was founded by the Romans and is called for their baths. There were 101,557 people living there as of the 2021 Census.

Where Was The Bath Invented?

Ancient Greece used foot baths, wah baths, and mall bathtubs for overall cleanliness. The first baths were discovered around the middle of the second millennium BC in the palace complex at Kno o, Crete, and a luxurious alabaster bathtub was discovered during an excavation in Akrotiri, Santorini.

After A Bath, Should You Take A Shower?

Really, it comes down to personal preference, according to Dr. Perry. There is no need to worry about taking a shower right after taking a bath if you typically take a bath every day or take a shower in the morning or at night because it's rare that you are particularly dirty.

Which Is Cleaner, A Bath Or A Shower?

Do showers and baths make you cleaner? Let's start with the obvious: Baths are less hygienic than showers. A shower is the best option if completely cleaning your entire body is your top concern. Showers spray polluted water out of sight while distributing water evenly over your body.

How May A Clawfoot Tub Be Sold?

Here are a few potential locations where you could sell your tub.Local antique merchants, scrap yards, newspaper or magazine classifieds, eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace are just a few of the resources available.

What Distinguishes A Clawfoot Tub?

According to, "Tub producers marked their wares with stamps that frequently indicated the date of manufacture. The best way to determine the age of a particular clawfoot is to find the stamp; however, if the stamp is absent, you may have to make the judgment based on the tub's condition and other characteristics.

Will A Clawfoot Tub Take Paint?

Apply a thin, even application of a top-notch bonding primer over the entire surface. Decorate the tub. Apply a premium water-resistant paint after the primer has dried in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Paints with an oil base or exterior paint are suitable options for bathrooms since they can withstand moisture.

The Depth of A Clawfoot Tub.

Where water conservation is a major concern, it is crucial to give water depth careful consideration while selecting the ideal clawfoot bathtub for your home. The regular water depth is from 13 to 16 inches and fluctuates from tub to tub.

Claw Foot Bathtubs Factory Products

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All standard size tubs are compatible with the Keeney 630PVC Foot Lok Stop Bathtub Drain Kit, Polished Chrome.

Top Reviews

Phillis Brewer

We own a historic farm. At the "foot" of the drain system, the 6 foot claw foot tub started to leak. This Lasco entire drain assembly was the ideal size for our area, fitted to the tub flawlessly, and included all the gaskets required to ensure a leak-free drain of our beloved tub!


My antique cast iron clawfoot tub needed the drain replaced when leaks started to appear. Of course, the typical 1-1/2" pipe that homeowners have today was not there in my 120-year-old house. This kit fit flawlessly after a few failed attempts with other goods. Although the actual diameter of the piping is little lower than what is stated on the box (it is 20 gauge pipe, therefore the outside diameter is quite near), it fits just properly. The leaks stopped when the slip nuts were tightened. The overflow gasket's angled shape, which works well for most tubs, is the one potential drawback. However, my tub was a little too straight, so it could be a problem.


The most significant conclusion from this evaluation is that this product is not for people who own anything other than an old clawfoot tub or a cast iron tub. But for me, this was a lifesaver. You can find out the standard pipe size for a tub in the US online, which is 1" 1/2, so I bought a kit made of brass and, after taking apart my old system, which was leaking because of an out-of-date gasket (at least 20 years old), I was surprised to find that it didn't fit because the walls of the old waste pipe were thinner than the Brass one I had bought. The major issue is that if you aren't a plumber, you might not be able to...

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