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Welcome to Ciler, your trusted source for wholesale bathroom products. with a commitment to quality and affordability, we offer a comprehensive selection of bathtubs, fittings, and accessories to enhance any bathroom space. Our range includes tray packaged freestanding bathtubs, standard clawfoot bathtubs, and traditional bathtubs, all crafted with precision and care. Whether you're a retailer, contractor, or designer, Ciler provides the perfect solutions to meet your customers' needs. Based in Taizhou, Zhejiang, our factory ensures prompt delivery and exceptional service to clients worldwide. Partner with Ciler for premium wholesale bathroom products that elevate your business and delight your customers.

People May Ask

How Can I Keep The Floor of My Bathroom Dry?

Although towels can be used in place of bath mats, they are typically less effective. While towels can be slick when wet, bath mats feature a rough surface that helps to avoid slips. If you do decide to use a towel as a bath mat, be sure to use a thick towel that won't slide about much.

Should There Be A Rug in Front of The Bathroom?

Answer for the bathmat: every two years. Bath mats are used frequently in bathrooms, but they are also made to last. Make sure you wash your bathmat frequently to maintain it clean. If you have a humid bathroom or a large family, once a week is a good amount to clean the room.

Do Carpets Need to Be in Small Bathrooms?

Avoid putting a mat in the bathroom. Area rugs and wall-to-wall carpeting are inappropriate in bathrooms. These cannot be cleaned effectively in this setting. Consider the bacteria on a bathroom floor and how a wet rug or mat might act as a mold magnet.

Why Do People Place Rugs in Front of The Bathroom?

Rugs should not be the focus of a small bathroom if the floor is attractive. Instead, the rugs should serve as accents and be positioned as needed. Your bathroom's regions might be separated by a rug. A large rug, possibly placed in the middle of a spacious bathroom, might be appropriate.

Do I Need to Use A Bath Mat?

The floor will be protected by a rug, extending its lifespan. Bathroom rugs also offer a non-slip surface next to fixtures with water, such the tub and the shower.

Do Rugs Work As Bath Mats?

The floor or the regions between the shower and the floor where water can seep in and cause damage are kept dry by bath mats, which soak up excess water. If you use a bath mat to safeguard your bathrooms, you might be able to avoid paying for pricey repairs and replacements.

What Are Bathroom Carpets Called?

Avoid using your rug as a bathmat. A bath mat is a useful option, while a bathroom rug is a fashion one.

What Do You Name The Shower Mat?

What is a Bath Mat? - A bath mat is designed to keep you from slipping on wet bathroom surfaces. To absorb water after you bathe, use a bath mat in front of your bathtub or shower. They frequently have non-skid characteristics and are extra absorbent for safety.

Do You Need to Surround The Toilet with A Mat?

A. A bath mat or tub mat is typically a towel program extension that is used specifically outside the tub to absorb water after a shower or bath. However, a bath rug has several uses.

What Mat Works Best in The Bathroom?

We advise keeping the majority of your towels in a different room because bathrooms are such humid settings. By doing this, you can prevent mold or mildew from forming on your towels. Your toilet and shower mats should be the only mats in your bathroom, and those need to be cleaned frequently.

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Bathroom Sink Taps Personalized Single Handle Hole Basin Faucets Vanity Hot Cold Water Mixer Tap Crane Bath Tap Modern FBBSZSD Factory Price Newest Creative Brass

ACLBLK 3-Lights Affordable Factory Cost Mid-Century Globe Glass Sconce Nordic Metal Indoor Decor Wall Lamp Fixture for Dining Room Bedroom Bedside Vanity Bathroom Modern Clear Glass Wall Light

MYOYAY 304 Stainless Steel Square External Extractor Fan Vent, 6 inch Wall Vent Cap, with 45-degree louvres for Bathroom, Office, Kitchen, and Factory Outdoor

Bathroom accessories, hair tool organizers, and rustic white hair dryer holders For blow dryers, curling iron holders, hair straightener brushes, and hair styling supplies, use this countertop storage stand and vanity caddy.

BolBom's, 6 Piece Beach Towel, 100% Cotton Cabana Stripe Beach Towel, Oversized 30" x60" Quick Dry High Absorbent Towel for Beach,Travel,Swim,Pool,Yoga, Hotel,Parties,Guests & Perfect for Daily Use

Treocho Wall-Mounted Storage Organizer for Bathroom, Grey, Medicine Cabinet with Door and Open Shelf

Infinity Corner Wall Mount Medicine Cabinet with Mirror Brushed Stainless Steel Bathroom Storage from Renovators Supply Manufacturing Large Hanging Triple Shelf Storage, 31.5" H x 12" W Closet Is Open

Vanilla, mint, and citrus scents are present in Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray, Vanilla Mint, Travel Size 10 mL.

The 1500W electrical wall-mounted floor remote control bathroom heater by VOVGUU is waterproof and wall-mounted.

Set of two light brown floating shelves (AMFS01) by AMADA HOMEFURNISHING, with a towel bar and wall shelves for the bathroom, living room, kitchen, and bedroom.

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Kimberly Strahan

I purchased it a year ago, and I'm currently writing a review. I adore the matte black's feel and the sturdy craftsmanship. The shower heads' respective streams have an opulent air to them. Performance remains unchanged. incredibly happy. The matte black coating that covers the coiled housing leading to the wand has begun to flake off in a few spots, mostly where water has leaked over it most frequently. The metal sheath that holds the wand's cord has a silvery hue; I don't notice any corrosion. This just enhances my rustic design, which is centered around a farm in my bathroom. I would gladly purchase this as a present for a person who is currently renovating their bathroom. The only real flaw I've discovered is a personal one: one day, the major on/off handle slipped off the main face plate and smashed against my cement shower floors because I forgot to tighten the hex-screw that secures it to the peg. Chipped, not broken. After sending the seller an email, I received a new handle in a matter of days. I'll definitely tighten i


This window is modal. For this media, no suitable source could be located.There is more to the SUN RISE Shower System than just a shower head. It's a whole shower system that comes with everything installation-related. The following products are included in the package: a 12-inch rain shower head, a 6-setting ABS hand shower, a 16-inch wall-mounted shower arm, a rough-in valve, trims, and all required installation tools. The shower hose measures 71 inches. With its polished mirror chrome finish, which is corrosion resistant and long-lasting, it has a sleek, modern design that complements any bathroom decor. The finish is particularly easy to maintain because any leftover limescale may be easily removed with a fast wipe after showering. With the included instructions, installing a shower is straightforward. Additionally, the shower's operation is quite user-friendly. With just one turn, you may transition between the rain and hand showers. A simple lever handle allows for simple temperature and flow control. Adaptable, a

c'est la vie????????

This window is modal. No suitable source for this media could be located. Since my husband is remodeling my granddaughter's bathroom and had to replace a 40-year-old discontinued set, the wall was completely opened up, making it simple for him to accommodate a different size valve. The valve can be used with copper or PEX and has a standard American NPT 1/2 " tapered thread, making installation simple and attractive. Brushed nickel appeals to me since it's timeless, simple to maintain, and I know it will never go out of style. Rain Shower, 8" Square, 3.2 lbs. connector: G1/2 specifications Brass makes up the shower arm. 14 3/16" inches in size Weight: 0.7 lbs. is constructed with excellent quality and value. To prevent scorching hot water from flowing through, the valve incorporates an adjustable water balance. A new posi-temp valve is part of the package, which is a bonus and makes it an excellent purchase. The handle moves easily and functions perfectly. We still need to finish in

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