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Taizhou Ciler Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. Is an expert in producing various types of APRON BATHTUBS, CLASSCIAL BATHTUBS, BATHTUB FITTINGS and PLINTH BATHTUBS. We have a cutting-edge production line, a processing facility, and several suppliers of precision parts, all of which can ensure that our goods will meet the highest standards around the world. In the past years, Ciler has won high reputation for their high quality in domestic markets as well as overseas markets such as USA, France, Russia, Spain, UK, etc, etc. No matter what you purchase from us or after your project is completed, we will always be here to help with things like running the show and getting you the parts you need to keep things running smoothly. Anyhow, if you have any suggestions for improvements to the goods, please get in touch. Our team is excited to collaborate with you and deliver excellent results.

People May Ask

Are there any cast iron clawfoot tubs?

It was built of thick, durable cast iron and had a strong enamel finish that made cleaning it simpler. The freestanding clawfoot tub went out of style and was replaced by one-piece versions as the twentieth century went on. Cast-iron enamel is used to make older clawfoot bathtubs.

Who made the claw-foot bathtub?

The precise inventor of the clawfoot bathtub has never been identified in writing. Many people wrongly believe that someone in the United States was the first to create a bathtub, although there are many examples of bathing tubs from history that predate that.

Can claw foot tub feet be painted?

To paint the tub's exterior surface, use a brush and chalk paint, milk paint, or spray paint. 5. Apply wax to the surface after painting with chalk paint or milk paint to protect it. Depending on the finish you want, you can use clear or coloured wax.

What size is a typical clawfoot tub?

The most common clawfoot tub sizes are 54", 60", 66", & 72", although GreenGoods Bath Factory also carries other sizes. Where water conservation is a major concern, it is crucial to give water depth careful consideration while selecting the ideal clawfoot bathtub for your home.

How long is a steel tub good for?

Your porcelain-enameled steel bathtub should last at least 20 years with good maintenance. A bathtub liner can also add another 10 to 15 years to the lifespan of your steel bathtub with porcelain enamel.

Steel bathtubs rust, right?

Tubs made of steel and cast iron are covered with a porcelain veneer during manufacturing. This porcelain can degrade to the original casting after many years of use. Iron or steel will eventually rust due to exposure to water, which is inevitable.

What makes magnets adhere to bathtubs?

Quick Reference to Bathtub TypesDoes your bathtub have a magnetic surface? If so, your tub is probably made of steel or cast iron.

How can fiberglass be kept from cracking?

How to Fix a Fiberglass Crack
Make a small hole at each end of the crack using a drill.Investigate the crack.Make sure the crack is clean and dry by wiping it with a dry rag.Using a plastic applicator, fill the crack with a sizable volume of fiberglass epoxy resin.Give the epoxy a day to dry.

Can bleach be used on acrylic bathtubs?

Never use bleach or ammonia-based products. Over time, these substances degrade acrylic and cause significant harm. Avoid using aerosol-based cleansers. The acrylic substance is also broken down by these products.

A freestanding tub may be placed up against a wall.

However, if the freestanding tub is next to a wall, you must take precautions to prevent water damage to the wall. Tile is one method of doing that, but it is not the only method! Wainscoting on the wall behind your freestanding tub, glass brick, or paint that is mold- and mildew-resistant are other options for protecting the tub wall.

Claw foot bathtubs manufacturers Products

Domax Bathtub Caddy Tray Expandable Bamboo Tub Tray with Free Soap Dish and Book Holder for Luxury Bath

Shower Faucet Set in Brushed Nickel with an Eight-Inch Rainfall Showerhead, a Double Cross Handle, and a Handheld Spray Wall Mount Shower Fixture

8" Rainfall Shower Head Brass Fixture Combo Set Single Handle with Handheld Sprayer Bathroom Shower Faucet in Antique Brass with Exposed Pipe Dual Functions

Carex Tri-Grip Bathtub Rail in Chrome Finish, Bathtub Grab Bar Safety Bar for Seniors and Handicapped, For Help Getting in and Out of Tub, Simple to Install on Most Tubs

Fit both 1-1/2" or 1-5/8" Strainer and Stopper, Heavy Duty Metal with Matching Screws, Simple Installation, Polished Chrome, SENTO Lift and Turn Bathtub Drain Assembly Stopper Kit

Coral nautical seashells beach vintage beige ivory retro anchor sea horse ocean polyester water-resistant cloth bathroom curtain with 12 hooks from Miyotaa are featured on the shower curtain set.

