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The manufacturer and supplier of Acrylic Bathtub, Taizhou Ciler Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. Has years of experience. In this industry, we have extensive R&D, manufacturing, and marketing experience. Our main markets are in USA, France, Spain, Russia, Australia, etc and so on. Under the guiding principle of "Quality First, Customers First," we always put quality first and run our business strictly in compliance with cutting-edge international standards. We consider genuine cooperation with you to be the highest honor and invite friends from all over the world to visit and communicate with us at any time.

People May Ask

Will a clawfoot tub take paint?

Apply a thin, even application of a top-notch bonding primer over the entire surface. Decorate the tub. Apply a premium water-resistant paint after the primer has dried in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Paints with an oil base or exterior paint are suitable options for bathrooms since they can withstand moisture.

A magnet will it adhere to a cast iron tub?

Take a Magnet, please.Locate a powerful magnet, and place it against the bathtub wall. Your tub is composed of steel or cast iron if it sticks. Acrylic and fiberglass bathtubs are not magnetic, in contrast to metal.

A cast iron bathtub might crack.

Cast iron bathtubs can split with age, despite appearing to be damage-proof since they weigh between 300 and 500 pounds. It makes sense to try to fix the crack before taking your old tub to the dump because replacing a cast iron tub can cost up to thousands of dollars.

Do cast iron bathtubs weigh a lot?

350 to 500 lbs.A cast iron bathtub weighs how much? An iron tub's empty weight might easily range from 350 to 500 pounds, depending on its size.

Cast iron may be allowed to soak.

My cast-iron pan may I soak it? No! Rust can form on cast iron if it is submerged in water. Use a nylon scrub brush or a pan scraper and rinse under warm water to get rid of sticky or difficult-to-remove stuck-on food.

Lead in ancient clawfoot tubs?

In a research including more than 1400 bathtubs, 77% of the cast iron bathtubs and 25% of the steel tubs tested positive for leachable lead, making up around 62% of the tubs. Extremely high levels of lead were found to be leaching from the surface of each and every clawfoot bathtub that we tested.)

How should an antique clawfoot tub be moved?

When the tub is secured with moving straps and blankets, have your moving companion raise up a corner of the tub while you unscrew a foot. After removing each foot, work your way around the tub, carefully laying it down on the moving blanket.

What is the price of refinishing a clawfoot tub?

The price of refinishing a clawfoot tubAdditionally, these tubs are surprisingly affordable to maintain, with refinishing only costing between $300 and $650. While inexpensive enamel is prone to chipping, most contemporary enamel coatings offer long-lasting protection for these tubs.

How much does it cost to build a freestanding bathtub?

Installing a freestanding tub typically costs between $3,656 and $4,100. Depending on the design, materials, and faucet you select for your new bathtub, the cost can differ significantly. A high-end clawfoot tub can cost $3,000 or more, while a basic acrylic single-ended freestanding tub can cost as little as $650.

What should not be used to clean a tub made of acrylic?

Avoid using solvents that can damage an acrylic surface, such as turpentine, lacquer thinner, mineral spirits, paint thinner, MEK, xylene, acetone, and naphtha. You can protect your acrylic shower or tub by being cautious and thoughtful.

Freestanding bathtubs factory Products

Bathroom Tub Faucets with Hand Shower in Black Floor Mounted Brass, Wowkk Tub Filler Freestanding Bathtub Faucet

(Patent No. US11168467B2) Upgrade Freestanding Tub Drain Rough-in Kit for Freestanding Bathtub, with CUPC Certification, Includes Brass Pipe and ABS Pipe

Artiqua Floor Mount Faucets Brass Single Handle with Hand Shower Artiqua Freestanding Bathtub Faucet Tub Filler Brushed Nickel

Kiseely Large Family Soaking Bathtub for SPA, Efficiently Maintaining Hot & Cold Temperature, Portable Foldable Bathtub for Adult 47.3x21.7x19.7-inch bathtub (blue style)

Wowkk Freestanding Bathtub Filler Waterfall Chrome Floor Mount Brass Single Handle Bathroom Faucets with Hand Shower

L3156ALF-BS, a KES bathroom faucet with a single handle and a modern, single-hole design that is cUPC certified. [Applies to All States, Including California]

PROOX Floor Mounted, High Flow Free Standing Tub Filler with Hand Sprayer, Swivel Spout, Freestanding Bathtub Faucet in Brushed Nickel

Inflatable Portable Bathtub foldable bathtub plastic Bath Tub Adult Size Bathroom Foldable Tub Portable Soaking Tub Inflatable Spa Tub massive size

Adults' Freestanding Non-Inflatable Portable Bathtub, Made of Thickened Thermal Foam for the Home Bathroom and Spa, 40"x26"x22"

48" Freestanding Soaking Bathtub for Adults, Separate Family Bathroom SPA Tub, Foldable BathTub for Adult, Portable Foldable Bathtub Effective Temperature Maintenance, Perfect for Hot Spa and Ice Bath

Top Reviews

Samantha Telle

Product is great, relatively easy to install. Customer service is fantastic - I had issue with the supplied braided hoses and the 3/8" adapters and Ling was super helpful and quick in getting everything I needed to finish. The finish on this product is sleek and attractive and the waterfall looks sharp when operational. It has the option to rotate the direction of the faucet/sprayer which is a nice feature depending on your setup. One thing to note for install is prior to mounting the base, install the pole to the base, align the pole so that it's squared up, faces the right way, and the set screws are located in back, and then mark your holes on the floor to mount the base this way. I made this mistake of installing the base plate without doing this and had to shim the between base and pole so that I could square it up for final install. Other than that, very straight forward.


Although I don't often write reviews, I feel obligated to give this product and the company the praise they merit. As part of my remodel, I ordered this faucet, but I wasn't really sure if it was of good quality since it was considerably less expensive than the ones I saw in local shops. To my amazement, the faucet arrived in a box that was expertly sealed, and every part is of high quality. It comes with clear and adequate installation instructions. It seems incredibly strong and rock solid. Unluckily, my contractor accidentally damaged one of the water supply hoses that was included in the kit. Locally, he was unable to find a hose to replace the damaged one. I tried to contact the business because I wasn't sure what to anticipate. To my surprise, even though it was well after business hours, someone actually answered my call (about 9pm est). After hearing about my issue, she immediately offered free replacement parts with expedited shipping so we could finish the remodel on time. I was quite pleased wit


excited to install this faucet after receiving it. On 12/06/2019, my husband and I installed this device without too much trouble. We were disappointed to find that the faucet would not completely shut off; water continued to flow from it. I immediately dialed the phone number listed in the installation instructions, and much to my surprise, someone picked up the phone; it being a Friday night after 10 PM EST. I was given the instruction by Ling to send her a video showing the faucet in action, and she would reply. She got in touch with me the following day, on Saturday, 12/07/2019, and offered to fix the issue by sending me a new cartridge. On 12/16/2019, after receiving the replacement cartridge on 12/13/2019, I successfully installed it. The business delivered me two cartridges, several setscrews and covers, and allen keys. Ling and her business place a high priority on providing excellent customer service and high-quality goods. If I ever need plumbing supplies again, I might consider utilizing this retai

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