The Miyotaa Tropical Palm Shower Curtain Set, measuring 60W by 71H inches, is a modern and contemporary white gold polyester waterproof cloth bathroom curtain with 12 hooks. It has minimalist Monstera banana leaves.

Aolemi Freestanding Tub Filler Floor Mount Bathtub Faucet Shower faucets with a swivel spout and a chrome finish, as well as handheld shower mixer taps

Tub Drain Kit fits All Bathtubs, All Metal Lift & Turn, Two-Hole Overflow Faceplate, Universal Fine/Coarse Thread Assembly, Chrome Plated

All-Brass Bathtub Conversion Kit Assembly with 2-Hole Overflow Face Plate and Universal Fine/Coarse Thread by Artiwell Lift & Turn Tub Trim Set (Brushed Gold)

Top Reviews

S Norris

When fitted correctly, this bench and grab handle have an incredibly sturdy feel about them. I've been using it to recover from hip surgery for more than four months. It never ceases to amaze me. It is immobile when pulled straight up; nevertheless, it will not move laterally. Though it makes a really sturdy grab handle, I had assumed the blue handle would be a cheaply bothersome addition and decided not to install it. It made it possible for me to remove one of the room's stainless grab bars. ADVICE FOR TIGHT INSTALLATION: Simply pulling the padded grips out and securing them in place with the thumb screws will not allow you to fully tighten them. First, firmly secure them in place as tightly as possible to make it rock solid. Subsequently, take out the bench and extend each grip by one notch. Tighten the grips in that position, and then press the entire bench down onto the tub. This was a one-time task, and it has been extremely tight for the past four months. The grips will compress far more when pressed down in this manner as opposed to simply trying to tighten them normally; they will


Regarding this product, I was hesitant. Being in my forties, I didn't want anything in my bathtub that would make my friends think I was Grandma. Even so, I required a nice showering experience. I looked into the teak benches, but reports claimed that after a year or two the joints became loose, and it would have been too costly to replace them that frequently. I thought about the little tub floor stools, but since I'm a big gal, I didn't think they would be comfortable. In addition, they were unattractive, and I didn't like that they would be so low. I was dubious when I first saw the Carex Portable Shower Bench, but since it was so inexpensive, I decided to give it a try and use it until I discovered something better. The bench came undamaged, although it took some time to assemble. It took me a few minutes to figure out what they wanted me to do because the directions were just schematics with no words, but eventually I was able to understand them. The knobs that allowed the bench to be modified to match the tub's sides were quite simple to turn. The.

Alice Virginia Suthers

I can easily fit this shower bench on my bathtub. That startled me because my tub is so large. The seat is pushed outward toward the opposite tub wall due to the small tub lip on the tile wall's side. Yes, the bench fits. Given that I am not a petite woman, it is fairly sturdy. Compared to a bench that just lowers itself into the tub on its bench legs, I feel so much more secure. I can move around on it without worrying about it moving or falling because it is sturdy. Still, getting rid of it would be easy. Since the tub bench is too low for me to reach, I have to swing my legs out of the tub using the non-slip pads I have, and then I use the toilet seat, sink, and other fixtures to get out of the tub. The bench's extreme security makes this work. I once owned one of those electric bath chairs that cost around $500 and could raise and lower the user to and from the bathtub. For me, this is significantly more effective. The bath chair won't function unless the back is rubbed, so I bought this bench instead.

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